Spirit Chains

Chapter 7

10,203 A.A.-Five weeks until the Summer Solstice

The Fire temple on Ember Island was created after Asura had made his last stand there. According to the World Council, it was built so it could serve to balance out Asura's negative energy and be a symbol of hope in a place where so much despair had been unleashed. But in reality, the true reason the temple was built was because no one wanted to buy the land where the last Avatar had tried to split open the world.

Mosquito sniffs condescendingly as he heads up the steps leading to the temple. Humans and their duplicity with almost everything. It was almost laughable.

Of course, he wasn't one to talk. He had to admit, however, that there was a certain aura of murk surrounding the temple. He raps on the temple's doors with his cane. But that just made it easier when the Order had gained enough members to stage a coup of the temple, establishing as one of their main bases.

One of the Fire Mages that served at the temple to mask the Order's presence opens the doors. He gulps nervously. "Y-yes?"

Mosquito walks past the trembling man. "Take me to the freezer."

The mage bows. "Right away." He leads Mosquito to a secret passageway in the main hall of the temple, revealing a narrow staircase stretching down into the earth. Torches light their way down the stairs and the temperature begins to drop. They come to a stop in front of a large metal door. A thin layer of frost covers it, the cold coming off in waves.

"Open it."

The mage pulls out a ring of keys from his robe and unlocks the door with shaking hands. The room inside is empty, save for a large oval object standing on a pedestal.

"Leave me," Mosquito orders.

With another bow, the mage obeys, walking backwards.

Ignoring the cold, Mosquito walks into the room and surveys the last dragon egg. He picks it up in his hands. It still feels warm although it's been in the freezer for nearly three years. He remembers the last time he visited the egg-Giriko complaining about dulling its pull on the fire chain, that there was no difference in having the fire chain to come to it rather than the egg dragging them here.

For once, Mosquito's reply that a chain driven mad by the pull was worse than having no chain at all was enough to shut him up. His lips press into a thin line as he walks from the freezer, cradling the egg like a child. But now, thanks to Giriko, their hands were tied.

He settles the egg into its new spot and rests his palm on it, praying to Asura that the chain who would soon be seeking out the egg wouldn't come to them raving and out of their mind.

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