Fallen Through

Birthday: Wednesday's for Tomoyo

-Tuesday afterschool-

I was pretty much quiet all day, not much different than before I had friends. I zoned out during lunch, even though Meiling was constantly waving her hand in front of my face. I barely paid attention in class, but somehow I got through Morality all right.

I trudged to Yukito's house afterschool, unwilling to go back to my room and stare at the blank sheet music again. My cousin welcomed me with open arms and told me to head upstairs. The door to my childhood bedroom loomed before me. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

Ayame sat on the bed, listening to my first album, A Capella. Personally, I didn't like that album very much. Hidden Secrets was so much more my style.

"Hey Kura-chan! What brings you here?" Ayame asked brightly. She smiled at me and I gave a small smile in return.

"I can’t hang out with my own cousin?” I asked. My cousin laughed sheepishly before she became serious.

“Sakura, about Saturday’s concert, Grandfather invited all his business partners to attend. He says it’s important to make a good impression because there are a number of investors highly interested in Amamiya Entertainment.”

I groaned. “So that’s why Meiling had tickets. She wanted me to go to the concert but I lied and told her Grandfather made dinner plans.”

Ayame shook her head. “You did the right thing. They’ll be observing me while I work and I have to run the entire show from one of suites instead of backstage. I’d suggest the switch so you can hang out with Meiling-san, but Grandfather actually needs you onstage if we’re going to get the money we need for your next tour and album.”

“It’s fine,” I reassured her. “This is important. By the way, it’s almost five. Rehearsal starts in thirty minutes and Nii-san told me to go with you and Yuki.”

Ayame jumped to her feet and started gathering her files. “Oh yeah. I almost forgot.” She stuffed everything into a tote bag and hollered out the door, “Yuki-nii! We have to go!”

I shook my head. Sometimes, I felt more like Ayame’s personal assistant rather than the person she was supposed to keep on schedule.

-The Mall-

I just couldn't think of anything to get for Sakura. As I was walking past the music store, Music and More, I noticed a poster advertising Sakura Athene's concert at Tomoeda Gardens. For some reason though, I couldn't tear my eyes away from her face. Even though Sakura Athene was smiling, her emerald eyes showed a hidden emotion concealed within their depths, one I couldn't name.

Was it pain? Longing? Hurt? Loneliness?

Well, whatever it was, it was not my business. Besides,, I couldn't reach out and befriend a superstar, not even with my mom's high-ranking business status!

My feet dragged me to the bookstore. I didn't know why, but I found myself in the poetry section. I'm not too fond of poetry myself, but I ended up buying Sakura a book of poetry called Mind over Matter written by an anonymous poet. One poem in particular caught my eye.

The stars remember everyone's dreams.
They whisper instructions on the wind.

Watching, waiting for that special day
When someone comes to live with them.
The stars they see and hear everything and anything
And remembers each word that's said
Always watching and waiting next to the sun
And accompanying the moon on its dark journey
Giving comfort and light to everyone.

Yet this is my melody, this is my song
Hope and light to everyone
Despair and darkness, its counterpart
Ying and yang are thrown into the pot
Balance restored and arguments not
Luna soleil, the celestial heart.

Sakura's my name, yet materially I don't gain
I remember everything and anything.
Athene is my mind, yet alone I shine
Giving it everything all that I've got.
The elements guide me and help me through my ways.
Nature is watching me every day.
Myths and legends are close to my heart
Without them I could not do without.

Yet this is my melody, this is my song
Hope and light to everyone
Despair and darkness, its counterpart
Ying and Yang are thrown into the pot
Balance restored and mysteries revealed
Luna soleil, the celestial heart.

It touched me, it really did. But there was something about the work that reminded me of someone familiar.

I just didn't know who.


The first thing I heard when I walked into school the next day was Jade running through the halls towards the PA booth, yelling about Sakura Athene's concert.

"Students of Seijuu Prep! In my hands I hold four backstage passes to Sakura Athene's Saturday concert at seven pm in Tomoeda Gardens. Four lucky students will win these tickets and meet Sakura Athene LIVE! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, LIVE! Write your name on a slip of paper if you wish to enter the contest and deposit in the box outside the PA booth. The drawing is tomorrow. Three more days, people! Three more days!" Jade yelled excitedly into the mike.

Students throughout the school bubbled with excitement at the prospect of backstage passes. It couldn’t hurt to enter. I wrote my name on a piece of paper and dropped in the box. I saw several of my friends do the exact same thing.

"Hey Chiharu-chan, are you planning to go to the concert?" I asked her. She nodded happily.

"Yeah, I'm going with Naoko, Rika, Jade, and Jade's twin sister—oh, what's her name? Oh right, Kaorin. Are you going, Tomoyo-chan?"

I nodded. "Rae Meiling invited me to go with her and her cousins."

Chiharu looked surprised. "Rae Meiling? The famous gymnast? Who are her cousins? How do you know her?"

I laughed at Chiharu's bewildered expression. "Meiling-chan goes to school here. She transferred a few weeks ago. We're good friends. You know Hiiragizawa Eriol and Li Syaoran? They're her cousins. I think she got free tickets from her sponsor," I answered patiently. Truthfully, I was surprised that no one had noticed Meiling. It surprised me, knowing that everyone ignored Meiling when everyone knows her name!

The bell rang.

"I gotta get to class. See you around, Chiharu-chan." I waved good-bye and left for class.

I managed to sneak the book in Sakura's locker with a small note during lunch under the pretense of speaking to the vocal teacher about the upcoming competition. I didn’t dare to stay any longer than necessary in case Sakura decided to come back inside.


I never expected to get another gift today but I started to look forward to the surprise. Once again, it was something of mine—a book of poems from the sixth grade that my dad had published. Morality is as boring as ever. We did a group competition activity playing a trivia game about really stupid stuff like celebrities and toys. Honestly, who pays attention to that stuff?

Almost everyone, I suppose. It was really hard not to answer questions about Meiling or me with any kind of confidence. I inwardly laughed at all the pompous girls with their noses in the air, getting the answers they think they know completely wrong. How many gossip rags do they read and take as fact?

I guess I never pay any attention to that kind of stuff because I'm part of that dreamworld of idolization. But seriously, can you blame me? Normal people don’t go around picking up every article written about them. The first couple times, the excitement of recognition is enough to take a souvenir of the occasion, but after a while, the constant attention wears on a person.

We’re just people. We pay taxes, get into fights with our families and friends, and have a host of insecurities.

We just don’t share them.


As I was packing my books into my bag, I heard someone stop behind me. One glance over my shoulder and I knew who stopped behind me just by looking at his shoes.


Great. Just the person I wanted to see. Doesn't he have anything better to do than to mock me?

"Kinomoto, Mizuki-sensei wants to see you in her office,” he said

I stood up to face him, mustering the coldest expression I could. "Thank you for telling me," I replied stiffly, only bothering to be civil because he actually delivered Kaho’s message.

I carried my bag downstairs and walked into Kaho's office. Shutting the door behind me, I asked Kaho why she wanted to see me. My long-time friend wore a grim expression on her normally serene features.

"She's back."

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