An Unexpected Switch

Arrival at Nagasaki

Ron groans. "How long is it going to be before we get to Nagasaki?" he exclaims.

Hermione would have said responded for the umpteenth time to be patient if she did not look up. "We're here!" she shouts.

Ron and Harry look at the city. "We're finally here" says Ron as he falls to his knees.

"Yeah" says Harry, "Sooner or later, we're going to be home."

"Stop talking about it you guys!" shouts Hermione, "Let's go!"

"So" states Ron as he, Harry, and Hermione eat at a restaurant, "After all the craziness we experienced here, we're finally be going back home."

"I can't wait" says Hermione, "As soon as we get back, I'm going to flop down on one of the Gryffindor couches and read a good book."

"That doesn't sound fun at all" responds Ron, "I'm going to raid the kitchen as soon as I get back."

"And give those poor house elves more work?"

"Oh, come on! Not that again!"

"I'll probably have to figure out how to defeat Voldemort when I get back" says Harry in a small voice.

The trio grew silent. "So how will we find where Kurosaki Akira lives?" asks Ron.

"The Kurosakis, although they are wizards, lived very prosperous lives in the Muggle world" answers Hermione, "There house shouldn't be that far."

"What if he can't help us?" asks Harry.

"Don't think like that" says Hermione, "Let's focus on getting to Kurosaki first."

A person walks past them and drops a folded piece of paper. When Harry picks it up, he sees a moving ink drawing of a stolid man with black hair and a white robe. On the right side of the paper, it said "Go to the back of the restaurant if you want to meet the wizard Kurosaki-sama."

"I guess we know how to get to Kurosaki's house now" says Harry.

"So you're one of Kurosaki-sama's bodyguards?" asks Hermione as they follow Kiyoshi, the young man who dropped the picture.

"Yes" answers Kiyoshi, "Since I'm a Muggle-born wizard, I'm very useful. As long as I don't use magic around Muggles, Kurosaki-sama says that it's okay that I stay around."

"He sounds very nice" comments Hermione.

"Well" exclaims Kiyoshi, "He deeply respects people, even though he doesn't show it often."

"That's who the picture was showing!" exclaims Ron.

"That's right" comments Kiyoshi.

"Why are you helping us?" asks Harry, "We could be bounty hunters trying to kill him."

Kiyoshi laughs at this statement. "Mere Muggles wouldn't get within ten centimeters of Kurosaki-sama" he states, "I'm not worried about that."

The rest of the trip is silent. "Here it is!" shouts Kiyoshi.

The trio gapes at the Kurosaki estate. It looks like a smaller version of a palace, and it was much bigger than the Kinimoto estate. "We have to go in through the servants' quarters" states Kurosaki, "Stop staring and let's go."

Kiyoshi, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are surprised when they see a group of serving girls standing around a door at the back of the kitchen. "Akari!" shouts Kiyoshi, "What are you doing?"

A pudgy girl with auburn hair turns around. "Hi Kiyoshi!" she says nervously, "Tom-san is bathing, and all of the girls are excited."

A chill runs up Harry's spine. "The girls are excited, eh?" states Kiyoshi, "Well, I've found some guys who want to see Kurosaki-sama."

Harry is pushed aside as girls surround Ron and Hermione. While they squealed and giggled, Harry talks to Kiyoshi. "So," he asks, "What type of person is Tom-san?"

"Interested, too?" he asks, and then bitterly, "He's a jerk. He gives the Kurosaki family much respect, and he gives in to the girls' whims and wishes, but he treats me like dirt. I, however, can't say anything because he's an honorary guest."

"I'm sorry about that" says Harry. Voldemort respects pure-blood wizards, but he hates Muggle-born wizards. Harry's worst fears are realized when Tom comes out with a towel around his waist. He looks like an older version of the Tom Riddle in the diary. Harry looks over at Ron and Hermione, both of whom have their eyes bulging out. After trading pleasantries with the serving girls, Tom looks at Harry. "I know you" he says, "I helped you out about a week ago."

"And I forgot to thank you for that" Harry says as he bows to him, "My name is Fuu."

"Tom Riddle" Tom states as he bows to Harry, "You weren't hurt by that big oaf, were you?"

"No, not at all" answers Fuu.

"There's another one" huffs Kiyoshi.

"You should show more respect to your master's guests, Kiyoshi" sneers Tom.

Kiyoshi looks at him. "I need some air" he states and leaves.

"I'll go and see about him" says Atari as she goes after him.

Tom shrugs as he goes to the door. "I'm sure Kiyoshi-kun hasn't told you this, but it would be best if you clean yourselves off before you present yourself to Kurosaki-sama. Also, he does not give his company to women outside of his family."

As he leaves, Harry looks at him with hatred.

Ron and Hermione go towards the little table in the middle of the courtyard. Kiyoshi had told them that Kurosaki-sama would accept their audience. Harry had insisted that he came along, seeing as though he was actually a guy, but neither Ron nor Hermione thought that was a wise idea. So they left Harry moping in the kitchen as they go to visit their host. It was easy to point out Kurosaki-sama; he looks exactly like he did in the ink painting. He was listening as Tom tells him about his journey. There was also a little boy with them; he would later be identified as Yoshi-san, Kurosaki-sama's son. When they approach the table, they bow to the three of them.

Kurosaki-sama looks at them. "So, your names are Mugen and Jin, correct?" he asks.

