An Unexpected Switch

Christmas Break

Fuu and Jin sigh as they sit down at the Gryffindor table for breakfast. For a month, both of them have been looking for a way back home, but have come up empty-handed. No matter who they asked or where they looked, neither of them could find anything. The notion of getting home seems to be getter slimmer and slimmer. At this rate, the trio will have to stay in these foreign bodies forever.

The upside was that Mugen wasn't usually around to foil their searches. Ever since he was recruited on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, he has been practicing three days a week. Also, he has been entertaining himself by having dueling matches with Jin, and sparring with Witherwings and Hedwig.

Mugen suddenly comes downstairs and sits next to Jin at the table. He has a long claw mark on his right cheek. "What happened to you?" asks Jin nonchalantly.

"The damn owl, that's what!" growls Mugen.

"Serves you right" huffs Fuu for the umpteenth time. Mugen tries to kick her under the table, but ends up stubbing his toe on the bench instead. Fuu looks around the Great Hall as he gives out a yelp of pain.

"There's a festive atmosphere around here" she says in wonder, "What's going on?"

"A celebration of Christmas, a Christian holiday" says Jin, "Most of the students are going home on break."

"Drat!" groans Fuu, "That means that we're going to be apart from each other for a while!"

"Maybe it's for the best" says Jin, "If we give our minds a little break, we probably can restart our search with new vigor."

Suddenly, the owls come with the usually morning mail. A letter falls dead on Mugen's plate. Ignoring the name on the letter, he opens and reads it. "Aw hell no!" he shouts, completely audible to the entire hall. Most people just continue to eat their breakfast; they have gotten use to Hermione's complete 180.

Fuu grabs the letter before Mugen rips it to shreds. "That's so sweet" says Fuu after reading the letter, "You have to go, Mugen!"

"Fuck you!" shouts Mugen, "I ain't going anywhere near that place!"

"He probably shouldn't" says Jin quietly, "He would definitely blow our cover if he goes to there."

"But it would look weird if we go, but he doesn't" hisses Fuu, then to Mugen, "You better go, or I swear I'll kill you. You know I can; my body is stronger than yours."

"Then you can carry my dead body there" growls Mugen.

Jin quickly gets between them. "Fuu, killing Mugen would make things harder for us as oppose to easier" he says, "however, he does have to go there to quiet suspicion. I'll make sure he goes."

Fuu sighs and mouths "Thank you".

Knowing that it was futile to argue with Jin, Mugen plops down and throws one the golden platters at a random Slytherin. Before it collides with his head, Professor Snape stops it in midair. Fuu and Jin sigh as Mugen dashes out of the Great Hall, with Snape on his tail.

"Tonight, we can plan for our break" says Jin to Fuu.

Fuu, Mugen, and Jin sit alone in the Gryffindor common room at midnight. Mugen lounges on a couch, worn out from having to record and re-record records in the disciplinary office. Fuu sits in one of the chairs, silently dozing off. Jin stands up, starting the conversation before his comrades go to sleep.

"Ok," he begins, "for two weeks, we are going to be split up. In this world, it is illegal for wizards under the age of seventeen to use magic outside of school. One of us should hold all of the wands to make sure that the other two aren't tempted."

"No way!" shouts Mugen, "How are we going to protect ourselves?"

"First of all" sighs Jin, "We're visiting family are friends; I don't think that they will attack us or put us in harm's way. Second of all, if any of us get caught using magic outside of school, we could get arrested, further inhibiting our chances of getting home."

"Well, we already know who will keep the wands" yawns Fuu, "You will Jin."

"How do we know that he won't use magic himself?" sneers Mugen.

"I have more self-control than either of you, especially you Mugen" whispers Jin, "and I really want to go home. Do you Mugen, or would you rather spend the rest of your days combing naps out of your hair?"

Too tired to do anything else, Mugen huffs and gives Fuu and Jin his back. "Anyway," continues Jin, "I'm going to Ronald's house, Fuu's going to Harry's aunt and uncle's house, and Mugen is going to…that place."

Fuu laughs as Mugen huffs again. "All right" concludes Fuu, "I think that we're ready to go now."

Fuu walks down a corridor with her chest behind her. Walking towards her is Draco. "Happy Christmas, Draco!" shouts Fuu. Draco continues walking.

"Are you going home for Christmas?" she asks quickly.

"None of your business, Potter" hisses Draco.

