An Unexpected Switch

Quidditch Tryouts

Fuu and Jin walk up slowly to Professor Hagrid's cabin. Yesterday, Dumbledore stated that Mugen had to live with Professor Hagrid because he was a threat to the student body. When they knock on the door, the half-giant looks more haggard now than he usually does. He has a blackened right eye, a broken nose, and bruised lips. There are many scratches on his humongous hands.

"Are you are right, Professor Hagrid?" exclaims Fuu.

"You don't have to call me professor" says Hagrid, then, angrily, "Especially since neither of you took my class this year!"

It takes Fuu a few seconds to realize what Hagrid was talking about. "Oh my God!" she shouts, "I don't have the Care of Magical Creatures class! This is terrible! I'm so sorry, Professor Hagrid! I can't believe that I don't have your class when I love animals so much!"

"Harry" says Jin quietly, "Aren't you forgetting why we came here in the first place?"

"You're right" huffs Fuu, "Are you all right, Prof…Hagrid?"

"Well," starts Hagrid, "No, 'Arry. I'm really worried about Hermione; she is acting really strange. First of all, they had to carry her here with a binding and a floating spell. As soon as the binding was released, Hermione went ballistic. She did this to me when I tried to restrain her, and she scared Fang into the Forbidden Forest! I had to save her from being killed by Witherwings- that's Buckbeak's new name, but I'll tell you about that later."

"Well is she now?" asks Jin nonchalantly, not really caring about Witherwings/Buckbeak, Fang, or even Hagrid for that matter.

Hagrid looks down at his feet. "I'm sorry guys. Last night I had to build a shed and tie Hermione in it."

Fuu and Jin look at each other. "Can we go see her now?"

After Fuu played with Witherwings for a few minutes, both she and Jin enter the shed. The walls are buckled in with hours of abuse. Mugen sits in the middle of the shed with thick ropes tied around his torso and his legs. He is sitting on top of his, or rather, Hermione's robes. "So you two finally show up!" growls Mugen, "Took ya long enough!"

"Mugen, what the hell are you doing?" asks Jin.

"I don't know, Jin" sneers Mugen, "It looks like I'm just sitting here."

"Serves you right" shouts Fuu, "Why did you have to beat up Professor Hagrid?"

"That motherfucker stopped me from kicking those stuffy teachers' asses! I was like, 'What the fuck!', and I gave him a foot right in the face. The stupid dog ran out when I slammed the big lug into the side of the house. Then, I had to fight that damn bird-thing. I hate to admit it, but the thing had a lot of fight in him. What happened after that? The damn giant built this place, tied me up, and threw me in here!"

"Mugen" says Jin seriously, "We are trying to figure out how to get home. The best way to do that without interference is to be as inconspicuous as possible."

"This Harry Potter is already famous" continues Fuu, "We can't help that. Also, Ron and Hermione are both prefects, so they organize the students when the professors can't. Hermione is also the smartest girl is class, though I doubt that is true now. That is also something that can't be helped."

"We have to stay in the shadows as much as possible" states Jin, "Beating up the students and their teachers is not going to help that."

"Can you please act a little unlike yourself?" pleads Fuu.

"No" answers Mugen, "Whenever these assholes get on my nerves, I kick their asses!"

Jin looks at him darkly. "I learned this…little trick while I was here. I learned about a spell that makes its victim do whatever the user wants it to do. After a couple of attempts, I finally perfected it."

"What are you doing?" yells Mugen as Jin pulls out his wand.

Jin said something that Fuu could not understand, and a bright light came from his wand and went into Mugen's chest.

Fuu has to stop herself from laughing at the spectacle before her. Mugen, with his hands folded behind his back, begs a confounded Professor Hagrid for forgiveness. "Oh Professor Hagrid, please forgive me for my impudence. I promise never to do it again."

"Oh…Okay" stutters Hagrid.

Then, Mugen starts rocking back and forth. "You know…I was just wondering…if I could go out with my friends today. I promise I'll come back" he says with sugary sweetness.

"Of course you can, Hermione!" shouts Hagrid warily. Now, Hermione is acting more merrily than usual.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Hagrid!" exclaims Mugen, which makes Fuu collapse in laughter, "I'll see you later!" With that, Mugen waves quickly and runs out of the cabin.

"Thanks Professor Hagrid" stutters Fuu between breaths, "We'll see you later." Then, Fuu leaves, laughing like a hyena.

