The Princess and the Pirate

Denied Feelings

"Good morning!" Mabel's cheerful voice reached his ears, but Dipper was still rubbing his tired eyes. How could she be so energetic in the morning if she got zero sleep just like him?

After he escorted her to her room, he was so tired that he crashed into his improvised bed and dozed off almost instantly. He opened his slightly red eyes to look at her. She was beautiful as always, but irritatingly far too excited.

"Just how can you be so awake after last night?" He questioned her while sitting at the table, still trying to gather strength enough to make something to eat.

"Oh, you know, it's the first time I woke up that I'm neither in the palace nor in a ship, this place is beautiful, the birds are singing. It's a beautiful day!"

"I guess so…"

"By the way, I was wondering, you have so many books, I never thought it was something usual for commoners to have that many!"

"They usually don't, but my father is a pirate, remember? Every time he came to visit me after finding out I liked to read so much he brought one for me. And he visited a lot, he was always missing me. I missed him too and the books are important to me because of that. So don't go wrecking them or anything like that…"

"Okey-dokey, Mr. Pirate!" She chanted loudly.

"Somebody makes her stop…" Robbie moaned from the kitchen door, holding his head with both hands while staggering in search for food.

"You wouldn't have a hangover if you hadn't drunk so much." Dipper mocked just to receive a slap on the back of his head. "Ouch! If you do that again I'll yell in your ears."

"And I'll kill you if you do that." Robbie groaned, grabbing an orange and sitting on the other side of the table, away from Dipper.

"Robbie, would you like some coffee? Stan made it just a while ago. He's opening the shop now, but he left some. Dipper, would you like some as well?"

"I'm gonna need a lot of it to get through this day…" The younger pirate mumbled, more to himself, rubbing his eyes again feeling like the sleep just wouldn't leave him.

Mabel happily poured some coffee in a mug and gave it to him, then poured more in another one to give Robbie. However, on the way she tripped and, although she didn't fall, the girl accidentally spilled the entire contents of the mug on Robbie's pants. Dipper tried hard not to laugh.

"I-I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" Mabel said as Robbie jumped up with a very red angry face.

"You… You…" He started but was soon interrupted by Dipper, who knew nothing good could come out of his mouth.

"Don't swear or you know the captain will have your head."

Robbie grunted loudly and walked away with his pants hot from the coffee. Mabel sighed and grabbed a cloth to clean up the mess left on the chair and floor, when she stood up, she looked guiltily at Dipper.

"Do you think he's gonna hate me even more for that? I didn't mean it…"

"Nah. That's okay. He's a jerk anyway."

"But I didn't want him to get mad at me…"

"He'll get over it. Anyway, thanks for the coffee."

"I made some eggs too. I wanted them to be fried and cute sunny side up, but they just turned out scrambled and ugly looking…" She complained showing him a plate with it. Dipper gulped.

"They look… great…"

"Don't lie to my face, Mr.!" She chanted pointing a finger at him, though she had a joking tone underneath her fake fury.

"Okay, so it doesn't look wonderful, it doesn't mean it'll taste that bad."

"I'm not gonna make you eat it, you'll end up sick from it." She sighed sitting down next to him pulling the purple shawl over her head to hide her face.

"Are you okay, Mabel?"

"Mabel is not here…" The princess mumbled behind the fabric. He choked a laugh and put the mug of coffee down.

"Really? And where is she?"

"She's in… Shawltown…" Her voice was sad, but he just couldn't help but smile. It was not like he was laughing at her; it was just that she was being funny, even though she didn't mean it.

"And why is she in there?" He played along, trying not to laugh.

"Because she's a failure?" It was neither a statement nor a question at the same time.

"And why does she think that?" Dipper asked pulling the shawl behind her to see her face, messing up her hair a lot on the process.

"Because she can't do anything right? I can't cook, I can't fight, I can't even serve coffee without ruining everything…"

"That's not true. I know something you can do better than anyone else I know and I met you like five days ago."

