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Lucy Cheney


Lucy gets kicked out of Team Natsu, while on a mission with just Happy things take a wrong turn. She's saved, things get better and personal for Lucy. All because someone couldn't stand her.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

The mission had gone completely wrong. They were too strong for Lucy and Taurus and Happy alone. The three had been going out as a team alot lately because Natsu had kicked them out of his team originally.

Back to the fight. Lucy screams so loud that everyone about 10 miles away could hear her. This cry for help had been heard by another mage. A dragon slayer named Cheney, Rogue Cheney. Appalled by the scene that laid out before him he rushes to her aid. The blonde maiden was tied up with a cat in the center of a bunch of bandits that look towards her with hungry eyes, undressing her with every time they blinked. It was so disgusting that Rouge stepped out in the open with an entrance to show his presence.

"So, what's a group of ugly bastards doing with such a beautiful maiden all wrapped up?" he tone sarcastic as he surveys his chances of winning which turn out to be pretty high.

"And you are going to be her hero, smartass? Look around, you're outnumbered." the leader of the bandits replies to his comment.

"Yeah, why not. I mean you forget that I am a mage as well. This is going to be a piece of cake." Rogue tucks a few strands of hair behind his ear and sinks into the shadows.

He reappears behind Lucy and slices her ropes off and sets her loose. Emerging from the shadows a second time, he appears i front of the leader and knocks him off his feet. After he does this every bandit pointed their attention towards him. They all walk up to him.

"Maiden, I advise you stand behind me." he calls out to Lucy who was busy untangling Happy.

Rogue calls forth and summons the powers of the shadow dragon. Tribal markings appearing on his face. Lucy runs behind him, shielding away from his attack.

"SHADOW DRAGON'S ROAR" He yells. Releasing darkness from his lips. The band of misfits were all pushed pack and slammed against trees, shrubs and bushes to a stop. Their eyes widened in fear, something that he had instilled into their core. It was an unbelievable scene. She gasps and then takes the rope and ties them all up.

"Arigato gozaimas" Lucy bends showing her gratitude.

"No need for such a thank you. It was my pleasure." he acknowledges her with a nod after speaking and turns on his heel to leave, but she grabs his wrist softly.

"I don't want to seem too forwards but, there has to be a way for me to repay you're good deed. I don't like feeling in debted to someone." she looks into his captivating red eyes. "I mean you did save my life and all." Lucy was genuinely grateful.

"That's quite alright, fair maiden." he reassures her that she has no debt to him what so ever.

"How does lunch sound, I know a really good place that has the best burgers in town." Just then the rain started coming down. This made the blonde's hairs stick to her face as well as his.

Before Rogue could answer his stomach growled monstrously. He looked down and then baack at her eyes and blushed a bit, feeling pretty embarrassed.

"Well, that settles it, we're off." She jogs over towards the trees to reduce how wet she was going to get later on.

"Here, use this." He says pulling off his cloak and placing it around Lucy gently. Happy was nuzzled on her side and she carried him on her hip.

Rogue smiled at the small cute little blue exceed.

"Is he yours?" his voice comes out in a sort of whisper.

"No he's a friend of mine's cat. But he chose to stick around with me since then." her voice so sweet ounded so sad at the first sentence that she had begun with.

"I am Rogue, what's your name? Not that you are under any obligation to tell me what it is." He offers to spark up a conversation.

"Well, I am Lucy, Lucy Heartfilia. This scared-y cat is Happy." She motions to Happy.

"Well, nice to meet you both. I have an exceed myself, her name is Frosh. She is just the cutest little thing with a cute frog costume." He smiles imagining his little exceed.

"Aww, it must be hard." She sighs outwardly.

"What is?" he seems confused about what she says.

"Well, there are sometimes that during a mission, one mustn't let their emotions get the better of oneself's and tell them to run when danger grows more intense. Seeing as they are the only partner one considers family, one take care of them like their sibling, or their child. Which such strong bonds, it must be difficult to tell them to leave one behind so they stay out of harm's way. In which some cases not many of them listen, and when they get hurt one feels guilt." She tightens her grasp on Happy. "While others who have human partners and don't care if one gets hurt they continue to fight. Saying they are all about protecting their nakama, but in reality they don't. They just use one to replace a fallen comrade in the field of battle. May that be either or both professional or personal relationships with their partner."

Suddenly Rogue understood everything that had happened to her and why she was alone. "I am so sorry you're partner left you, used you, and made you feel so beneath him. I also feel bad for him because he doesn't know how precious a partner he has lost. He never knew what a good thing he had going until he left you." Rogue hugs her.