Hagrid, perplexed, looks at Ron. "What's wrong with them, Ron?" he asks.

Jin shrugs. "No clue" he states. Then, he walks out.

"So what are we going to do now, Jin?" asks Mugen as he pivots on his left foot.

Fuu falls and starts rolling on the ground. "Jin," she cackles, "Jin, stop it. I can't take it anymore."

Jin takes out his wand- he couldn't take much more either. After a yellow glow shines from the wand, Mugen's chipper eyes fill with pure rage. He quickly lunges at Jin, knocking the latter's wand out of his hand. "Motherfucker!" he shouts, "Prepare to die!"

"Get off of me" hisses Jin.

"I'm gonna break your neck, you asshole! What the fuck did you do to me?"

Fuu stops laughing and grabs Jin's wand. "Stop it you two!" she screams.

Mugen had gotten a hold of Jin's neck, and Jin's face was turning blue.

"Stop it or I'll stop you" yells Fuu, holding out Jin's wand. She panics; what can she do to stop them?"

"Harry, there you are!"

The trio looks up at a girl wearing robes similar to Hermione's. "Congratulations, Harry. You're the new Quidditch captain! I knew that they were going to choose you. Now, Quidditch tryouts are coming up. Don't just put me on the team because I've been on it for six years."

With that she walks off. The group she was talking to just stared at the spot where she was. Jin uses this opportunity to kick Mugen off of him. He then gasps when Mugen's grappler hold is released from his neck.

Fuu, Mugen, and Jin are standing outside on the Quidditch field a couple of hours later. "So" states Jin, "Quidditch is a game involving flying broomsticks and balls."

"This is ridiculous!" shouts Fuu as he holds Harry's Firebolt in front of her, "You don't fly on brooms, you sweep with them!"

"Ah, don't get your panties in a bunch" says Mugen, which is kind of ironic, "Flying a broomstick can't be that hard." With that, he snatches the Firebolt away from Fuu, and mounts it. Suddenly, Mugen zooms away from Fuu and Jin. He flies around the castle, and his cackling laughter echoes off the castle's walls.

"Well, come on" says Jin as he grabs one of the training brooms and mounts it, "If you're the Quidditch captain, you have to at least know how to fly." With that, Jin hovers five feet above the ground. Fuu stamps her feet.

"How the heck do you two know how to fly?" demands Fuu, "Are you two practicing without me?"

"No" answers Jin plainly, "All you need is concentration, which is what I use to fly. I don't know how Mugen knows how to fly. Maybe it's a latent ability that even Mugen didn't know about."

Fuu shrugs off this comment and tries to mount the broom. For the first three hours Fuu couldn't even do that. While Jin was trying patiently to teach her to concentrate, Mugen undermined him by laughing as Fuu slid off her broom over and over again. Fuu finally is able to fly the broom, but it is not a smooth ride after that.

"Enough!" screams Fuu, after five hours of falling out the sky, crashing into the ground, crashing into the trees, crashing into the castle, and enduring both Mugen's caustic remarks and Jin's edgy teaching, "I can't take this anymore!"

"Damn" says Mugen as he floats down, "You look tore up from the floor up!"

He has a point. Fuu is bruised all over, and her glasses are broken all over the place. Jin goes over and helps her up. "We better get you to the infirmary" he says.

"But the fly…"

"We're worry about that later. Let's take you to Madam Pomfrey right now."

Fuu comes from throwing up in the boys' bathroom. Today was Quidditch tryouts, and she is nervous as hell. How can she choose who is the best in a game that she just learned five days ago? Luckily, Jin will be there to help. As she walks down the corridor, she sees Draco coming the opposite direction. "Hi Draco "says Fuu sweetly.

Draco continues walking. "I'm glad to see you out of the infirmary!" shouts Fuu down the hall.

Draco stops walking. Fuu runs to him. "You shouldn't hold in your feelings" she whispers, "If you are going through some deep, internal pain, the best thing you can do is share them with someone."

Fuu rests her hand on Draco's shoulder, which makes Draco look down. Suddenly, Draco pushes Fuu to the ground. "Stay out of my way, Potter!" he sneers. Then, he walks away.

Fuu looks at all of the people who came to try out for the team. Next to her, Jin stood silently and measured up all of the participants. Mugen is somewhere flying around the castle. Fuu sighs; she is glad that Mugen is not here to screw things up.