"Oh, yeah? And what would that be?"

"You make people laugh, Mabel. You bring happiness wherever you go."

"Robbie didn't seem very happy when he left the kitchen."

"Yeah, but, as I said, he's a jerk. So don't mind him." His voice had a matter-of-fact tone as he tried to tidy her hair that he helped mess up. "Besides, there must be something you like to do. Something you're good at."

"I can't even flirt properly, you know… The truth is that the cute noble guys always ran away from me like I had some sort of plague… Maybe I was just too intense for them…"

"That's too bad for them. But really, there must be something you're good at. Something you like to do and that people like to see the result."

"Well… I like to sew…" Mabel mumbled taking the shawl off of her head and then removing the dark blue cloth she was using as a bow so she could brush her hair with her fingers. She was now sitting straight instead of just leaning over the table. "When I was little, I used to see my nannies sew my clothes. I often ruined them and they used to sew things back together for me. I was such a brat… Anyway, I got interested and they ended up teaching me I asked so often. The cooks didn't yield, though. I thought it would be easy to make a sunny side up egg because I usually saw them doing it, but they never taught me. They said I'm a princess and therefor I shouldn't learn how to do that stuff…"

"Princess or no princess, I don't see a problem in learning how to cook if you want to. Maybe you can ask Melody for help later. She can teach you something for sure. But I was right, you do know something you're good at. Maybe you can sew something."

"I could make you a shirt if you want. To thank you for all the trouble I've been giving you…"

"I'd like that. But we gotta go now. Grunkle Stan is not gonna be happy if we are late for work…"

He quickly stood up pulling her by the hand and grabbed an apple on the way out just so he wouldn't go without anything in his stomach. They got to the shop just in time; Stan was about to put them to work after he finished opening the store.

"Where is Robbie? He's supposed to work his lazy butt too."

"He'll be here shortly, Grunkle Stan. He had an accident with his coffee mug…" Dipper bit his lower lip to prevent a mocking smile to form on his lips.

"Okay. Anyway, I want you to work well. Roderick and I have stuff to do so I'm leaving it all with the three of you. And maybe Wendy if she decides to show up later…"

"Sure. It's okay, Grunkle Stan. I got it covered. I've already done it like a million times before anyway."

"Good. Now, Mabel, you try to show up by the window, okay? Pretty girls draw costumer's attention."

"Grunkle Stan! She's not merchandise!" Dipper scolded.

"Don't be stupid, Kid. I don't want to sell her; I want her to sell stuff for me. There's a difference. I'll be back by nightfall." The old man informed them at the same time Roderick appeared by the door that connected the shop to the house.

"And so will I. Now behave yourselves. Son, take care of our guest." Dipper nodded as his father ruffled the boy's hair like he used to do when they parted back when he was a kid. Then Roderick turned to Mabel and placed a hand on her shoulder. "And you, Miss, don't try to run away again, okay? It's dangerous."

"Sure. I'm certain Dippeton won't let me out of his sight from now on, anyway…"

"Good. We'll be back for dinner. Take care." The captain said before exiting the shop with Stan right behind.

Mabel then started to look around the store. Grunkle Stan sold a lot of stuff. Almost everything, there were fabrics, tapestries, buttons, needles, threads of all colors, goodies, dishes, books, journals, feather pens, shoes, matches, lamps, candles, and even some jewelry. Mabel suspected some of the items were left from the pirate's raids. But a person could name anything (except for food) and Stan probably had it there.

However, it was slightly messy and everything seemed to be out of order. It was quite a disturbing sight.

"Hey, guys. What's up?" Wendy greeted from the shop's entrance.

"Hey, Wendy." Both teens said at the same time, waving a "hi" at her. Not long after that, Robbie showed up coming from the back.

"Hey, Babe. You're a sight for sore eyes!" He marched towards her and just pulled her into a kiss. And then a very deep kiss. Wendy pulled away.

