Faith Of You

Chapter 80

Holding the second batch of cookies tight in her arms, Jennifer sent a swift kick to the back of her brother's leg. "Rich, hurry up! I'm gonna end up dropping all of these!"

The older of the two Jareau children let out a laugh as he fumbled for the hotel key that he had shoved into his jacket pocket when he and his sister left that morning. "You have to give me a minute, JJ."

"My arms are hurting," she growled.

Richard rolled his eyes, his fingers finally gripping the plastic of the key card. "I have the same exact box in my arms, Rosie. Stop complaining."

The blue eyed girl shook her head. "Stop stalling and get the door open!"

"You're just antsy because you want to get inside to see Emily."

Jennifer let her jaw clench at the obviously true accusation, but shook her head anyway. "Shut up, Rich."

The older blond grinned as he finally unlocked the door. "You're mad because I'm right."

"And your nose will always look different because of when I kicked you in the face at the age of six," she grunted as she shoved past him to get inside their suite. "Nothing will change either thing so we best leave them alone." A smile graced her face at the sight of her father just as she entered the room, setting down the box of cookies she had carried for what seemed like a mile. "Hi daddy. Richie said that you're the one who should have went down to the bakery this morning because you had nothing to do all day."

The father of five smiled, nodding his head as he watched his only son walk in. "Did he now?"

Richard rolled his eyes once more at his sister's antics, setting down the box that had been in his hands just beside the one Jennifer had been carrying. "She's lying, dad," he sighed, shedding his coat from his shoulders. "Just like she always is."

"Yeah fricken right," the younger Jareau scoffed, throwing her jacket into her brother's arms. "You're the one who told me I was the spawn of the devil when I was four."

"And was I wrong?"

The only brunette in the hotel suite felt herself chuckle at the bickering between the two in the kitchen, her hand coming up to brush away a stray strand of hair from her eyes. "Some things never change I'm guessing. You'd think you two would have noticed me by now, huh?"

Jennifer felt her breath leave her body at the sound of the voice that had been haunting her dreams for the past month, her eyes lighting up as she turned and set her gaze on her ex's perfectly straightened hair that now went just past her breasts, and her perfectly done up face smiling her way. "Hey Em."

Emily let herself smile gently to the younger girl, her hand raising to give a small wave. "Hi Jennifer. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas to you too," she nodded quickly.

Richard shared an annoyed look with his twin from across the room before bounding over to brunette who he considered his newest sister. "Merry Christmas, Squirt," he laughed, taking her into the tightest hug he could muster.

The French girl smiled into the blond boy's shoulder as she hugged him back, letting him barely ruffle her perfectly straightened hair. "Merry Christmas Richie." She pulled back just enough to smile at the Jareau teen before shoving at his chest. "So how's Hannah?"

"You know about Hannah?" he whispered.

Emily rolled her eyes. "Richie, everyone in school knows about Hannah. If Sage knows about Hannah, I know about Hannah."

James turned himself around on the barstool he'd been sitting on for most of the morning, his hands clasped around the mug of hot cocoa he had made for himself. "So who's Hannah, Richard? Someone you'd like to tell me about?"

Emily immediately jumped up, a grin spreading over her face. "Well right after lunch a couple days ago, Sage and Aaron walked out of the cafeteria to see them swapping sp-" a giant laugh escaped her throat, her speech effectively getting cut off as Richard's hand covered her mouth.

"She's delusional."

The brunette sunk her teeth into the teenager's hand, pushing him away from her when she heard him yelp in pain. "You're the one who's delusional if you think that no one knew about you two," she laughed.

Jennifer bit her lip as she watched the two, her eyes raking over the dark red dress that the eighteen year old had chosen to wear for the occasion: the short sleeves hit just at her shoulders and the slightly flaring skirt ended almost an inch above her knees. She looked beautiful. The blue eyed girl hesitated before making her way over to the dining room and picking up the silverware, slowly walking over towards the older girl that she had fallen for. "How are you?"

Emily smiled as best she could, the pain that had been put there by the younger girl all those weeks ago now slowly fading away as she looked into those sparkling eyes. "I'm alright," she nodded, placing one of the napkins she had taken onto the china plate before her. "I've been getting better with each day. What about you?" Her eyes glanced down to the sparkling black and gold dress her ex was wearing, and she had to bite her lip to stifle the moan that wanted to rip past her lips. "You look great."

Jennifer could feel herself blushing at the compliment. "You look good too," she smiled. "I've been ok though. Mom's been getting better with taking everything in, and she's actually been asking to speak to you."

That threw the eighteen year old for a loop. "She wants to speak to me?" Emily frowned, her eyes glancing down to the table to let the emotions that wanted wash over her and drown her sink deeper down into her stomach. "Why?"

"I told you," she whispered gently, "she's trying to take everything in. She seems to be coming around."

The French girl held in her sigh before flipping her growing hair over her shoulder with a smile. "So what do you guys usually have for Christmas dinner?"

Jennifer forced herself to smile, ignoring the pang in her heart at the older girl's breezing through the topic. But if she didn't want to talk about it, then the blond wouldn't talk about it. "Dad makes the best roasted chicken," she chuckled, moving back towards the kitchen to get the glasses to set up. "But I promise you, there won't be a Thanksgiving repeat."

Emily immediately knew what the younger girl was talking about, and she set a hand over her stomach as it began to rumble. "Yeah, let's not have me vomit this time," she laughed, her eyes crinkling as she shared a smile with her ex.

The only son of James Jareau grinned as he sat himself down next to his twin, his elbow popping out to nudge her. "You see that?"

"They're getting along," she nodded. "Thank God."

"Let's hope the rest of the holiday goes this well," Richard sighed, his fingers curling around the knife that had been set beside his dinner plate.

Hours later, the family was finally done with their dinner and dessert, the dining room was cleaned and Emily sat herself down in the living room with her ex and the man who had become a father to her. "Thank you so much for asking me to come back home for tonight," she whispered thankfully. "You don't know how much it meant to me to spend Christmas with you all."

James pressed a kiss to his daughter's forehead, smiling when he heard her giggle against his neck. "And we still have a day left. It's only Christmas Eve, pumpkin."

Jennifer sat herself down on the coffee table to sit just before the older girl, bravely setting her hand to the brunette's uncovered knee. "Do you think you'd want to stay the night?"

The brunette let her eyes meet those of the younger girl as she felt her breath leave her. Never had someone looked at her like that before. Feeling her pseudo father set on last kiss to her temple before leaving her ad her ex alone, and once she knew he left the room she nodded her head. "I will." She stood along with the blond and bit her lip, following Jennifer into the room that they had shared when they were together and closing the door behind them.

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