Fuu and Jin have decided the order of the training: Chasers first, then beaters, and finally, keepers. A couple of girls come up to her. "All right" she starts, "Girls, mount your brooms."

"I think we have some impostors, Harry" says Jin, bringing Fuu's attention to the blue badge with the bronze eagle in the middle of it. Before Fuu could blow up at them, Jin sighs. "Please leave the tryouts. Anyone other than Gryffindor members must also leave."

A bunch of people left after that. Now, the Chaser tryouts began. Fuu thought it went very well. The best thing about these tryout was the fact that Fuu didn't have to fly that much. All of the chasers worked together well. Then, Fuu released the bludgers. Some of the chasers dodged them well. Fuu forget, however, that the bludgers automatically seek out the seeker. Fuu is suddenly knocked out by a bludger.

After Fuu comes to, Jin gently lifts her off of the ground. "Are you all right?" he asks.

"A little dizzy, but I'm okay" Fuu answers.

"Well" starts Jin, "the Beater tryouts begin."

Fuu gasps in horror. She wanted to a least prepare herself mentally for this. Well, there's nothing she can do now. Fuu trudges slowly to the Quidditch field. As she mounts her broom, all of her fears get the best of her, and she flies into a goal post. Some of the Quidditch hopefuls laugh nervously.

The tryouts began when Fuu righted her broom. The beaters protected her well, except on two occasions. One bludger smashed into her right arm, and another one into her left leg, making Fuu careen left and right, respectively.

Once Fuu steadied the broom, a bludger was coming straight towards her. Out of nowhere, Mugen comes in on one of the training brooms and bashes the bludger over the tallest goal post. "Wow" says Katie as she and Jin fly towards Fuu, "I would have never guessed that Hermione was interested in Quidditch, let along possibly well at it."

"Yeah" says Jin with distaste as Mugen flies around and cusses out the bludger.

As they were watching Mugen, the other bludger hits the bottom of Fuu's broom. Fuu cartwheels in an arch and slams headfirst into the tallest goal. Before she blacks out, she hears Mugen cackling.

Fuu wakes up in the infirmary. "Thank God you're all right!" exclaims Katie, "We ended Quidditch tryouts for today. It's lucky that Madam Pomfrey was able to heal your bones."

Fuu leans up on one elbow. She sees that Jin is sitting in one of the chairs by the bed. Fuu sighs. "Katie, I'm stepping down as captain."

Katie gasps. "But you are the best Quidditch player we have, Harry!"

"Yeah, but you have better leadership skills than I do, Katie" explains Fuu, "and I have too much on my plate as it is. You will be the best leader for the Quidditch team."

"Well" says Katie slowly, "All right."

"One more thing" says Fuu, "I resign as Seeker."

"Why?" shouts Katie.

"Like I said before, I have too much on my plate as it is. I don't have the time or stamina to be the best Quidditch player I can be."

"I have to admit that's honest" says Katie sadly, "but it's a shame that we have to lose you. I hope you feel better."

Katie then leaves the infirmary. Jin looks over to Fuu. "You made the right the decision" he states.

"I know" says Fuu, "By the way, where's Mugen?"

"Flying somewhere" answers Jin.

"Okay" sighs Fuu as she lies back down. Suddenly, she notices several packs of chocolate frogs on the night stand.

"Oh yeah" says Jin as an after thought, "That blond hair kid with the green and silver crest came and brought those for you."

Fuu smiles to herself.

Fuu and Jin come down to the Quidditch field the next afternoon. Katie is putting the balls back into the crest. "How did the tryouts go?" asks Fuu.

"They went well!" exclaims Katie.

"Who did you pick?" asks Jin.

"Well," starts Katie, "Ginny Weasley is the new seeker. Dean Thomas, Demelza Robins, and I are chasers. Even though Ritchie Coote practiced as a beater, I think he will make a fine keeper. The new are Jimmy Peakes and…Hermione Granger."

"What?" exclaims Fuu in horror, "Why did you put Hermione on the team?"

"Don't be mad Harry! While you were in the infirmary, Hermione took the beater bat, and hit a bludger all the way to the Shrieking Shack! She is the best beater I've ever seen! I never knew Hermione had so much natural talent!" Katie uses a floating spell to lift the chest up. "See you guys later" she says. Then, she leaves.

"Don't worry about it" says Jin as Fuu opens her mouth to protest, "At least now he's busy. He won't bring unnecessary attention to us."

"Yeah, you're right" sighs Fuu as they both walk back to the castle.

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