"Okay, Robbie. Not the time or place." She told him fiercely. "Anyway, this place is messier than I remember…"

"I know, right? I was thinking the same thing. Then I had an idea. Since we're in charge of the shop… We should do a STORE MAKEOVER!" Mabel finished raising her voice and hands in the air, extremely excited.

"What? No way, It will ruin my plans to sit on that chair and do nothing all day!"

"And where's the fun in 'do nothing all day', Robbie? Live a little. We're gonna have some fun!"

He was about to complain again, but was cut off by his girlfriend. "Yeah, Rob. Don't be a spoilsport." And then he sighed, defeated.

"Alright… I'll do it… Geez…"

He unwillingly complied. And so they started taking everything out from its place and putting things on the counter and on the floor in a corner t o make enough spaces to clean all the shelves and stands before putting the merchandise back in the correct place in a more organized way.

They cleaned the entire store, all the shelves, all the stands, the counter and behind it, the floor and then they started cleaning up the dusty merchandise. Once they were spotless, Mabel started sorting them in place to position them, in order, gathering everything that was the same together.

No more thick candles in one place and the thin ones on the other side of the store. Now they were all arranged in the same stand, but on a different shelf. The thin ones were right below the shelf that contained the thick ones. The lamps would stay on the upper one, so Mabel got Grunkle Stan's old chair, the only one at the shop. The one with a leg smaller than the rest, leaving it floppy and unstable. And of course she stepped on it to reach the top shelf.

"Robbie, since you're the tallest one, could you please pass me those lamps over there?" Her voice was so soft and gentle that he couldn't say no in front of his girlfriend, even though he just wanted to slap her for having this stupid makeover idea. He wouldn't do that, though, he knew his captain commanded him not to hurt her and so he would heed that. He respected Roderick too much to consciously disobey him.

Groaning, Robbie reached two lamps, one in each hand while Wendy and Dipper were cleaning the others. Robbie mindlessly gave one to her and she started putting it on the top shelf, trying to place it right at the far back of it.

Mabel started pulling further; noticing she had to get even closer, so she took a few steps nearer the edge of the chair, feeling it shaking underneath her. She ignored it though and kept moving, getting on her tiptoes, she was almost there. And then the chair became even more unsteady and Mabel was just too close to the edge, she lost her balance and fell right onto Robbie with a big thud, sending herself, the poor young man, and the lamp in his hand to the floor.

"Mabel!" Dipper and Wendy shouted in unison, leaving what they were doing on the counter and running to her aid.

"Mabel?!" Robbie exclaimed in exasperated disbelief. "She fell on me! For crying out loud!"

"Oh, Rob, stop whining. You're a pirate, you should be used to worse stuff than that. And she fell from the chair, it's pretty high!" Wendy told him furrowing her red eyebrows while crossing her arms in anger. Near her, Dipper was helping Mabel stand up, noticing her hand had a small cut from the broken glass of the lamp.

"Hey, Mabel, you okay?" Dipper asked her.

"I'm fine."

"Of course she is! She fell on me!" Robbie yelled jumping up; his face red from rage. "Geez you stupid careless girl! I should just-" In his rampage, he raised a hand to her and he only stopped because he felt something sharp against his neck. It was Dipper's dagger cutting slightly into his flesh.

"You heard the captain. You're not hurting her!" The younger pirate ordered in a very authoritative tone. Robbie jumped backwards, grunting, irritated and just walked away, saying he already worked enough for the day.

"Don't mind him, Mabel. He's just…"

"A jerk. A total complete jerk." Dipper finished Wendy's phrase putting his dagger back in its hidden place in his pants, behind his back.

He wasn't wearing his usual pirate-attire, since he wanted to look a little less threatening to sell his Grunkle's merchandise, so he was sporting a light blue shirt, black pants and a dark brown peasant-looking vest. His sword was hidden behind the counter, always within reach, but out of sight. However, he was still a good pirate and they never stayed without a blade or a gun at all the times. So he hid one on his back. It turned out to be very useful.