"Thank you Rogue, but I guess this happened for a reason." Lucy smiles at him and kisses his cheek as a thank you for everything.

Rogue blushes and turns away a bit trying to cover it. Lucy giggles a little. Rogue slicks his hair back due to all the water in his hair it stays that way.

"I haven't seen you before. I am from Sabertooth." He offers his hand while they cross a small stream.

"No wonder, you're too much of a gentleman to belong to Blue Pegasus, too much of an amazing soul to belong to Lamia scale, and just too into what it is you're into to belong to Fairy Tail. I swear, Fairy Tail is going to be the end of me one of these days with our loud parties, our huge guild fights, and most importantly our infamous drinking contests during the holidays." she speaks freely.

"Well, I am glad to hear you think I am a gentleman, an amazing soul and just different." he chuckles a little. Lucy's face grew deep red.

"I-I mean...um...Well, you are. I mean, you are so different from the male members of Fairy Tail." she rubs her forearm a little still holding Happy.

"I am glad you think so. Well, I think you are way more different from the girls back at the guild are. The girls back at the guild are too fake. They are just too...well...they aren't down to Earthland as you are. I admire that, despite the publicity you got from coming back after 7 years, you didn't let that go to your head." He brushes some strands of wet hair away from her face.

"We are almost at the place that I mentioned." she replies smiling a little.

"Good to hear, I don't think my stomach will stop grumbling." a noise that sounded like a roar of a bear came from the slim dark young man.

Lucy giggles and then points up ahead as the burger shack comes into view with the rest of the town. She grabs his hand and runs up to the place.

"Hey, Chelsea!" she calls to the cook.

"LUCYYY!" she runs out from behind the grill and hugs Lucy tightly. "And who is this fine looking young man?" she winks at Rogue.

"He's Rogue. He saved my bum while I was in a bit of trouble back there in the woods, during a job. I also told him that I would take him to the best burger place I know and repay him for his kindness." Lucy replies softly.

The cook goes back into the kitchen and cooks up her best burgers she has ever made. Placing two plates of delicious, delectable, mouth watering burgers, fresh off the grill. The smell radiating from the beautiful dish was just enough to make you lose your mind.

"Arigato Chelsea-chan." Lucy digs into her burger.

"Arigato Chelsea-san." Rogue looks at his burger, taking it in both hands gripping slightly. He bites down into the wonderful combination, that the burger is. The meat, cooked to perfection. The lettuce, fresh. The tomatoes, sweet but not enough to over power the bitter onions. Not even then was the taste of the bread interfered with the brilliance behind the barbecue sauce. He lets a small groan escape from his lips.

"I know right?" Lucy agrees.

"Yes, it's the absolute best thing I've ever seen and tasted." he continues eating. "Chelsea, just marry me." he jokes.

"If blondie here doesn't, I just might." she winks.

"Ch-Chelsea-chan!" Lucy seemingly embarrassed at the words.

"Oh, yeah, where's pinkie?" she asks remembering Natsu.

"Well, It started a few weeks back..." Lucy began her story.

"Lucy!" he called to me. I was chatting up a mini storm with Mira, as she cleaned mugs behind the counter. I turn to see him a few steps away. "We need to talk, Lucy." his face was now serious.

"Um, alright." I agreed hesitantly.

'We can't talk here. Let's go outside." He turned on his heels leading to the back door of the guild where it was quiet and undisturbed by anyone.

"Luce, listen, I know this is going to suck for you but, I want you off team Natsu. You aren't strong enough to keep up with me. I am sick and tired of having to rescue you constantly during missions. With that said I am going to ask Lisanna to join because she is stronger than you are. You just hide behind your spirits." his words echoed in my ears.

"Don't you think this would affect me as more than just a partner? I liked you! Ugh...I am such an idiot, I thought you knew. I didn't think you would do this to me. Since you already said, fine. Just don't talk to me ever again." My voice breaks in disappointment.

'I guess my feelings were just another part of a one sided love.' I sighed.

"Well, the change is effective immediately, good bye, Lucy Heartfilia." he left.

My knees felt weak at the moment. I dropped and tears run down my eyes. My heart shattered at those words...those words that I never thought I would hear from him...not him...

What I didn't know was that Happy had been there the entire time and he landed in front of me and hugged me. His fur against my skin was reassuring.

"Lucy...Just know that I don't agree with Natsu on this one alright? I'm going to go quit team Natsu right now. What he said to you and what he did wasn't right. We'll go get fish after I come back." his eyes teary.

"It's fine, Happy. You don't have to quit." I sobbed.