"Yes and No" answers Hermione, "It's a little more complicated than that."

Tom raises an eyebrow. "Explain" says Kurosaki-sama.

"My name is Hermione Granger, his name is Ron Weasley, and our friend in the kitchen is Harry Potter" starts Hermione, "We came from England fifty years in the future. Somehow, our souls were ripped out of our bodies and put into these bodies. We were wondering if you had a spell that can help us."

Kurosaki-sama shows genuine interest for the first time in the conversation. "Soul Exchange" he states, and then to Kiyoshi, "Bring the girl named Harry Potter out here, and take Yoshi out of here. I will not have my son watch me deal with a woman."

Kiyoshi does what he is told. "Why is he staying?" asks Ron as he points.

"Tom-san is a promising young wizard" answers Kurosaki-sama, "He would like to see this."

Tom gives Ron a smug look. "However Tom-san," states Kurosaki-sama, "If you disrespect Kiyoshi again, I will have to ask you to leave my house."

Tom gives a quick look of distaste. He quickly makes a more respectable face. "As you wish, Kurosaki-sama" he says.

Kiyoshi comes back with Harry. "Kiyoshi-san, we were just talking about you" states Kurosaki-sama, "I want you to stay and watch this."

The quintet watch as an hour glass appears in Kurosaki-sama's hand. "Soul Exchange is a spell that I just created. If a person has two people in mind, the person can say 'Soul Exchange', and exchange the souls. If the person has only one person in mind, that person's soul would be randomly exchanged with someone else. Now, with the hour glass, a person's soul would be exchanged with someone in the past or someone in the future. The fact that a triple exchange was done, and that you three ended up in the same place is astounding. A very powerful wizard must have done the exchange."

Harry thought the same thing as he steals a glance towards Tom.

"I can reverse the spell" states Kurosaki-sama, "but it will take several days. Since you three aren't born yet, I'll have to find you through your ancestors."

"My grandparents would be alive during this time!" exclaims Hermione.

"Mine too!" states Ron.

"I wouldn't know" says Harry, "I don't know anything about my extended family."

"It's okay, Harry" states Hermione, "All Pureblood families are related."

"Yeah" agrees Ron, "You can find your family from my family."

"It's good that you all know about family members living now" states Kurosaki-sama, "That will make finding you a lot easier. One more thing; I need to know the exact time you were in before you came here."

"Around 10:00 p.m. on September 1st, 1996" says Hermione immediately.

"Good job" states Kurosaki-sama, "You three should rest up while Kiyoshi and I find your bodies."

With that, Kurosaki-sama leaves the courtyard with Kiyoshi behind him.

Harry sits in Ron and Hermione's room later that night. The day has been great. They were able to sightsee a little bit of Nagasaki. This was followed by dinner with the family and a nice soothing bath. Harry was in a room by himself, while his friends were in a room together. Tom was also in his own room. He is now taking a bath downstairs.

"Well now we know that Voldemort did this to us, and we know how he did it" states Hermione.

"Yeah" states Ron, "Good thing we ended up together."

"I don't think that was accidental, Ron" responds Hermione, "He probably saw Mugen, Jin, and Fuu here and thought to use them in the soul exchange."

"Well," Ron says, "Whatever his plan was, it failed."

"We don't know that Ron."

"Guys!" shouts Harry, "We can stop Voldemort's plan right now."

"How?" asks Ron.

"By killing Tom Riddle right now, before he ever becomes Lord Voldemort."

The trio goes silent. "That's a good idea" states Ron.

"That's a bad idea" says Hermione.

Harry stares at Hermione with mouth open. "Why Hermione?" he asks, "Why shouldn't we kill him? What, should we just let him and his Death Eaters torture and kill all the people they have without stopping it?"

Hermione goes over to Harry and puts her hands on his shoulders. "Harry, I know how much Voldemort has taken away from you. I know how many lives Voldemort has ruined. But something worse could happen if we kill him."

"Like what?" sneers Harry, "Cedric's life, Quirrell's life, Neville's parents' sanity, Sirius' life, his brother's life, my parents' lives, a normal life for me?"

"What if a wizard worse than Voldemort comes into power?"

"I'm sorry Hermione, but I can't see a wizard worse than Voldemort."

"When a bad wizard emerges, everyone else strives to be the opposite of that wizard. Without that epitome of evil, we could see the emergence of several Voldemort."

"So, tons of people have to be sacrifice in order to give the general public an example of what not to do?"

"To put it bluntly, yes"

"You're making no sense, Hermione!" shouts Harry. With that, he runs out of the room.

"Harry, come back!" screams Hermione, then to Ron, "You understand what I'm saying, right?"

"Yeah, a little" says Ron, "Many Pureblood families aren't as amicable towards non-Purebloods as my family is. Someone from one of those families would probably get enough balls to hurt non-Purebloods as opposed to hiding because they support Voldemort. Or, which would be worst for Harry, Sirius, without Voldemort, wouldn't see anything wrong with hurting Muggle-borns. He would probably antagonize both Lily and James because of that."

"Thank you Ron!" exclaims Hermione, "Let's go tell Harry that!"

"No Hermione" says Ron as he grabs Hermione's arm, "Voldemort has taken many things away from Harry. Harry won't listen to a rational argument, no matter how much we push the matter. Let him cool down; then we can talk to him."

Hermione sighs as she sits down. "I just hope he doesn't do anything before then.

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