"Come, Mabs. Let's wash that hand before it get infected or something."

"But I'm fine."

"I'm not asking." Dipper told her, already pushing her gently to the door connecting the house and then he said over his shoulder. "Wendy, take care of the shop for a minute, please."


She answered but he was already on the other side of the wall with Mabel. Wendy sighed and cleaned up the broken lamp before going back to clean the rest of the merchandise. It didn't take long for Mabel and Dipper to come back, her with a small bandage wrapped around her hand. Her face was sad and with a crushing guilt.

"I'm sorry I messed up again and made you argue with your boyfriend…"

"It's okay, Gal. He loses his nerves for nothing, really."

Mabel still felt horrible. However she let go of it eventually as Wendy called her to help clean it all up.

They finished cleaning and organizing everything up at the end of the evening, right before it was time to close the shop. It was a very tiring and busy day. Wendy volunteered to wash some of the clothes before Melody's dinner was ready. Mabel washed her hands and took of the bandage Dipper made, the cut was already better; it only kept stinging a little so she left it like that.

Meanwhile, Dipper also went to wash his hands and then help Melody set the table. He looked at his pocket watch, it was already almost 7 p.m. and he imagined Roderick and Stan should be back by now. Dipper imagined Roderick wouldn't be back for the night after all that and he actually really didn't care. He was so hungry he probably would just eat without waiting for them. When the smell testified that it was almost done, he started searching for Mabel.

And then he found her. Mabel was sitting on his Grunkle's favorite armchair, leaned on what seemed to be an uncomfortable position. She probably just sat to rest for a moment and fell asleep. He knew she had woken up very early and that she had worked a lot in the shop, helping and doing whatever she could.

Mabel probably wasn't used to doing so much stuff in one day, being a princess, she was supposed to be pampered and wait for people to do stuff for her, and so it was obvious that she'd be tired. He bet she only sat for a moment to rest and didn't expect to fall asleep like that. The young pirate kneeled to watch her closely.

Dipper couldn't help but to brush some strands of wavy chestnut hair out of her face as gently as he could so he wouldn't wake her. As he kept contemplating her, he wondered why on earth she had to be so beautiful, it was almost like something about her drew him in and he just couldn't resist. Sometimes he also wondered if she was so beautiful only in his eyes, if anyone saw her as beautiful as he did.

He gulped when he noticed he was staring at her half opened lips, and he blushed as he realized he wanted to lean in and touch them with his own. Dipper cursed himself for kissing her the previous night, he shouldn't have. Now all he could think about was how much he wanted to taste her sweet lips again. She had something addicting on them.

Dipper didn't notice he was so close to her face until he heard a coughing noise, the kind of sound that is meant to call attention. He backed away as if he had just been shocked and almost fell backwards. His brown eyes immediately searched for the source of the noise and he found Wendy laughing at the entrance of the living room.

"Wendy!" He scolded, standing on his feet; his voice was harsh, but low at the same time so he wouldn't wake Mabel up. His face was redder than it had ever been before.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist!" She said containing her laughs by covering her mouth.

"Shut up…"

"It's just that you're so cute. I guess you really love her."

"Love her? I barely know her, Wendy…"

"That's not true. Besides, that doesn't stop someone from loving, you know? Have you ever heard of love at first sight?"

"Those are just stories for children and delusional girls…"

"Well, it doesn't matter. The truth is the truth. And the fact is that I know you and I've never seen you like this. Not even when you had that crush on me when you were 12…" she said in a mocking teasing tone that only made him get even redder, if it was possible.

"But you're wrong. I don't love her. I can't love her; she's a princess, for crying out loud. And I'm a pirate. She deserves better than that…"

Wendy suddenly stopped laughing as she frowned angrily at him. She kept her voice low, but it came raspy and deadly serious.

