Faith Of You

Chapter 85

"Honey you have to calm down," the brunette whispered as she held the sobbing girl in her arms. They had driven away from the devil woman who had basically disowned her own daughter before Jennifer completely broke down, the French girl having to stop the car right off the town's main road and take her ex out into the air.

Emily closed her eyes, pressing a warm kiss to the younger girl's forehead. "Jennifer please, just try to calm down for me."

The Christian girl forced herself to take in the biggest breath she could, feeling her heart clench as she cried. Noting the feeling of the eighteen year old's hands holding onto her as tight as they could, she shook her head. "I can't believe she lied to me like that."

"You had no way of knowing she was lying, Jen. She's your mom."

Jennifer grit her teeth, pulling herself away from the older girl just enough to look into those midnight eyes. "She's not my mother."

Biting back the words that wanted to come out and agree with the Christian girl, Emily slowly shook her head. "Jennifer no matter what, she is your mother. I know this sucks so much, but not thinking of her as your mother will hurt you so much in the long run."

"Did you ever do that?" she whispered.

Emily softened her eyes on the blond, her heart breaking and tears gathering in her eyes, knowing exactly what the younger teen was feeling. "Yes," she nodded sadly. "My mother and I have never been close, but no matter what we go through I know that I will always love her and she will always love me. It's just a special kind of love," she whispered, her voice cracking at the sight of the tears rolling down her freckled cheeks. "Your mother is stubborn as hell, but she loves you and you know deep down that you still love her."

Jennifer's eyes crinkled lightly, trying her best to stop her crying as she stared into those beautiful eyes of the eighteen year old. "I don't want to," she cried, letting the French girl quickly take her back into her arms. "She forced us to break up, Em. I can't help but want to hate her for that."

"I get it," the brunette nodded, her arms tight around the sobbing girl. "I completely get it sweetheart, but you can't keep that kind of a hatred inside of you."

"How can you not hate her for what she did?"

Emily shook her head, her eyes wanting to close and relish in the feeling of her ex's hands rubbing beautifully against the small of her back. "I can't hate her because I sure as hell don't hate you, and you're a part of her. I love you so much Jennifer, and I could never hate you or her for what's happened. It's in the past," she whispered, almost to herself. "We're going to get through it."

Jennifer let her body stop its shaking before tilting her head back, watching as the tears of the older girl dripped down from those ebony eyes like a waterfall. "Side by side."

The brunette could barely hold back her cry as their lips came together, for the first time in what had felt like years, and their hands finding each other's so their fingers could intertwine. "Side by side," she promised, resting her forehead against the blonde's. "Always."

"Merry Christmas," she chuckled, a watery smile coming out to play on her face. She had missed the older teenager as one misses their spouse when their away for maybe a year's time, needing their partner back in bed with them to hold them and love them throughout the night. Reaching up and wrapping her arms around Emily's neck, Jennifer whispered a gentle 'I love you' into her hair. There was no way she was letting her go again.

Emily grinned against Jennifer's blond head as she tightened her hold on her tiny waist, her tears melding with the sunshine kissed tendrils that she loved playing with when the younger girl slept beside her. They were finally back together. "Merry Christmas."

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