Faith Of You

Chapter 8

James Jareau took a long sip of his morning coffee, one sugar no milk, before giving a long yawn. He had barely gotten any sleep the night before, hearing small sounds coming from the hallway all night as if someone was creeping back and forth from bedroom to bedroom on the second floor.

He'd had guessed it was the girls, sharing secrets and staying up late like young girls did.

Taking a deep breath he made his way up the steps, pressing a kiss to his eldest girl's cheek before knocking gently on Jennifer's bedroom door. "Time to get up Rosie. You're going to be late to school." Frowning when he didn't get a response, the father of three opened the wooden door. His baby girl was the most punctual woman and always woke up directly at six o'clock. That was forty-five minutes ago.

Peeking his head inside, James' eyes softened at the sight before him. Both his daughter and Emily were cuddled up near the headboard of Jennifer's bed, the brunette's hand lazily rubbing up and down his youngest's back. "Emily?"

The tired girl turned her head to the door before slowly slipping out of the bed, careful not to wake her friend, and making her way over to the door. "Good morning Mr. Jareau," she whispered. "May I speak to you for a moment?"

The school principal nodded, stepping outside and watching as Emily closed the door behind her. "Is everything alright? Little Rosie doesn't usually like people in her bed," he chuckled.

Emily bit her lip, her fingers playing before her stomach as she looked nervously up to the older man. "Mr. Jareau, I don't think Jennifer should go to school today."

Eyebrows raising, James shook his head. "Is she sick?" The father of three bent gently so the teenager could whisper in his ear, and he immediately let out a sigh, running his hand over his face. "Oh boy."

The brunette girl vigorously nodded her head. "She cried most of the night," she whispered. "I think she might need stitches."

James slowly nodded his head, cupping the teenager's shoulder. "Why don't you get dressed and wake her up? You, Amielle and I will take her to Bedford Hospital."

"Ok." Emily quietly snuck back into her friend's bedroom, tip toeing over to the bed and kneeling on the mattress. She gave a small shake to the younger girl's shoulder, softly flicking her golden hair away from her eyes. "Jennifer wake up. It's time to get up, Jen."

Yawning loudly, the sixteen year old grinned sheepishly up to her friend. "You called me Jen."

The brunette, realizing that she had finally used a nickname for the Jareau girl, gently nodded her head. "I did," she smiled. "So you and I don't have school today."

Jennifer's brows immediately knit together. "Why?"

The older girl stared pointedly down into her friend's eyes, her features softening as much as they could. "Are you still bleeding?"

"A little," the blond confessed reluctantly. "But I put on one of those sanitary napkins so I could sleep normally." A gentle smile spread over her face. "I'm alright now."

Emily bit her lip, averting her eyes from the younger girl's. "Jennifer I told your dad."

Jennifer sat up in her bed. "You told him what?"

"I told him you tore."

The blonde's jaw dropped at the admission from her new friend. "How could you do that?"

Emily quickly shook her head. "Jennifer I needed to tell him. I needed to tell him so you'd be safe, ok? You need to go to the hospital."

Jennifer huffed, throwing the blanket off of her body and standing from her bed. "Emily I told you that in confidence!"

"But Jennifer he already knew."

"That's not the point!" she scoffed. "The point is that they all thought I was ok and now they know that I've been faking it the whole time!"

Emily stood from her friend's bed. "They needed to know, Jennifer. The tear can get infected."

The blond stomped her way over to the other side of the bed, her crystal blue eyes hardening on the older girl's figure. "It is not your job to take care of me," she growled. "I am almost a grown up and I can do things on my own."

The seventeen year old did her best not to react to the words being spit her way. "I was just trying to look out for you."

"Yeah well don't."

Emily's lips slowly drew in between her teeth before nodding her head, quietly making her way out of the room.

James waved to the foreign girl from down the hall. "Ten minutes alright? We need to get going; I've made an appointment with one of the best doctors in the state for Rosie."

The teenager turned on her heels, her eyes brimming with tears as she declined with a shake of the head. "I don't think I'll be going," she whispered, doing her best to smile. "I'm just gonna get dressed and walk to school."

James' brows furrowed at the sight of the slightly frazzled girl. "Emily what's the matter?"

Emily fought the urge to let her chin tremble. "I just don't think she wants me there."

The father of three watched as tears fell from the brunette's dark eyes, and he slowly stepped forward to press a fatherly kiss to her forehead. "Why don't you stay here?" he offered. "We'll be back by noon and then we'll all go to lunch."

Letting out a gentle laugh, Emily nodded her head. "Sounds good."

"Be ready by noon, pumpkin," he laughed before walking back downstairs.

Emily bit her lip, nodding softly at the acknowledgment of the first nickname she had ever gotten from a parents figure. "You've got it." She walked back into her temporary bedroom, stepping delicately across the carpet before she sat on the plush mattress. Her hand blindly grabbed for her favorite book that sat at the foot of the bed and leaned back against her pillows, beginning to read.

Almost twenty minutes later there was a knock on the brunette's bedroom door. Emily, frowning because she knew everyone should have left before, sat up in her bed, calling out to whoever was out there to come in.

Jennifer poked her head into the older girl's room, watching as she immediately sat straighter. "Hi," she whispered.

Emily slowly nodded her head. "Hey. I thought you guys left already."

"I asked him to turn around." The blond stepped into her sister's old bedroom, leaning back against the door. "I'm so sorry about what I said." Her head shook. "I didn't mean any of it, I was just upset."

Emily did her best to smile. "I know, I get it. But you should really get back to the car so you can get checked out."

The younger girl nodded, crossing her left leg over her right. "So," she smiled nervously. "You coming?"

The brunette let out a smile at her friend's playful wink, and she bit her cheek before nodding her head. "Of course."

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