Fuu looks down, depressed. After a long pause, Fuu turns around and looks at Draco's back. "I know this is out of line" says Fuu slowly, "but tell your family that I said Happy Christmas too."

Draco gives Fuu a half-hearted sneer, and walks out. Fuu smiles and walks down to the Great Hall.

Jin leans against one of the solid pillars at King's Cross. It had taken him forever to push Mugen through one of the pillars to his destination. A couple of minutes have tired him out for the entire day. Suddenly, Ginny runs towards him. "Hey Ron" she starts, "Where's Harry? I haven't seen him anywhere."

"Harry went home" answers Jin.

"He went where?" gasps Ginny.

Before he could answer, a short, stout woman with red hair comes and wraps her arms around them. "Ron! Ginny!" she shouts, "I've miss you both so much!"

"Hello, Mum" says Jin, guessing correctly that this woman is Ron's mother.

"Mum, stop!" says Ginny as she pries herself away from Mrs. Weasley's embrace, "you're embarrassing me."

"Well I'm sorry" says Mrs. Weasley indignantly, then to Ron, "Where's Harry and Hermione?"

Before Jin could answer, Ginny pipes "He went home!"

"What home?" exclaims Mrs. Weasley.

"The Dursleys!"

"Why on Earth would he go there?"

Jin finally gets a word into the heated conversation. "Because they are his family" he says.

"The Dursleys hate him!" shouts Ginny.

"They hate anything to do with magic!" exclaims Mrs. Weasley.

Jin's eyes widen. Neither he nor the other two knew that Harry's family hated him. Fuu was going into enemy territory ignorant of that fact. Ginny catches the look.

"You mean after six years you didn't know that?" Ginny screams.

Jin couldn't respond. "Never mind that" says Mrs. Weasley, "Come along now. We'll ask your father to go and get him and bring him home."

As they are walking away, Ginny turns towards Jin. "By the way" says Ginny, "Where's Hermione?"

Jin tells her. "That's so sweet!" says Ginny, "and you're not upset about that?"

"No" answers Jin, confused, "Why would I be?"

Ginny's jaw dropped. "Come along Ginny!" says Mrs. Weasley, "Maybe one of your brothers is at home. One of them could pick up Harry."

Fuu sighs as she approaches Number 4 Privet Drive. It had taken her forever to get here. First, she was surprised that no one came to pick her up from the train station. Then, she had to walk around and ask for directions, but everyone sort of scurried away from her. Finally, she realized that she had to change out of her robes and into what people in this world considered "normal". Luckily, Harry had a gray shirt, faded blue jeans, and white gym shoes in his trunk. After changing, she finally was able to get directions to the Dursleys' house. It took her a while to walk to where she was now. The cold didn't help at all; she wished that Harry had a coat or even a cloak at least.

After taking a deep breath, Fuu knocks on the door. A large man with brown hair and a brown moustache opens the door. Fuu suspects that this big man must be her uncle. "Hello, Uncle Vernon" she says sweetly.

Surprisingly, Vernon's face turns paper white as he slowly backs away from the doorway. Suddenly, two people run from another room into the foyer of the house. One was a tall woman with a long neck and nose. The other was a large boy with blond hair. These, Fuu thought, must be Harry's aunt and cousin. Just as Fuu was going to say hello to them, they turn as white as Vernon and huddle with him away from the door. Fuu has never seen anything like this in her entire life.

"What are you doing here?" shrills Petunia in her high-pitched voice.

"I wanted to spend Christmas with my family" says Fuu, still a little confused.

"Why didn't you stay up at that freakish school of yours?" shouts Vernon.

"You mean you didn't want me to come home?" asks Fuu silently.

Fuu walks silently into the house. The Dursleys quickly dash to their kitchen. Not knowing what else to do, Fuu goes into the living room. There was a brightly-decorated Christmas tree with many presents under it. All of the packages say "Dudley Dursley" on it. On the mantelpiece were many pictures of Dudley, but no pictures of Harry. Knowing that the Dursleys probably didn't want to see her, Fuu trudges upstairs with her trunk behind her.

It was easy to see which room was Harry's. Whereas Dudley's room was filled with stuff, Harry's was nearly as bare as an empty room. Fuu silently enters the room and closes the door.

