Faith Of You

Chapter 9

Collecting her books from underneath her desk, Emily stood from her seat in Sociology and followed her friend out of the classroom. The class had just taken a test, and being in Pennsylvania for only a couple of days, she thought she did pretty well.

Jennifer turned once she and her friend walked out of the classroom and over to the water fountain. "Hey Em, is it alright if you get to the lunchroom without me?"

The older girl's brows scrunched. "Is everything ok?"

Jennifer quickly nodded her head. "No yeah, everything's fine," she smiled. "I just need to go see my dad in the main office. Phone call."

"You get phone calls here?"

Taking a quick look around, the blond stepped closer towards her friend so she could hear her whisper. "It's the doctor about my stitches."

Emily nodded as realization dawned on her. "Oh ok. Yeah I can go and get a table," she smiled, gently touching the younger girl's arm. "Tell your dad I say hi."

Jennifer scoffed. "Kiss-up."

The older girl laughed as her friend walked away, and she shook her head before making her way down the hall to the locker she had been given.

Spinning the lock on her locker, her eyes narrowed when the door refused to open. "Come on," she muttered.


Emily spun her head around at the voice that seemed to call to her, and she slowly shook her head at the unfamiliar boy that walked towards her. "I'm sorry, do I know you?"

The dark haired boy laughed before shoving the younger girl against the row of lockers. "Come on babe, I don't want to know you."

Emily bit her lip before bending down to pick up her dropped books, rolling her pained shoulder that had taken the brunt of the impact. Should have known, she thought. No one ever wanted to talk to her.

Standing from her spot on the floor, the brunette's midnight eyes glanced across the hall to find Aaron walking towards her. "Hi Aaron."

The older teenager smiled at his new friend, watching as she opened up her locker. "Hey Em. Finally got your locker to stop sticking?" he chuckled.

"For the moment," she smiled. "How was pre-calculus?"

Aaron Hotchner pretended to think as the dark haired girl closed her locker. "A mix between sorrow and horror." Smiling at the younger girl's chuckle, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Off to lunch?"

The brunette grinned. "Lead the way."

The pair marched defiantly down the hall until they reached the lunchroom, seating themselves at the first table they found. "So where's JJ?"

Emily quickly shook her head. "Meeting with her dad." Patting her pockets, she sighed. She had dropped her lunch money.

Aaron frowned at the look on the younger girl's face. "You ok?"

"I dropped my dollar," she shrugged. Feeling pain shoot through her shoulder, the brunette let out a small gasp, her hand flying to the pained area.

Aaron quickly stood from his seat and rounded the table. "Hey what's the matter?"

Emily shook her head. "No I'm ok," she smiled. "I just banged my shoulder against my locker before. I'm fine, I swear." Standing from her seat, she looked down to her friend. "I'll be right back, I have to find my money."

The older boy stood along with his friend. "I'll go to the nurse and get you an icepack."

Giving a thankful smile, the ivory teenager walked out of the lunchroom and back down the hall towards her locker, knowing that she must have dropped her money when she was shoved.

Emily quickened her pace when she spotted a crumpled green dollar near the entrance of the math wing, wanting to just get her money and get back to lunch.

Not noticing the same boy that had shoved her before, she kept up her pace, effectively taking a fall when he gave a hard push to her shoulder.

The football player smirked at the sight of the girl trying to stand from the floor. "Thought you left with Hotchner, babe."

Ignoring the teenager's tone, Emily stood from the floor and dusted off her pants.

The older boy glared at the new girl in school, watching as she just walked over to her locker and picked up her money. "Are you ignoring me? Who the hell do you think you are?"

Emily stuck her tongue to her cheek to keep from laughing. "I'm just trying to get to lunch, so if you'll excuse me?"

Taking the brunette's arm, the football player backed her up hard against the lockers. "You're new here, you fucking bitch. You don't make the rules."

"Yeah well neither do you." She yanked her arm out of his hold. "Get away from me."

Jennifer frowned as she rounded the hall corner, finding her friend pushed up against the lockers near the cafeteria. "John?"

The football player grinned to the blond that walked towards him. "Hey babe. Your friend and I were just getting to know each other."

Emily pushed the older boy away from her. "Stop touching me."

Jennifer quickly made her way over to her friend and grabbed her hand. "Leave her alone, John."

Aaron walked down the hall with the icepack for his friend, his eyes narrowing at the sight of the two girls standing near the lunchroom entrance with one of the school's best football players. "Hey John."

The brunette teen waved over to his classmate. "Hey there Hotchner." Before he could even lay his eyes back on the new girl, Aaron stepped in front of him. "What's up man?"

Aaron shook his head, wrapping his arm around Emily's shoulder when he noticed her practically clutching Jennifer's hand. "Nothing. We're just gonna get out of here, ok?"

"You sure, man?" John laughed. "Thought we could have some fun with the new babe."

"Doubt the principal would like that."

The football player let out a snort. "And why's that?"

Emily glared at the older boy, letting her friends hold her closer. "I'm living with him, asshole."

John rolled his eyes before backing away. "Dyke," he muttered, making his way down the hall.

The eldest Hotchner sighed before he leaned down and gently knocked his forehead against the French girl's. "You good?"

Emily smiled gently, taking the icepack from the teen. "Good. Can we eat now?"

Jennifer let out a laugh. "You eat a lot, you know that?"

The brunette girl gave a pout as they walked back to the lunchroom. "I like food."

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