Fallen Through


Nothing is ever as it seems, as Li Syaoran learned the hard way. Princesses can be fashion designers, pianists can be soccer players, and monsters might need to be saved from damsels.

Thriller / Drama
Callista Miralni
Age Rating:

Misunderstood: the Kaijuu

Who cares about an outcast? Nobody, that's who.

You have nothing at all.

There is no one to help you when you fall, there is no one to listen to your fears, there is no one who calls himself your friend.

You have nothing.

But, what happens when someone notices you?

They follow you where you go.

How do you react?

Will you accept them or turn them away?

At first, you are unsure, but you must make your decision quick.

Choose wisely, for it will affect you for life.

It happened to me once.

It's still happening now.

My name is Kinomoto Sakura.

This is my story.

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