Fuu stays in Harry's room for the entire day. She didn't even go to the door to get the plate that was placed outside of it. So many thoughts were running through her mind as she sat on Harry's bed. Why did Harry's family hate him so much? Well, she hated her father, but she had a good reason why. Did Harry do something so terrible that his own family is afraid of him? No, that can't be it. Harry's been raised by his aunt and uncle since his parents die when he was one. Vernon calling Hogwarts a "freakish school" hit it home for Fuu. The Dursleys feared, and even loathed the fact that Harry was a wizard. Fuu couldn't bear to imagine how life must have been for Harry, having to live in a house with people who hate for something out of his control.

A knock at the front door makes Fuu come out of Harry's room and walk to the landing of the stairs. Vernon opens the door, and two men dressed in wizard robes walk in. One is a tall man with red hair; Fuu suspects this to be Mr. Weasley, Jin's- or rather, Ron's- father. Fuu had no idea who the other wizard was; he was scruffy-looking with brown hair. "Hello, Dursleys" says Mr. Weasley, then as he walks into the living room, "Wow. Muggles celebrate Christmas the same way we do."

Ignoring Mr. Weasley, the other wizard looks straight at Fuu. "Harry, what are you doing here?" he exclaims, then, before Fuu could answer, "Never mind, get your trunk and let's go!"

Fuu quickly dashes to Harry's room and gets her trunk. Even though she didn't know the two wizards, she knew that she could trust Mr. Weasley. Besides, anywhere would be better than here.

Fuu drags her trunk downstairs. The brown-haired wizard had dragged Mr. Weasley away from the presents, and they both were standing in the opened doorway. As Fuu is about to leave, she turns and looks at the Dursleys. All three of them were wearing the same terrified and hateful looks that they were wearing when Fuu came in earlier today. It was not her place to say anything, but she could not hold it back any longer.

"How could you!" she shouts, "How can you treat me like a stranger in my own house? My own family! I have done nothing to deserve the way you've treated me. I haven't even attacked you, though I would have every right to do so. I hope you get what you deserve, and I will never come to visit you ever again!"

Everything was silent as Mr. Weasley and the other wizard led Fuu to a portkey- Fuu finds that out later. Fuu might have gotten Harry in trouble, but if he hasn't told them off himself, then he's crazy.

Fuu had a lot of explaining to do when she gets to the Burrow, Ron's house. Fuu, knowing that visiting Harry's family would not be a good excuse, states that she left something at the Dursleys' house before going to school. She just went back there to get it. Professor Lupin- Jin told her his name when she came- told her that that was very irresponsible, and that she should have told someone about the situation first. Mrs. Weasley was just happy that Fuu- or rather, Harry- was found safe. Bill, Fred, and George, Ron's brother, tell her that they could have told her better ways of getting the item back than strolling up to the Dursleys' doorstep. Ginny was the only one not buying the story of the "forgotten item".

Later that night, a knock comes on Ron's door. Fuu and Jin stop talking immediately. They were discussing how much of a close call this was, and were hoping that Mugen was not in similar trouble. "Come in" says Jin, and Ginny enters the room with her hands on her hips.

"All right," says Ginny, "What's going on? Both of you and Hermione have been acting weird ever since the beginning of this school year. Ron, you're acting mellow, and you've never been mellow your entire life! Harry, your compassion towards Malfoy and you disinterest in Quidditch is scary. I'm not even going to start on Hermione. Visiting the Dursleys for some imaginary item just tops the cake. What's going on? You're not acting like yourself, and with the return of You-Know-Who, that's very dangerous."

Fuu and Jin look at each other. Finally, Fuu sighs. "Ginny" she starts, "We're not who you think we are." Then, she tells Ginny all that has happened. Ginny gasps in shock. Fuu takes Ginny by the hand.

"Ginny" she says suddenly, "You mustn't tell anybody. We don't work for You-Know-Who and would never hurt your family or friends. We're just three people who want to go home and get to our own bodies. If other people found out, we would never get to go home, and neither would you brother or your friends."

Ginny looks down and bites her lips. "Okay. I won't tell, but I will help you. If I help you three go back home, then I can help Ron, Harry, and Hermione get back here!"

Ginny tells them good night, and leaves the room. Jin turns to Fuu. "I don't understand" he says, "Why did you tell her?"

"Three heads are better than two" Fuu answers, "Also, it'll be good to have someone from this world making excuses for us."

Jin, accepting this answer, rolls over and falls asleep. Fuu sighs; it's nice to have another person other than Jin and Mugen know their secret. With that, Fuu falls soundly asleep.

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