Faith Of You

Chapter 83

Snatching her favorite bow off the table, Jennifer quickly slipped it into her hair, the metal of the clip woven into her curly blond tendrils. "You ready?"

"Just barely," the eighteen year old breathed, applying a second coat of mascara to her long lashes. It was two in the afternoon and the younger girl had finally convinced her to make a trip back to their house, the one that they had left all those weeks ago to get away from the homophobic mother of four. Emily wanted for she and the Christian girl to work, and this was a giant stepping stone to get their relationship back on track. "You have the cookies?"

"The ones you didn't eat? Yes," Jennifer smiled.

Emily hid her smirk as she stood from the vanity stool, sending a wink to the blond beside her. "You're lucky you got me away from those, you know."

"I definitely know."

The brunette ran a hand through her now waved hair, not nearly as straight as it was the day before but not as curled as it naturally was, and took in a deep breath. Going with the younger girl to see the woman that had basically shunned them was a big step on Emily's part, and she definitely had to praise herself for having the guts to even consider doing this.

Jennifer swiped her tongue over her lightly chapped lips, watching as her ex's hand began to shake. "Are you ready?"

Hearing that soft voice that the French girl had fallen in love with, Emily slowly nodded her head. "All set," she smiled, following Jennifer out into the living room. "We'll be back by dinner?"

"We have to be or dad will kill us."

James nodded, not even looking up from his paper. "That's right."

Slinging her purse over her shoulder, Emily quickly followed her friend out into the hallway and down towards the elevator. "How many cookies do you have for her?"

"Emily! You're not getting a cookie!"

The eighteen year old chuckled, rolling her eyes as the steel doors opened for them to step in. "I was just wondering how many you were bringing."

Jennifer gave a small slap to the older girl's arm before leaning back against the metal walls of the elevator. "You've had enough cookies," she scoffed, her hands curling around the box that she was bringing over for her mother to have.

"Quit calling me fat!" Emily laughed, finally turning to look at the blond. "I like food! Fucking deal!"

Jennifer's jaw dropped at the tone that the brunette was giving her, but finally seeing the smile coming out onto her ex-girlfriend's face, the Christian girl smirked. "What language on such a holy day."

Not even holding back her laugh, the older girl rushed to follow her friend out of the hotel and into the car they were using to drive back to the Victorian household. "Shut up," she chuckled, climbing into the driver's seat.

"Why do you get to drive?"

The chocolate eyed girl arched a brow, her head turning to take a look at the sixteen year old that sat in the passenger seat. "I'm sorry, do you have your license?"

Jennifer sighed, sitting back in her seat. "Whatever."

Emily let out a small laugh as she pulled out of the hotel's parking lot, making a quick left at the first stop light. "Don't get mad just 'cause you're a little younger," she winked. "You'll get to be in this seat eventually."

The blond bit down into her bottom lip, sharing a look with the older girl to let her see what she knew she liked. "With you?"

"I meant for driving," she chuckled, her dark eyes quickly leaving those of her ex. "Sex is definitely not something to do while driving."

Jennifer stuck out her tongue. "Killjoy." Glancing out the windshield as they slowed down to make a turn, the Christian girl gave a small cough. "So," she sighed, "how are you and Sage? What is she doing for Christmas?"

Emily pursed her lips in thought before shaking her head, her foot pressing a little hard on the gas pedal. "We're ok, definitely better than before. She should be over in New York by now to be with her parents, though. She left just after she dropped me off yesterday."

"So are you two a thing again?"

The brunette girl knew exactly what the Christian was talking about, wondering how she'd fit into the equation if she and Sage Michaels were to get back together. "No," she whispered. "We talked about it, about everything, and we both know that a relationship between her and I just isn't the way to go. I love her, I do, but I can't love her the same way she loves me, and I can't continue to lead her on the way I've been doing."

Jennifer forced her stinging eyes to stay on the road. "She really does love you."

Emily could only nod. "I know. But I'm in love with someone else." Pulling into the driveway of the home that she had been kicked out of not that long ago, Emily turned off the floor and finally turned to look at the younger girl that sat beside her. "We'll talk," she nodded, seeing the tears in those crystal eyes that she had fallen for. "Soon. I promise."

The pair got out of the car, their frozen hands connecting as they made their way up the front walkway to the front door. The eighteen year old let her ex be the one to knock on the wood, the deafening sound of footsteps approaching from the other side sending her heart into a frenzy. "Hello ma'am," she nodded, her eyes soft on the older woman that stood before her.

"Merry Christmas, Emily," she smiled softly, letting the two teenagers into her house. "Can I take your coats?"

Emily did her best to make herself as discreet as she could throughout their visit, only speaking when being spoken to and letting the mother and daughter pair carry on the conversations that she obviously wasn't meant to be included in.

Amielle led the pair to the dining room table an hour later, knowing that their visit was coming to a close. "So Emily, how have you been?"

"I've been alright," she nodded gently, smiling as best she could to the blond woman.

The mother of four grinned. "Well that's just great. I know that with a breakup, one can easily become depressed. It's good to see that you're still all smiles."

Emily did her best to bite back a retort, her tongue swiping over her two front teeth as she kept herself quiet.

"Well I guess Rosie has told you that I wanted to speak to you," she smiled, holding her mug of eggnog between her two hands. "I just wanted to say how sorry I am for treating you the way I have. Your time here is very limited, and it was wrong of me to do what I have."

Staring uncertainly into the blue eyes of the older woman, the French girl gave the slowest nod of the head. "Thank you, ma'am."

Amielle grinned. "So I was thinking, if you two would like, I would love to have you come home."

Jennifer let her jaw drop, her eyes wide on the smiling figure that sat across from her and her ex-girlfriend. "Are you serious?" Her eyes immediately filled with tears. "You want us to come home?"

"I miss you all very much."

Emily held onto the younger girl's hand underneath the dining room table, knowing that she was going to break any moment if she didn't have someone there to help hold her up. But she kept her mouth closed, feeling something else coming. That couldn't be it.

Taking a small sip of her festive drink, the blue eyed woman straightened her shoulders, the smile falling from her face. "I would love to let you two back into the house, on one small condition."

"Which is?" Jennifer was eager to please her mother in any way she could.

Staring the foreign girl that had come into her home and played games with her youngest girl straight in the eye, Amielle sat straighter. "To come back into my home, you two must no longer claim to be the homosexuals you are." Her hard eyes flickered from girl to girl, daring one to question her authority.

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