Faith Of You

Chapter 87

Michael sat himself down beside the man who had been caring for his daughter, looking to his little girl as she sat down across the room from them with her girlfriend. "You look beautiful, sweetheart" he smiled. "So happy."

Emily's cheeks burned a bright pink, her hand clutched in the Christian girl's. "I am."

Handing the younger man a cup of coffee, the father of five shook his head. "Emily has been a beautiful guest here. We all love her," he nodded. Sending a loving smile to the eighteen year old, he chuckled. "It's as if she's my own daughter."

Michael watched as the girl, Jennifer was her name, leaned in to press a kiss to his daughter's cheek and smiled. ""Well I'm glad that she's been taken such good care of."

"So what brings you here, Ambassador? Emily's told us that you've been very busy over in France."

"Yes," he nodded, taking the mug of coffee he had been given in his hands. "But Elizabeth and I have been contacted by the president. Both she and I are needed back in the states effective immediately."

Emily's jaw dropped, hitting the floor at the information. "What?" She shook her head, her hand still grasping that of her girlfriend. "We're coming back?"

The father of one caught the eyes of his beautiful daughter and smiled. "We've been reassigned to Washington D.C for the next five years."

Jennifer felt tears immediately begin to sting her eyes. Emily didn't have to go back to France.

"But, that does mean that your exchange program with our family and the Jareaus is technically over once we're moved into the embassy."

"When is that?" the brunette questioned, her eyes quickly darting over to an oddly quiet Richard sitting in the armchair.

Michael wrapped his hands tighter around the mug he held. "Tomorrow. Your mother is already picking out furniture in D.C, that's why she isn't here today."

Right. That's why, the French girl thought bitterly, her bottom lip finding its way between her teeth as she cried. "So I have to go back?"

"We can always talk tomorrow, Princess." Standing from his seat, the brunette dignitary shook the hand of his daughter's pseudo father. "It was very nice to meet you, Mr. Jareau. Thank you for looking after my daughter."

James shook his head, standing from the couch he had been sitting on and watching as the diplomat straightened out his suit jacket. "It was a pleasure for us, I assure you."

Michael let out a breath before walking across the quaint living room, taking his eighteen year old baby girl into his arms. "I'm so glad you're happy, baby." His hand quickly covered the back of her dark head, hearing the sobs echoing against his jacket as he held her to his chest. "I'm staying in the next town over at the Pellington. Come by tomorrow when you're ready and we'll talk."

The French girl hiccupped, her hands connecting behind his back so he wouldn't go. "I love you dad."

"I love you too, Princess," he whispered, pressing a loving kiss to her curls. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Emily held her hand over quivering lips as she watched her father walk out the door, Jennifer's body practically ramming into hers to get her shaking body wrapped up in her arms. She didn't want to leave her new family, but now she was moving just miles away instead of an entire ocean away. What was she supposed to do?

Looking up from the ground, the chocolate eyed girl saw her new brother standing from his chair, his fists clenching so hard at his sides that they were as white as the snow that fell. "Richie?"

He shook his head, walking out of the living room and throwing open the door to his room. "I need a minute."

Emily took in a breath and quickly followed him into the room, standing in the doorway with red eyes as she watched him pace. "Richie please don't be upset," she whispered. "Can I come in?"

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