Fallen Through

Stripped: Homework

Emerald glazed over as she clutched the countertop of her bathroom sink tightly. Her head spun but she had enough sense to try to stay upright and stumble into the bathroom.





Why is this happening only now?

On the floor of her room behind her, her laptop and guitar lay among the wreckage of half-finished sheet music. A dozen manila envelopes, torn open at the top, littered the floor, mingling with their contents of magazine letter messages.

Sakura looked at her reflection and nearly screamed when she saw the face in the mirror.

It was not her own image.

But rather, it was the image of the one she hated the most.


Name: Kinomoto Sakura

Age: 16

Date of Birth: April 1, 1989

Mother's name: Amamiya Nadeshiko

Father's name: Kinomoto Fujitaka

Sibling(s)' name(s): Kinomoto Toya

Hobbies (list three): skating, reading, writing

Extracurricular: none


-food: salmon sashimi and pancakes

-place: Penguin Park

-person: Tsukishiro Yukito, my cousin

-color: fuchsia, purple, light pink

-music group: Kalafina, Evanescence, UVERworld

Pet: a cat and a dog

Best friend(s): Rae Meiling

Tell us a fun fact: I used to do competitive gymnastics and piano

She sat diligently working on her latest sketch.

Tomoyo was never one for horror films but this one called to her attention.

The pencil in her hand glided smoothly across the paper, the image accurately transferred from her mind to paper.

What is so fascinating about a ring?

Is it because it is never ending?

Or is it because it is eternity expressed in the simplest of ideas?

What is so horrifying about a ring?

Is it because it is never ending?

Or is it because it is the cycle of life and death expressed in the simplest of ideas?

Which is more powerful?

The dream or the nightmare?

Name: Daidouji Tomoyo

Age: 16

Date of Birth: September 3, 1989

Mother's name: Amamiya Sonomi

Father's name: Daidouji Takashi

Sibling(s)' name(s): none

Hobbies (list three): singing, dressmaking, cinematography

Extracurricular: choir


-food: chicken fettuccine al fredo, Italian style

-place: Penguin Park

-person: Mizuki Kaho, my cousin

-color: purple, white

-music group: BoA, Utada Hikaru, Sakura Athene

Pet: none

Best friend(s): Mihara Chiharu, Yanagisawa Naoki, Sasaki Rika, Amai Jade

Tell us a fun fact: I design clothes for Daidouji Designs.

"Tell me what you're looking for
What you're trying to see
Beyond the cold lie?"

The guitar chords flowed easily from his fingertips. Syaoran couldn't believe he was having difficulty playing this when he started an hour ago.

He didn't understand why Yamazaki was so obsessed with this song in the first place. For goodness's sake, a girl sang it for starters and it wasn't even April 5th's style.

Too dark.

Too emotionally driven.

Too close to home.

What was he searching for anyways?

Syaoran knows people are baffled when they see him and Eriol hanging out together. As part of the upper echelons of the school's hierarchy, Eriol shouldn't have even been on his radar of noticeable individuals.

But he noticed him.

And Syaoran just could not let him go.

Eriol reminded him so much of himself as a child in Hong Kong.

A lonely childhood.

The day he moved to Japan almost three years ago, he swore he would never let anyone suffer the same way he did.

Not if he could help it.

Name: Li Xiao Lang (Syaoran)

Age: 17

Date of Birth: July 13, 1988

Mother's name: Chen Yelan

Father's name: Li Xiao Long

Sibling(s)' name(s): Li Fanren, Li Xiefa, Li Fuutie, Li Feimei

Hobbies (list three): video games, reading, skating

Extracurricular: soccer


-food: Xiomei, lo mein

-place: any place with friends and family

-person: Rae Meiling, my cousin

-color: green, gold,

-music group: UVERworld, abingdon boys school

Pet: none

Best friend(s): Hiiragizawa Eriol, Yamazaki Takashi, Yamada Riku

Tell us a fun fact: Our band name is in honor of the day we met when I first moved to Tomoeda.

He rubbed his forehead before picking up the spatula and scraping a dollop of icing out of the bowl.

There. An entire tray of cupcakes done.

The questionnaire lay on the counter nearby. He eyed it warily before setting the bowl and the spatula down in the sink and rinsing them off with water.

Picking up a pen, Eriol prepared himself to answer the first probing question. But his mind was elsewhere.

People who are surrounded by other people may be some of the loneliest people in the world.

How true.

Look at Syaoran.

Look at Daidouji.

Look at himself.

And maybe, Eriol thought as he chewed thoughtfully on his bottom lip and adjusted his glasses, maybe look at her.

The kaijuu.

Kinomoto Sakura.

She must be the loneliest person in the world.

Name: Hiiragizawa Eriol

Age: 17

Date of Birth: March 23, 1988

Mother's name: Terasaki Yumi

Father's name: Hiiragizawa Sorata

Sibling(s)' name(s): none

Hobbies (list three): reading, drawing, surfing the Web

Extracurricular: soccer, piano


-food: okonomiyaki

-place: the library in my home

-person: Akizuki Nakuru, my cousin

-color: blue, black, silver

-music group: SID, abingdon boys school, Sakura Athene

Pet: a cat and a dog

Best friend(s): Li Syaoran

Tell us a fun fact: I speak English fluently.

A girl, her dark hair caught up in two identical pigtails, stepped off the plane. She breathed in the crisp winter air, eyes softening as the memories overcame her.

Walking almost oblivious to the camera flashes, she smiled automatically as she blindly followed her manager out the door of the airport.

"Welcome to Tokyo."

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