"Now you hear me, young boy, I will not tolerate you speaking like that again, okay? Just because you're a pirate doesn't mean you're not worthy of someone's heart, even if that person's heart belongs to a princess. And if she doesn't like you back then I'm sorry for her, she's the one who's missing. You're a good boy and any girl that doesn't see it is a fool. I told you when you were 12 that any girl you'll want to give your heart to will be lucky and it's still true."

"Thanks, I guess…" He was a little taken aback by her sudden roughness.

"Just don't do this to yourself, okay? Don't deny your feelings, it's not healthy. People only realize the treasures they have when they lose them. Don't be like one of them, you're smarter than that."

Dipper looked back at Mabel with a very conflicted heart, he didn't know what to think or what he was feeling, but he knew that Wendy's words had some impact on him.

"Just go open the door to her room, I'll take her to her bed."

"Already?" She mumbled ironically, her voice full of second intentions. Once again Dipper felt his cheeks warm up.

"You know what I mean! Just shut up and do this. You might need to help her change there."

"Okay, but are you sure you can do this? No offense, but you're not exactly… strong…"

"I can do at least that, don't worry, I guarantee you that my noodle arms will not crumble." He mumbled annoyed as she went to open the door and he leaned to grab the sleeping form of the princess in his arms. And then he took her to her room. Wendy contained her laugh, remembering their childhood comparison to his once very thin arms to noodles.

Mabel felt herself waking from her slumber when she heard the creak of the door opening; she was still sleepy and not fully conscious as she saw the shape of someone entering her room. She rubbed her eyes to try to see better, but it was so dark and the only source of light was dim and came behind the intruder, so she couldn't see who it was. She guessed maybe it was someone checking that she was still there and hadn't tried to run away again.

First she thought it was Dipper, he was always caring for her and always wanted her to be fine. So she was surprised when she saw the man holding a sharp object that looked like a knife or a dagger. The man got closer before she was conscious enough to ask anything and then she saw the man was Robbie.

He tottered until he was by the bed's side. Surprised and scared, Mabel felt herself backing away a little suspicious, yet still sleepy.

"Robbie, what's wrong? What are you doing here?"

Adrenaline from fear made her very awake and aware the moment he crumpled to the bed next her and felt her neck being held in his left hand, he wasn't applying too much pressure, in fact, she realized he probably didn't have much strength anyway.

"Tha crown took everything fromme… Now I'll take ya from it…" His voice was slurred and he was hiccupping between words, she knew he was more than absolutely drunk. Maybe he didn't even really know what he was doing.

"Robbie, stop it, you're scaring me."

"I'll gonna kill ya…" He mumbled shaking his right hand, the one that was holding the blade.

Mabel was frightened and from the first time she saw him, she decided he was nothing but a big jerk. She never understood why Wendy liked him or why she'd put herself in their unstable relationship. But the moment she looked up to see him, she began to understand.

He was suffering; his eyes were angry but there was hurt in them as well. And maybe, just maybe, his relationship with Wendy was unstable because he didn't really know how to show his love, because he was still very hurt from something that happened in his past. And then she felt pity for him.

"Robbie, stop, you're not yourself right now." She said, raising her hand to touch his face in an attempt to calm him down, though she failed miserably.

"Dontpityme!" He yelled angrily all at once and she had to think about the words for a moment to comprehend the meaning of his phrase.

And then his hands squeezed her neck tightly. She choked beneath the grasp and she knew he was too drunk to stop by himself, that's when she kicked him out of the bed with all she had. He was pushed right to the ground with a loud thud.

Mabel quickly stood up and saw Robbie, slowly staggering, rising again from the other side of the bed and she moved away until her back touched a shelf filled with books Dipper read in his childhood. He once told her that every time his father came to visit he'd bring one to him since the young boy liked them so much.

So when she saw herself trapped and cornered between the books and a very drunk and mad Robbie, she had no choice but to get the books and throw them at him until she could find a gap to run out of the room.