"No, I do. You are my nakama too and you don't deserve an asshole of a friend." he replied.

I sobbed harder because I know that even if Happy always teases me and makes fat jokes, under all that he still is family. The little blue exceed left furious. The door opened and slammed shut again. I heard all the noise die down a bit inside. My heart sank.

'This just wrecked their friendship of more than 10 years...I'm at fault...It always is...'

Happy returned satisfied with himself. He was grinning and flew over to my side.

"Let's go get that fish you wanted." He smiles as he hugged me.

"I'm pretty sure you want fish." his mouth dropped.

"How did you know?" he looked shocked.

"Because I know my family and you are family to me." I said. His eyes tearing up a bit more.

"RUSHIEEEE" he squeezes me tighter.

Since then we went out on missions, just the two of us. We called ourselves Blue Nova. It mixed our characteristics pretty well. After a dangerous mission that we took and completed, but came home badly injured. I had broken a few ribs, had bruises, a fractured arm, a dislocated shoulder. Happy had a fractured paw and bruises.

When the guild saw us in that state, Gajeel and Laxus immediately looked around for Natsu and Wendy. Gajeel took happy and went looking for Natsu. Laxus carried my bridal style to the infirmary. I was pretty shocked to see this happen.

"Blondie, what the fuck happened? Are you trying to get yourself fucking killed?" he scolded me.

"No" my voice was raspy. He grabbed a cup of water and put it to my lips. I took a few sips. "It's just a mission that I completed with Happy and things got screwed at the end. The beast was barely alive and it had one last fight in it. It sent us flying backwards. I had grasped Happy and took him into my abs so he wouldn't get too much impact. Unfortunately he has a fractured paw."

"No!" he growled. "You should have taken someone else with you!" he paced up and down the room. "Do you know how stupid that was! You could have died!" he crossed his arms in front of his chest and faces me. His eyes examining me. I turned away. I felt the dark slate colored eyes burn into me. "What happened between you and Natsu?" his voice grew soft.

"Wow, looks like I now have a big brother named Laxus." I joked.

His serious face turned into a smirk. "Well, you've always had one, blondie. Remember everyone at Fairy Tail is family." I replied with a 'tch'. "Well, with an exception here and there for most people."

"Natsu was just an ass. It's fine. There isn't a mission Blue Nova can't handle. Besides who needs a bastard like Natsu." my face was twisting a bit in anger.

"Yeah I guess you have a point, but just tell me. Why didn't you go with Natsu and who is 'Blue Nova'?" He asks a bit confused still.

"He kicked me off the team. Happy quit right after and joined me. We became Blue Nova. Since then we've been out on missions, one right after the other. Just keeping distance between the three of us." I summed up vaguely.

"No wonder Happy punched Natsu straight on the kisser and yelled 'I'M OUT' a few weeks a go." he pieced it together.

My eyes widened like dinner plates. "Happy did that?" my voice barely a whisper.

"Yeah, he has a strong liking towards you, enough to make him hit his partner, brother, and practically father. Since that pink haired idiot raised Happy." He said.

I took it all in. 'Wow, I got to love this Blue cat and he loves me back. Such a great feeling knowing that these bonds as family are strong. Yet it's my fault their bond broke.'

Wendy came in moments later. She gasped as she saw me and healed me immediately. Gajeel had Happy in his arms and he cradled the Exceed like he did with Lily after that one mission where Lily was badly beaten. Wendy turned and healed Happy, leaving him good as new. He walked around on his fractured paw and felt it was good enough to keep walking. He made his way to my bed and laid there, in the space between my arm and my side.

Laxus stayed to make sure I wasn't going to run off in the middle of the night. Mira came in, in the morning. He surprises me yet again. He takes the tray from Mira and feeds me the bowl of soup and small bit of rice.

"Thanks alot, nii-san." I said.

He ruffled my hair affectionately and smiled. "I am going to go put this in the kitchen and then beat the shit out of Natsu. Don't worry, I'll be back in a bit." he rushed out of the room before I could say anything to try and stop him.

Two days after I got out of the infirmary, Lisanna came up to me.

"Listen, Lucy, I didn't mean to take your spot on team Natsu." her voice was sympathetic at first. "But I don't like that you turned Happy against Natsu along with Laxus, Rainjishuu, Shadow Gear, and Gajeel with Lily." her harsh tone took me by surprise.

"Well, for your information Lisanna, I didn't turn anyone against Natsu. If they are against him is because they disagree with what he did and said to me." I turned and walked away.

"2 weeks later Happy and I took the job that Rogue rescued us from" Lucy finishes her story.

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