Faith Of You

Chapter 90

Emily took one last glance into the full length mirror that sat across from her four poster bed, her body wracked with nerves as the clock ticked closer and closer to five o'clock. It had been exactly four months since she had been away from her girlfriend, and being the daughter of two of the world's most prominent ambassadors made it very hard for her to travel back to Pennsylvania to see the Christian girl she had fallen in love with. Press conferences, college visits, dinners and galas kept her busy, leaving her barely enough leftover time to call her girlfriend before they fell asleep.

Running her fingers through the ends of her freshly cut hair, the brunette pursed her lips to make sure there was no lipstick smudges around her mouth.

That's when the doorbell rang.

A smile immediately jumped onto Emily's ivory face, her hands grabbing for the presents she had gotten her second family when they had made the plans to all come stay at the embassy for a long weekend.

"Emmy, I think they're here, Princess!"

"Coming!" she shouted, slipping on her new flats before running out of her room. She maneuvered past a maid and three butlers before charging down the steps, setting all the packages she had gotten her family beside the door so they wouldn't see them. "Dad fix your tie," she hissed, reaching out to straighten the material.

Michael chuckled at his daughter's antics, hearing his wife come into the room, her heels clicking against the marble floor. "I don't think they'll mind if my tie isn't straight, Emily."

The eighteen year old shook her head, her eyes darting up to those of the older man and glaring. "No, but I will."

Elizabeth Prentiss felt an uncharacteristic smile spread over her features at the sight of her daughter turning to face the door as she fixed her hair once more. "Darling, I doubt the Jareaus are going to care the way we're dressed. They're not dignitaries; their standards aren't as high as the people around us."

"You mean like you?"

Michael narrowed his gaze on the teenager. "Emily Joi Prentiss, control yourself."

The brown eyed girl slowly nodded her head, taking in a deep breath as her father got ready to pull open the front door. "Ok," she breathed. "Ok, I'm ready." Her dark eyes widened as the mahogany door was opened, seeing the blondes standing just outside with their best security guard behind them.

Jennifer felt a tear fall from her eye as she pounced forward, taking the older girl into a bear hug. "I've missed you so much," she laughed, her arms wrapped so tight around her girlfriend's slender neck.

Elizabeth stepped forward, waiting until her husband stepped away from the blond man on their doorstep so she could shake his hand. "You must be James." She smiled at the sight of his blue eyes shining her way. "It's so nice to finally meet you. Emily has told me all about you and your family."

The father of five smiled at the firm grip of the younger woman. "It's very nice to meet you too, Ambassador Prentiss."

"Elizabeth, please," she chuckled. "If you go around calling us both Ambassador Prentiss it'll get very confusing."

"If you say so." James watched as the couple continued to hug in the center of the doorway, hearing Richard and Julie greet the man who had taken their fifth family member away from them all those months ago. "You two are going to be frozen there if you squeeze too tight."

Emily reluctantly pulled away from the younger girl in her hold, her hand holding the back of Jennifer's blond head as she looked up. "Hi," she whispered, letting the older man take her into a giant hug, her head nestled just beside his warm chest. "Hi daddy." Her arms wrapped around his waist and squeezed, feeling her press a kiss to her dark hair. "I missed you so much," the brunette cried, her tears melding into the material of his shirt as his familiar scent wafted around her.

"I missed you too, pumpkin," he cooed, peppering kisses to her cheeks to get her to laugh.

Jennifer quickly fixed her hair before stepping fully into the mansion, her shoulders stiff at the sight of the woman who looked just like her girlfriend. The mother. "Hello ma'am," she nodded politely. "It's an honor to meet you. Emily told me a lot about you."

Elizabeth grinned down to the teenager, taking the Christian girl into an unexpected hug. "How are you, Jennifer? Emily does nothing but talk about you."

The eighteen year old pulling herself out of her pseudo father's arms stared at her mother in disbelief. She had told the older woman that she was gay not a day before, and she was completely fine with it. Emily grinned. She really did have the best family.

Jennifer smiled as she pulled away from the older woman, reaching behind her to take her girlfriend's hand in hers.

"So is everyone ready for dinner?"

Emily let her older brother shove her to the side before pressing a kiss to the side of her head, Julia's hands squeezing at her shoulders. "I think we all are." She led her girlfriend through the halls of the embassy, leaning in and pressing her lips against the blue eyed girl's ear so no one else could hear her. "So you remember how you told me that you applied to Columbia for early admission?"

"Yeah," she nodded, her head turning to look into the older girl's dark eyes. "Why?"

"I applied too."

Jennifer felt her heart stop, her hand tightening around that of her girlfriend. "You what?" Her breath quickened as she tried to let the information sink in. "Why? Why would you do that? You've been accepted to so many other places that are a lot better," she chuckled.

The French girl refused to answer, a smile appearing on her face. "Did you get accepted?"

"Yes," she answered slowly.

Emily grinned, her lips immediately colliding with those of the younger girl. "I did too," she nodded. "I did too."

Jennifer's eyes widened. "You did?" Her lips quivered as Emily continued to kiss her mouth and cheek, her hand tightening around her girlfriend's. "You applied to a different school just for me?"

"No," the older girl answered. "I did it for us."

Richard rolled his eyes at the sight of the couple, wanting to vomit at the words that were pouring from their lips. "Are you two done?" He gave a playful shove to Jennifer's body as he passed by them. "We're going to eat now and you're ruining my appetite." The eighteen year old Jareau child hid his grin at the sound of laughter following behind him, knowing that both girls were throwing "I love you"'s at each other as they made their way into the second dining hall. Nothing could keep them apart, that was for sure.

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