Faith Of You

Chapter 77

Jennifer's blue eyes widened at the voice on the other side of the phone, her jaw dropping slightly. Emily had finally called her back. "Yeah, ok. We can talk."

The French girl angrily shook her head, making her way inside the mansion, trailing just behind the girl that had taken her in as her fingers curled tighter around the cell phone. "Why did you leave this here?"

"The thing on the front step?"

Emily sighed, looking down to the rose she had thrown on the granite island. "Why did you leave this for me? I didn't ask for anything."

Jennifer bit her lip, sitting herself down on the bed she had share with the eighteen year old. "Just because you didn't ask doesn't mean I can't do something for you. It's a single rose," she smiled faintly, her fingers playing with a strand of hair. "Like the one you gave me on our first date."

All the brunette could do was shake her head, her body falling onto one of the barstools in Sage's kitchen. She knew exactly why she gave her the rose. "Jennifer, giving me a flower does not automatically mean that I an forgive you for breaking my heart the way you did," she whispered brokenly, her hand reaching out to play with one of the blood red petals of the rose.

"No, I know that." Trying to silence her sniffle, Jennifer gently shook her head. "I'm just trying to move in the right direction."

Emily bit down hard into her lip, her eyes meeting Sage's from across the room. "You can't fix something like this with presents, Jen. You said you wanted to fix things with your mom, so I think that's what you need to do. Focus on us later."

Jennifer had to fight back a sob, her hand tightening on the phone that she held to her ear. "But I-"

"Jennifer." The French girl's voice was strong enough to even make Emily fear it. "You broke up with me for a reason, and I suggest that if you really cared about me, you'd continue to try and make things right with the woman that want us to both rot in hell." She felt Sage's body come up behind her, those warm hands of hers setting themselves on her shoulders and rubbing softly. "I'm sorry, I don't think I want you calling me again."


Her brown eyes closed tight, fighting off the tears that wanted to spill over at the sound of her ex's cracking voice. "I still need time to heal, and you trying to contact me right now is not helping." Taking in a deep breath, Emily shook her head. "Please just leave me alone for now. Please."

Jennifer blinked away her tears at the beg that came from the older girl. "I'm sorry," she murmured. "I never meant to hurt you like that."

Emily felt herself pause, letting the beautiful feeling of Sage's fingers sink into her shoulders, before she sadly nodded her head. "I know you didn't."

"I think I'm getting through to her though," the blond nodded. "I've been going home with her after church every Sunday before she has to go and teach Sunday school, and she's been so forthcoming and sweet about the situation. She even said that maybe you could come back soon if you wanted to," she smiled gently, believing in every word that her mother had told her.

Emily forced herself not to cry at the happiness she heard in the younger girl's voice, her fingers clenching around that single rose petal. "That's great, Jen," she choked out, finally letting go of the flower to wipe away a single teardrop. "I guess I'll speak to you later, ok? I have to go."

Jennifer shakily nodded her head, her hand gripping the comforter of her bed. "Yeah, ok."

Ignoring the quivering of her lips, Emily let the steely eyed girl's lips press against her dark hair. "Goodbye Jennifer."

"Em, I lov-"

"Goodbye Jennifer." Emily slammed the phone down on the counter before finally breaking down in tears, feeling her body being spun around so Sage could wrap her shaking body up in her arms.

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