Faith Of You

Chapter 82

"Why are you up so early?" the French girl grumbled, her eyes still closed as she curled tighter into her warm blanket.

Jennifer grinned at the tired girl that lay still on the small couch. "It's Christmas," she grinned, sitting herself down on the carpet and crisscrossing her legs. "Why aren't you up so early?"

Letting out a loud groan, Emily snuggled deeper into the fluffy pillow that she had taken from the linen closet. Hotel pillows were always the best. "Because it's morning." She kept her eyes closed, but her nostrils flared at the familiar scent of coffee. "Did you bring me something?"


Emily let her fingers grip the blanket tighter. "If you brought me something, I think you should tell me."

Jennifer licked the corner of her mouth as she watched her ex continue to try and snuggle into the pillow as deep as she could. "Well I think that if you think I brought you something, then you should open up those eyes of yours."

Fighting back her smile, Emily kept herself bundled under the covers. "But I'm tired."

"And my hands are scalding because you're being stubborn." Her eyes narrowed at the sight of the small twitch of the eighteen year old's brow and she set her lips to the brunette's ear, becoming slightly annoyed with Emily's antics. "Wake up!"

Emily practically jumped three feet in the air, her hand set against her chest as her heart pounded inside of it. "Alright," she laughed, sitting herself up on the couch. "God, you get antsy during the holidays."

Jennifer put on a smile as she handed the other teen the cup of coffee she had made for her. "Good morning to you too."

Emily's eyes immediately went to the blonde's neck, her heart clenching at the sight of the necklace she had given her dangling from it. "You still wear it," she gasped.

Jennifer glanced down to the small heart necklace she wore, holding the silver between her fingers as she nodded her head. "Everyday," she smiled, looking up to the girl she had fallen in love with. "Means a lot to me."

Clearing her throat, the eighteen year old put a smile back on her face. She couldn't get sidetracked now."What's with you?" she giggled, blowing at the scalding liquid that the blond had gotten for her. "You weren't nearly as psycho during Thanksgiving."

The Christian girl let her jaw drop at the words that came out of her ex's mouth, her lips curling into a grin at the sound of the laughter coming from the brunette who sat before her. "You did not just call me psycho."

Emily gave a raise of her brows as she sipped at her morning drink. "Oh, but I believe I did."

"I can take that coffee away from you, ya' know."

The brunette immediately held the mug closer to her, shielding the hot drink that she had been given that morning. It was like the first present of the day, she chuckled to herself. "Why would you do that to poor little ol' me?"

Jennifer gave a roll of the eyes, setting her elbows on the leather couch that the French girl had slept on and her chin in her hand. "Yes," she whispered gravely, her aqua eyes staring into those does that her ex held. "I'd steal that away from you in a minute."

"But why?" She could hear her normally strong voice uncharacteristically soft and timid, her fingers wrapping around the ceramic mug in her hands.

Leaning forward, a Cheshire grin spread over the Christian girl's lightly freckled features. "You don't know what I'm capable of," she winked, her fingers dancing along the warm leather of the loveseat.

Emily felt her heart flutter just as it always used to from the look the younger girl was sending her, wanting so bad to lean down and press her lips to the blonde's. But she couldn't do that, she reminded herself. Not yet.

Putting on a smaller smile than the one the Christian girl held on her face, pausing to take another sip of her coffee just to irritate the other girl. "Whatever you say."

Jennifer let her eyes widen at the surprising reaction of the older girl, her jaw dropping at the realization that her plan to fluster the French girl didn't work the way she thought it would. "Excuse me?"

"So is it time for presents?" Emily got herself up off of the couch and set her coffee down on the vanity, slipping a sweatshirt over her head to cover her body for the rest of the family, a smile on her face the entire time.


The brunette didn't even look back to the younger girl as she made her way into the living room, her eyes widening at the sight of her new family sitting themselves around the tree. "Good morning," she smiled, finding herself a spot just beside the only boy in the family.

James grinned to the newest member of the family, reaching out with the plate of cinnamon buns he had made that morning just for the occasion. "Merry Christmas, pumpkin." Waiting just until his youngest came into the room, he opened the Bible that he had had since he was just ten years old. "Now sweetheart if you don't mind, every Christmas morning we start ourselves off with a passage from Genesis. If you don't want to participate then that's fine, but if you'd like to we're going to start the reading."

Emily hesitated before glancing to the girl that had found a seat beside her, sharing an intimate look with the aqua eyed girl before nodding her head. "I'd love to." Bowing her head just as the others did when their father began to read, and her heart jumped at the feeling of Jennifer's hand grasping hers. But she wouldn't question it. She'd be damned if she questioned it.

Moments later, the family began opening their presents, Emily watching as everyone tore at the wrapping paper that hid the new gifts from their eyes.


The French girl turned at the familiar voice, a smile gracing her ivory features. "What's up?"

Jennifer softened her eyes on the older girl as she handed her the box she had spent what felt like a year wrapping. "Merry actual Christmas," she chuckled.

Emily frowned, taking the present into her hand. "You didn't need to get me anything."

"Emily!" she groaned, her hands slapping at the brunette beside her. "Just open the damn thing!" Biting her lip, she watched with anticipation as her ex slowly opened the gift, her heart swelling at the sight of Emily's eyes widening once it was opened. "Do you like it?"

The eighteen year old bit down hard on her thumbnail, trying her best to stop herself from crying. "It's beautiful," she whispered hoarsely, her fingers moving to trace tentatively over the words carved into the beautiful wooden jewelry box.

Never Once Will Distance Separate Us. Our Kind of Love is Something That Comes Once In A Lifetime. It is Something To Be Cherished, Just Like You. This is My Reason For Loving You.

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