The captain winced and stirred in his bed, waking from his slumber as a noise reached his ears. He chose to ignore it until he heard more noises. He sat on his bed, rubbing his tired eyes while trying to guess the source of the fuss.

"Son, wake up. Do you hear that?"

"Hm… Letmesleep…" Dipper mumbled with a very slurred voice, turning to the other side to drift off to sleep.

"I'm serious!" Roderick insisted, throwing a pillow over his son's sleeping form.

"Bloody hell!" Dipper yelped in surprise from the sudden soft attack and then he was fully awake, throwing the pillow back to his father. "What was that for?"

"Do you hear it?"

Dipper stopped and listened. For a moment, there was nothing, and then, a thud. It sounded like it was something falling to the ground. But there was something else, something that almost sounded like a cry or yelp.

"I guess it sounds like…" Dipper wondered, but his father was ahead of him, already grabbing his sword and jumping out of the bed.

"Muffled screams." The Captain completed his son's phrase. Dipper doubted it was something like that, but seeing the hurry of his father his doubts vanished completely as he ran after him, holding his own sword.

Dipper's heart sank when he saw his father by the door of his old room, where Mabel was. He wanted to run and see what was happening, but his body refused to move any faster, everything seemed to be in slow motion. When he finally reached the door of the room, he was already bracing himself for something horrible, yet he was still shocked by what he saw.

Mabel was being pressed against the bookshelf by Robbie, there were a lot of books all over the floor and even the bed, as if they were thrown in a moment of desperation. Robbie was covering her mouth with his left hand and to Dipper's despair, he could see his right hand holding a dagger or a knife stuck in what seemed to be her belly. He could also see her trying to push him away holding his right arm with her left hand.

The world stopped spinning for a second and Dipper lost his ground as a gasp left his mouth without hi even noticing. He wanted to react, he wanted to do something, anything, but his body just wouldn't respond. He saw his father moving closer, rounding the bed mid way; he grabbed Robbie by the collar and threw the young man to the ground with all his strength. He had never seen his father so angry. Robbie had crossed a very dangerous line.

Dipper couldn't stop looking at Mabel, her left hand reached the handle of the blade and his father approached her as if he was ready to hold her before she collapsed. But she never crumpled. Instead, she started to pull the blade out. He could hear his father telling her to wait so he could get a doctor or a healer to get it out for her, but by the time he finished his sentence, she had already removed the blade, and to everyone's surprise, it wasn't stained with blood, it was clean and shine.

"I guess I deceived him…" She said smiling like nothing happened and Dipper couldn't take his eyes off the blade, trying to understand what and how it happened and then, she took something out from beneath the white pajama shirt. It was a hard cover book with a hole in it. "I'm not hurt."

The Captain breathed, heavily relieved, he turned to Robbie who was standing up again, he was furious with the drunken young man. He grabbed him again by the collar and shoved him out the room, asking for Mabel's forgiveness and telling her it would never happen again. On the way out he also ordered his son to clean up the mess while he punished Robbie.

But Dipper was still so shocked he couldn't even nod, in fact, he barely recognized what his father told him. Dipper was so relieved he felt like his legs lost their balance for a moment or two. He had never been so glad of being a huge bookworm than at that moment. He gathered up enough strength to walk around the bed to stop right in front of her, his footsteps were slow and stiff, but he managed to walk the small distance without calling so much attention.

"See? I guess I'm not so helpless and defenseless as you thought I was, right? Sorry, I kinda ruined your book, though…" She said jokingly, but with some concern in her eyes. "I know how much you liked them, but I can get you new ones, I hope… I'm so sorry for ruining it even though you asked me not to do just that…" She stopped talking to jump, startled when he left his sword fall with a very loud thud. She looked down at the sword and then up, she was about to apologize again when he touched her cheeks, gazing at her intensely.

She was taken aback by the deep feelings she saw in his eyes, not expecting him to suddenly hug her tightly, with one hand around her waist and the other one on the back of her head, caressing her hair. Slowly, she embraced him as well. He wasn't much taller than her, but since she was a bit arched down with the embrace, her ear was pressed against his chest, and his heart was beating fast.

