Faith Of You

Chapter 84

She couldn't believe it. The Christian bitch was doing this to them again. Shaking her head, a cross smirk spreading over her features, Emily stared hard into the eyes of her ex's mother. "You don't get it," she ground out, letting the newly upset girl grip her hand as tight as she could. "Do you not see what you're doing to your daughter?"

Amielle kept her hands clasped firmly together on the shining wooden table. "I am protecting the name of this family."

"You're breaking your daughter," the chocolate eyed girl growled. "It doesn't matter if you like it or not. Jennifer is who she is and you'll be damn ashamed and sorry if you miss out on everything to come in her life because you don't support her lifestyle."

The older woman put on a smile, refusing to look at her daughter who she knew was in tears. "I wouldn't expect you to understand, Emily. You are not a part of this family."

Emily tilted her chin up, looking the forty-something woman in the eye. "I'm not a part of your family, and thank God for that, but I am a part of Jennifer's family, as well as your husband's. I am there to support and protect them, and that's a hell lot more than what you've been doing for the past month." She let her eyes harden even more, feeling Jennifer finally look to her as her cries quieted. "Tell me Amielle," she whispered crudely, "how is it lying alone at night with nothing in your bed but your precious Bible?"

Shock was clearly written over the mother of four's features. "You will not speak to me like you are in this household," Amielle whispered through her teeth. "This is my house. This is God's house."

Leaning forward, the French girl practically spit at the woman that was causing the beautiful blond at her side so much pain. "I doubt God is going to let someone like you into heaven. A woman who kicked out her own daughter? Tell me Amielle, doesn't God love all?"

Jennifer knew that the older teen's hand must have been going numb within her hold as her body began to shake, her face beet red from crying so hard. "You lied to me! How could you do that? You lied right to my face, mom."

"I do not lie," the older woman denied. "I just needed you to be able to trust me so you'd see it my way."

"You lied to me," she seethed, ripping her hand out of Emily's so she could grip the wooden table. "How could you lie straight to my face like that? I'm you're daughter!"

"And I am your mother, Jennifer Rose. You do not speak to me this way."

Jennifer felt her tears immediately beginning to recede as she stood from her seat, knowing that her ex's eyes were staring as lovingly as they could to her. She knew that the eighteen year old was proud of her. "My mother isn't the type of person who would ever do this to me. You're not my mother."

Emily stood beside the younger girl and set her hand to the small of her back. "I think it's time we go."

The Christian mother clenched her jaw, following the couple into the living room as they got their coats from the rack beside their front door. "Jennifer if you leave this house then you are not allowed back. Do you understand me?"

Jennifer shared a strong look with the girl that she had fallen in love with before spinning on her heel, her brow arching just as the French girl's did when she knew that it wasn't a time to back down. "Perfectly. Goodbye mom," she sighed, following her ex out the door and into the snow. "Merry Christmas."

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