An Unexpected Switch

Fuu's Choice

Mugen plops down on the floor of his shack. Fuu, Jin, and Ginny stand around him, shoulders barely touching each other. Earlier today, Mugen had cursed Fuu and Jin for both going on vacation without him and telling Ginny their secret. Fuu tried to explain that Harry and Ron normally vacation together, and that Ginny could help them while they are here. Mugen was not hearing it, which lead to a helicopter-kick frenzy. Once again, he was immobilized and taken to the shack. Fuu, Jin, and Ginny had to use Harry's invisibility cloak to sneak onto the grounds to see. Needless to say, Mugen was not happy to see them.

"What the fuck do you want, traitors?" Mugen sneers as he folds his arms.

"Oh, come off of it, Mugen!" shouts Fuu, "If we would have known that you could have came with us, we would have brought you! Do you think we would have left you in the care of someone else if we didn't have to?"

Mugen huffs and rolls his eyes.

"You know" pipes in Ginny, "If you would have told me who you were earlier, I would have told you that Hermione and Harry usually come to our house every Christmas."

"Which is another reason why it was smart to tell Ginny our secret" states Jin, "We won't run into the same confusion we did over the break."

"Fuck it!" Mugen exclaims as he throws his arms in the air. Fuu then notices a ring on Mugen's left finger.

"Mugen!" Fuu exclaims, "That's a beautiful ring! Where did you get it?"

Ginny's eyes widen as she grabs Mugen's hand. "It's an engagement ring!" she shouts.

"Yeah" says Mugen, "That's what that lug head said when he gave it to me."

"What's an engagement ring?" asks Fuu.

"An engagement ring is what a man gives a woman when he plans to marry her" answers Ginny.

"That's so sweet!" says Fuu as she musses Mugen's hair, "You're getting married!"

"Like hell I am" shouts Mugen as he jabs Fuu in the ribs, making Fuu yelp in pain.

"Actually" says Ginny, "You should send the ring back right away and refuse his proposal."

"Why should he do that?" asks Fuu.

"Because Hermione doesn't like Viktor" Ginny explains, "She likes my brother, Ron. That's why I asked Jin why he wasn't upset when Mugen went to Bulgaria. Hermione dated Viktor to get Ron's attention. She wouldn't marry Viktor."

"So that settles it" states Jin, "We'll send back the ring, and try to let the guy down as easily as possible."

"Do we have to give back the ring?" groans Mugen, "Do you know the things I could buy if I sold this to…"

"No Mugen" Fuu admonishes, "We have to give the ring back."

"Stupid bitch" Mugen huffs, making Ginny's jaw drop.

"Don't worry," says Fuu, as she gives Mugen a quick kick in the back, "He talks to everyone that way."

"So, do you know anything else that can help us out of our predicament?" Jin asks Ginny as he dodges Fuu and Mugen as they wrestle on the floor.

"I don't know anything personally," answers Ginny, "but Headmaster Dumbledore might. He knows everything, and he knows how to keep a secret. Professor Dumbledore also has a special fondness for Harry."

"Good" states Jin as he grabs both Fuu and Mugen, "Fuu, tomorrow you're going to go talk to Professor Dumbledore. Ginny, you're going to come and help me find a way to reverse this spell. Mugen, you're going to keep yourself occupied and out of our way."

"Okay" says Fuu.

"I wish you would have asked instead of commanded but all right," states Ginny.

"Whatever" snarls Mugen.

With that, Fuu, Jin, and Ginny leave to rest up for tomorrow.

Fuu stops as she tries to slow down her breathing and heart rate. She is on her way to Dumbledore's office. This man might be able to help them go home. Fuu really hopes so. Her heart rate spikes up again, however, when a hand grabs her upper left arm. Fuu swerves around suddenly, but calms down again when she sees that it's Draco.

"Draco" exhales Fuu, "You scared me."

Draco drags her into a space between the wall and one of the statues. "You're not Potter, are you?"

Fuu looks down. "No, I'm not" she responds, "My name is Fuu."

"I knew it!" exclaims Draco, "You were so nice to me. The only time me and Potter were civil to each other was when we first met trying robes."

"What made you hate each other after that?"

Draco looks down. "There are some things expected of Potter, and there are some things expected of me. Those things pit us against each, so we can't be friends."

"You don't have to do what's expected of you, Draco," says Fuu quietly.

"Yes I do!" Draco shouts, "If I don't, I'll lose all of my family and friends!"

Fuu's face goes white. Lose his whole family and all of his friends? She doesn't know what to say to that.

"What are you two doing in there?"

Draco and Fuu turn and see Dumbledore peering in the space. Draco immediately pushes Fuu to the ground. "That's ten points from Slytherin" calls Dumbledore to Draco's shrinking back, then to Fuu, "Harry, come with me."