"I thought I lost you." He mumbled against her hair, holding her as if he never wanted to let go again. He couldn't help but notice that Wendy was damn right. You never realize the treasures that you have until you lose them. And losing her was a thought he could not bear.

And that was the moment he realized, or better, accepted his feelings for her. Dipper was completely, hopelessly and madly in love with Mabel.

He had to convince his father to let her stay. He had to convince the crew it was better this way. He had to find another way to get a lot of money and fast so the crew would be satisfied. And he had to find enough strength in him not to kill Robbie for scaring him that much.

Then he realized why his father told him not to fall for her. If she one day decided to go back to the palace, he wouldn't be able to stop her. And then it'd hurt him; it would kill him to let her go, to be away from her. He didn't want to be apart from Mabel anymore. Not now, not ever. That was the pain of being in love. For the first time, he understood a little bit of his father's sorrow for his mother's death.

Am I hugging her for too long? He asked himself, gulping before he decided to let go, feeling lucky it was too dark to notice his red cheeks. Yeah, I definitely am, if I wasn't, I wouldn't be asking myself that stupid question…

Dipper sighed and pulled himself together before he separated from their way-too-long embrace to look at her again, this time, without showing all the intensity of his love. He didn't want her to know about his feelings, not only because he was afraid of her wanting to leave, but also because he feared she would not reciprocate his feelings. He couldn't bear that. So it was better to keep it a secret, so he could be spared of the pain and suffering. He couldn't risk it.

"I'm sorry I wasn't here to protect you. I promised, you'd be safe, yet I failed."

She laughed and poked his nose with the tip of the index finger, making fart-like noises with her tongue sticking out of her mouth. Her weirdness was something he also loved about her. It was her way to express herself and to lighten the mood in any situation; she was always trying to cheer people up. Even though he found it a bit too crazy sometimes.

"Didn't you see? I can take care of myself, oh gullible one. You've been keeping your promise to what I need. Don't blame yourself. How could you know Robbie would do that, right?"

"You were lucky. He could have killed you."

"I don't really think so, he was too drunk to aim properly. Yet if you're so worried, perhaps you should teach me, then."

"Maybe I will."

"Great. That's exactly what I want. I've always wanted to swordfight."

He laughed brushing her messy hair away from her face. "You're no ordinary girl."

"Duh, of course not. I'm Mabel, remember?"

"It's not like I could forget… Now let me help you tidy the room so you can go back to sleep. Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day."


"And he really didn't hurt you, right? Not one bit?"

"I'm fine, it didn't cut my flesh, do you want to take a look at it? Don't you trust me?" She asked teasingly.

"I was just making sure…" He said, blushing as he collected the books from the floor and put them back on the shelf. Then something occurred to him. "Wait, why are you using my old pajama? Dad left you a nightgown for you."

"Oh, right. That…" She laughed embarrassed rubbing the back of her neck. "You know, I woke up hungry a bit earlier and went down to get something to eat… But I spilled it on me… I didn't want to wake anyone up so I just grabbed something in the other drawers… I know you asked me not to peek, but I swear I just looked for what I needed and nothing else. I just thought it was better to use this one instead of not using anything… And at least it was a good thing that I could hide the book under the shirt, I couldn't have done it using a nightgown."

"Yeah, I guess you're right about that… Especially considering what happened here…"

"You're not angry at me, are you? I can make you a new pajama since this one is ruined now…"

"It's okay. I didn't even use it anymore, you can take it."

"Thank you. You're so kind to me. And I'm definitely making up for ruining your pajama. I'll make you a very cute, comfy and cozy one! Starting tomorrow!" Her smile was so bright it was like it could light up the room, her happiness and positivity were something he just couldn't understand.

"As you wish." He said with a beautiful heart breaking half smile, but what he actually meant was 'I love you'.

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