Faith Of You

Chapter 79

Watching the brunette girl that she had been staying with for the past couple of weeks drive off, Emily shoved her jittering hands into her winter coat pockets. It was finally Christmas time, and both Sage and Mr. Jareau had persuaded her into going back to the hotel to share a holiday dinner, and maybe even to spend the night, with the family that had wanted to take her in for the exchange program.

She let out a shallow breath, seeing the frost begin to form in the dry air before her, before hiking the bag of presents she had gotten for the family and making her way into the hotel.

It had taken her four days to finally be able to speak with Sage again without bursting into tears, and the pair was finally beginning to see that although they both held a mutual love for one another, they weren't a couple that was meant to be together. A friendship was fine and a friendship was good, but a romantic relationship between the two would never go anywhere, and the brunette pair had finally realized that.

Sage had even tried to push the still saddened Emily back towards the blond that she knew she was desperately in love with, but the foreign girl still needed time to heal. She had finally been texting with Jennifer over the past few days, trying to get that line of communication back open so they could maybe try and rekindle that relationship, if only a friendship, that they had had before. They had spoken about Richard and Julia, and their now mutual father that had been torn between the two of them as a result of their breakup.

Emily held in a sigh as she watched the elevator panel flash the floor numbers, her breathing becoming harder and faster every time it grew nearer to where she knew she was going. Slowly stepping out onto the seventh floor, the French girl flipped her perfectly straightened, shining hair over her shoulder, her left hand clenching around the bag that held the presents she was to give to her new family.

Her hand hesitated before finally coming up to knock on the suite's double doors, a small smile, a real smile, coming onto her made-up features when the father of five popped into her view. "Mr. Jareau, Merry Christmas."

The blue eyed man was quick to take the brunette into his arms, practically throwing the bag in her hands aside, and holding her tight to his chest. He could almost feel tears enter his eyes. "How have you been, pumpkin?" He pressed a long kiss to the top of her head, feeling her arms wrapping tight around his waist. "We've missed you around here."

Emily smiled wide into the older man's warm chest before shaking her head. "I've missed you too."


The brunette looked over James' shoulder and let out a small laugh, somewhat reluctantly ripping herself from her pseudo father's arms to run into those of the blond. "Julia hi," she laughed, the arms of the blue eyed girl she was embracing wrapping suffocatingly around her shoulders. "How are you?"

Julia backed away and gave a quick slap to the eighteen year old's arm. "Where have you been? It's too quiet here now!"

Emily bit her lip, picking up the bag she had brought with her and reaching into it. "I've been gone kind of long, I know," she chuckled nervously. "But if it helps, I brought presents."

The shining paper and the way those dark doe eyes were gleaming innocently at her, Julia was quick to forgive the brunette girl. "Fine," she sighed happily, taking the present from her friend and pressing a small kiss to her cheek. "Well come on in and help us set the table, ok? Rich and JJ are out getting the cookies from Zatapoli's Bakery."

Emily smiled, a relieved sigh leaving her body at the news that her ex wasn't even here at the moment. "Sure," she nodded, following the blond girl into their dining room. "I'd love to."

"So," Julia grinned, passing the napkins to the eighteen year old. "You look sexy."

The French girl rolled her eyes at the other teen's wink, knowing exactly what she was insinuating. She quickly leaned over the table to slap her, her hand attacking the porcelain skin with a firm hit. "Shut up." Her head quickly spun at the sound of the hotel doors opening up, her dark eyes widening at the sight of her ex walking into the room. Time to face the music.

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