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What will happen if another Sheppard is thrown into the mix of Supernatural, Marvel and Sherlock? Read to find out. The title kinda gives away the main basis of the story, it is my view point of what it would be like to be Mark's niece. Obviously in real life Mark is an only child so I only own Serena (the main character), Anya (Serena's mum/Danneel's older sister), Nathaniel (Serena's dad/Mark's younger twin brother), Serena's half-siblings, her stepdad and her story line. If you get confused feel free to message me or put a comment or even if you see a reference to somethings, feel free to comment where it's from because according to some people I know, I just say references without meaning to. Anyway, in this story, the main plot line starts in 2015, but there will be some chapters every now and then that are flashback chapters to an earlier point in her life. So I hope you enjoy the story and sorry about this 'discription' I suck at them.

Kimberley 'Kim' Jones
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Introduction to Serena Sheppard

Serena Rosella Shepard (born 28 May 1995) is an English actress, model and musician/singer. She is often credited as either 'Rose Sheppard', 'Rosella Sheppard' or 'Serena R. Sheppard'. Serena is often recognised for her recurring roles in CW's 'Supernatural' as Christie, daughter of Crowley and her role as Tanya Stark the daughter of Tony Stark in multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

She is also distinguishable for her multiple roles in Disney films and cameos in Disney television shows, ranging from 'Rapunzel' in Tangled to 'Merida' from Brave,

However, in the dancing world, she is most known for being the daughter of one of the revolutionising people for Irish step dancing, Anya Harris - who along with Michael Flatley, made it become known as ‘Riverdance’.Serena then went on to perform ‘Riverdance’ for the first time during the opening ceremony of the 2003 Olympics in Dublin, Ireland, with the current cast of ‘Riverdance’ and with James Flatley (A/N This is a character I have created), Michael’s nephew - who is two years older than Sheppard, as her partner during the first duet.


Serena Rosella Sheppard

28 May 1995 (aged 20 through the main storyline (2015))

London, England

Physical Features;

Hair: Long, light/medium brown

Eyes: Medium brown

Skin: Slightly tanned

Height: 5 ft. 4"

Other names:

Serena R. Sheppard

Rosella Sheppard

Rose Sheppard


Actress, Singer/Musician, Irish Dancer and Model

Years Active: 1997 - Present

Fluent in:

English Romanian, Irish Gaelic, French and Spanish (and even though it's not an ‘official’ language she is also fluent in Elvish, both Quenya and Sindarin)


Nathaniel James Sheppard ✝️ deceased (father)

Sophie Bethany Pitts-Sheppard (step-mother)

Anya Natalie Laird née Graul (mother) (A/N portrayed by Jean Butler)

Philip Leon Laird (step-father)


John Christopher Laird (younger half-brother, aged 12)

Hannah Rowena Rachel Laird (younger half-sister, aged 5)

Lucas Matthew Laird (younger half-brother, aged 1)


Elta 'Danneel' Ackles née Graul (mother's younger sister by 6 years)

Mackenzie Ackles (Jensen's sister (I couldn't find her middle name))

Sarah Louise Sheppard née Fudge (Mark's current wife)

Carolyn Marie Carlson-Pitts ✝️ (Sophie's older sister – deceased)


Mark Andreas Sheppard (paternal/father's half-brother)

Gino Graul (maternal (I couldn't find a middle name))

Jensen Ross Ackles (maternal in-law (I am having Jensen and Danneel together earlier in the storyline rather than, 2003))

Joshua Ackles (Jensen's brother)

Mark Pitts (Carolyn's husband)


William Morgan Sheppard (paternal grandfather)

Imelda Marie Sheppard ✝️(paternal grandmother - deceased)

Edward E. Graul Jr. (maternal grandfather)

Deborah Graul (maternal grandmother)


Max Sheppard

Will Sheppard

Justice Jay 'JJ' Ackles

Sarah Pitts-Lowry (Jake's older sister – couldn't find info on her so please bear with me)

Jacob Mark 'Jake' Pitts ~A/N Yes I decided to add BVB in this story, please do not judge, I love their music and this is my story so please no hate, I also couldn't find much information on his family so please be patient with me at points through the story~

(In Future; Isabella Sheppard

Zeppelin Bram Ackles

Arrow Rhodes Ackles)


Genevieve Padalecki & Jared Padalecki

Michael Flatley

Johnny Depp

Hugh Jackman

Jensen Ackles & Danneel Ackles

Personal Life:

Serena started out her career very young by doing some modelling for young children clothing lines and small acting jobs alongside members of her family such as her mother, aunt - Danneel Harris (also credited as Danneel Ackles) and uncles, Jensen Ackles and Mark Sheppard.

As she grew older she played younger versions of both her mother's and aunt Danneel's characters and also starred in some of the biggest films and television series' yet, such as, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings (as her mother's' characters young child) and its prequels The Hobbit Trilogy as a younger version of her mother's character in Lord Of The Rings.

And just as she was getting pretty well known in 2006, for her film 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' as Jasmine Sparrow, the unknown daughter of her godfather, Johnny Depp's character, Jack Sparrow, after the premiere in London the cast was invited to a celebratory dinner at her mother, Anya's house, while her father, Nathaniel, was on his way back from a project in the US, while driving from the airport to the house, he had an unfortunate RTC (road traffic collision), taking his life.

The next morning the young actress, then at the age of 11, found numerous videos on YouTube of fans and other celebrities expressing their love for her late father and them saying their condolences for the family, so in reply to these, she decided to make a tribute video to her father.

*A/N - Now if you want to find out more, you will have to stay tuned for the next update of Serena's life.*

Face claim: Sofia Carson

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