Faith Of You

Chapter 81

Emily's dark eyes blinked as she slipped her nightgown over her head, the silk material ghosting over her cold flesh. She gave a gentle bite to her lip as she blinked once more, feeling her lashes fluttering against her cheek. Julia had asked her if she could sleep alone in the other room that had always been intended for Emily because she felt a little sick to her stomach, and although feeling sorry for the poor girl, Emily was reluctant to say yes.

She was barely ready to share a conversation with the youngest Jareau let alone share a bed with her. Maybe she'd be better off sleeping out on the couch.

Letting out the gentlest of sighs, the brunette girl made her way out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom she was to share with the younger girl. Her eyes flickered to the figure that ran a brush through her perfect blond hair, and Emily could feel the knit in her stomach tightening. "Hey."

The blue eyed teen turned at the sound of her ex's beautifully husked voice, and a small smile spread over her face at the sight of that purple nightgown she wore. It was the same one that she had on the night they had slept together. "Hey. So did you like dinner?"

Emily cracked a grin at the question, nodding her head as she sat herself down on the small loveseat in the room. "It was great," she nodded, crossing her bare legs as the younger girl sat herself down just beside her. "And those cookies that you and Richie got from that bakery downtown were amazing."

"The second box is for tomorrow," the blond winked. "I saw you try and sneak one out of there."

Emily quickly held her hand over her mouth as a cackle of a laugh escaped her, her body shaking just slightly as her laugh grew louder. "You actually smacked my hand to make me put it back!" she squeaked out.

Jennifer let out a laugh at the amused look in her friend's dark eyes, slapping gently at her rattling body. "I told you that we could only eat from the one box today, Em."

"You know I get hungry," the brunette smiled as she sat back against the leather couch, her legs coming up to tuck away against her chest. She let her fingers itch at her egg so lightly that she could barely feel the contact, her eyes getting lost in those of the younger girl. "I'm glad you and everyone wanted me to come back for tonight." She softly nodded her head at the look in her ex's eyes. "I really appreciate it."

The younger girl shook her head, her hand itching to reach out and hold that one of the French girl. "You don't have to thank us for something like that."

Emily let her bottom lip find its way between her teeth. "I do," she nodded. "My family was never one to stay together for the holidays. I was either with one of my parents for a few hours before being shipped off to one of my nannies or I was by myself in one our mansions for the entire time. It was like they just never wanted to spend any time with me," she whispered, feeling the tears that she hadn't wanted to come into her eyes begin to sting her corneas. "But you all want me around every day, and I don't know how to thank you for what you've done for me."

Jennifer didn't even hesitate before moving closer to the eighteen year old. "You don't have to thank us for loving you." She brought her legs up just as the brunette's were on the couch and reached out to grasp her hand, letting their fingers intertwine before giving a squeeze, just the way she always had done to calm her girl down. "We're always going to love you Emily, even when you go back to France." The words were practically choked out, her heart aching as she stated it.

Emily tried her best to blink away her tears, gazing over to their hands on the back of the loveseat as she felt a wave of emotion wash over her. "Thank you," she whispered.

"Stop doing that," the blond giggled slightly. "You have to just take compliments and a helpful hand when they're given."

Taking the biggest risk that she could at the moment, the eighteen year old girl brought their clasped hands up to her mouth before kissing the warm skin of the younger girl's hand. "You're too sweet to me sometimes."

Jennifer had to stop herself from jumping up and actually dancing from the beautiful feeling she was just given. "Sometimes?" she smirked "Try all the time."

Emily chuckled at the look on her ex's face, and she reluctantly unwove their fingers to brush her hair away from her face. "Ok, way to ruin the moment." Letting herself smile at the younger girl for a few more seconds, Emily gave the tiniest shake of the head. They were moving way too fast. "Well I'm gonna steal a blanket from the linen closet and lie out on the couch."

The Christian girl's brows furrowed at the statement, watching as her ex stood from the tiny couch "What? Why?"

"I don't think it's the best idea I stay in here tonight," the brunette stated bravely, running her fingers through her perfectly straightened hair.

Jennifer bit her lip as she looked up to the older girl. "I understand why you don't want us sharing a bed and that's completely fine," she breathed, trying her best not to let her voice crack. "But if you sleep out there then dad won't be able to put the presents out under the tree, and then it won't be Christmas."

Emily's eyes widened. She hadn't even thought about what the father of five was doing about the tree situation. "Oh. Well, then maybe I could sleep here?" The French girl gestured to the loveseat that the two had been sitting on. "It's big enough, I'll fit."

"Are you sure? You can have the bed if you want, I wouldn't mind staying here."

Emily was quick to shake her head, not wanting the younger girl to give up her bed just because she had no other place to sleep. "No it's ok, I'll be fine." She let out a small breath, her eyes connecting with those of the blond beauty that she had fallen for. "I actually wanted to give you your present now, if that's ok."

Jennifer frowned. "Why?"

The chocolate eyed girl felt a smile grace her ivory features at the thought of her ex opening up the present she had worked so hard on preserving for her. "I just know that you're going to love it, and I don't think I'll be able to wait until the morning."

Slowly nodding her head, the youngest Jareau watched as the eighteen year old quickly went over to her bag that sit across the room and take out a large box. "What did you get me?" she laughed.

Emily set the box softly into the blonde's lap before sitting herself back down just beside her. "Be careful," she warned, watching as the younger girl picked up the wrapped box up and looked it over. "It's very fragile."

Jennifer tore at the beautiful paper that had hid the present from her view, and she ripped open the box that sat in her lap.

Her eyes widened.

A photo of herself smiled back at her, the sister that had unfortunately left the world before she was meant to sitting under her on the couch with her arms wrapped tight around her, those pink lips that were always smiling just against her cheek.

It was perfect.

Jennifer felt herself sniffle, her now reddening eyes flickering up from the photograph to the brunette girl that sat beside her, as quiet as ever. "Where did you get this?"

"When I first started the exchange program and your dad brought me to the house, I was putting some things in the closet in my room and I found the picture lying on the floor." She smiled smally to the younger girl, knowing just how much the present meant to her. "I thought you'd like it."

The blond was quick to throw herself into the eighteen year old's arms, wrapping the older girl up as tight as she could without squeezing the life out of her. "I love it," she sobbed, her joyous cries echoing off of the warm skin of her ex's neck as she felt those hands of the brunette girl rubbed up and down her back. "Thank you so much, Emily."

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