Fuu, flabbergasted, gets up and follows Dumbledore as they go to his office.

Dumbledore had known something was wrong when Hermione was acting erratically on that day many months ago. He knew that Harry and Ron would start to exhibit strange behavior as well. Ron became calmer, which was a big improvement. Harry, on the other hand, he couldn't put his finger on. It wasn't just the fact that he was trying to become Draco's friend; his personality seems to have mature. Rather than carrying his sorrow on his body like a dead weight, he uses kindness and well manners to hide it. The person behind him didn't seem like a completely different person; she seems like a Harry who handles his problems better. That is why it Dumbledore so long to respond to this issue.

"Chocolate frog" he said to the statue that led to his office. He could feel Fuu's gaze as she marvels at the sudden appearance of the spiral staircase. Once they get to the office, Dumbledore watches as Fuu looks at everything with overt fascination, a reaction everyone has when they come in here for the first time.

"Sit down Harry" he commands gently.

Fuu immediate obeys him, sitting straight up in the chair. "Did I do something wrong, Professor?" she asks sweetly.

"No" answers Dumbledore, "I wanted to talk to you about your destiny. Do you know who Lord Voldemort is?"

"Yeah" says Fuu hesitantly, "He tried to kill me when I was little."

"It's not just that, Harry" states Dumbledore, "He tried to kill you when you were a baby, after he killed both of your parents. He actually killed your parents because they were protecting you. It is prophesized that you will kill Lord Voldemort. It not that Lord Voldemort doesn't deserve death; he started a Muggle genocide that would take the lives of many innocent people. It's just that…Voldemort has become a very powerful wizard over the decades, and you're just an adolescent boy. Are you up for the challenge?"

Dumbledore watches as Fuu looks down at her hands. Suddenly, she looks up at him with zeal in her eyes. "Absolutely" she says in a strong voice, "I will defeat Voldemort no matter how much stronger he is!"

Dumbledore peers at her. "Why Fuu?" he asks sweetly.

"Because…wait. How do you know my name?"

Dumbledore laughs heartily as he looks at Fuu's astonished face. "I've known all along" he says, "This might sound weird to you, but I can read your mind."

"Wow" exclaims Fuu.

"It's a good thing Miss Weasley told you to come and see me" he continues, "I know exactly what spell was used on you and your friends. It was a Soul Exchange spell. It'll take some time, but I can get you three back in your bodies pretty easily."

"Really?" asks Fuu, standing up.

"Yes" answers Dumbledore, "the real Miss Granger has probably tracked down Kurosaki Akira, a powerful Japanese wizard who lived during your time, and the creator of this spell. All I have to do is get the memory of when he met Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and that would give me the exact time I need to send you back."

"Thank you, Professor Dumbledore!" shouts Fuu, "I can't wait to…"

"However" interrupts Dumbledore, "Earlier you expressed a wish to defeat Lord Voldemort. Rather than making your choice on the fact that Voldemort probably sent you here, or basing it on what Harry would have said, you made a choice based on your own feelings. So, what are you going to do now?"

"What are you doing down here, Fuu?"

Fuu turns around suddenly, seeing Ginny in her nightgown. Fuu was sitting by herself in the common room, looking at the fire. Earlier, she had told everyone that they were going home in a few days. Mugen decided to celebrate by flying around Hogwarts all night. Jin preferred to read as many of the books in the library as he can. After pigging out in the kitchen, Fuu decided to sit in the common room and reminisce on everything that has happened to her.

"I'm just thinking about the last several months" Fuu answers, "What are you doing down here?"

"I was hoping to run into one of you guys" Ginny answers as she sits next to Fuu on the couch.

"Oh, okay" says Fuu.

"It's a good thing Professor Dumbledore said that you could do anything you want, as long as you don't hurt anyone" states Ginny, "Otherwise, Jin and Mugen would get in big trouble."

"Yeah" responds Fuu.

For a while, Fuu and Ginny just sat in silence. "I wish I could have gotten to know you all a little better," Ginny sighs, "but it'll be great to see Harry again… and my brother and Hermione of course."

Fuu gives Ginny a look. "Do you like Harry?" she asks.

"No" states Ginny adamantly, "It just that…I miss him."

"Yes you do" laughs Fuu, making Ginny blush, "but don't worry. Soon Harry, Ron, and Hermione will come back, and so will I."

Now it's Ginny's turn to give a look. "What?" she exclaims.

"I talked it over with Dumbledore" Fuu begins, "After I find who I'm looking for, I'll find an hour glass and help you defeat Voldemort."

Ginny's eyes widen. "You can't do that!" she exclaims, "Voldemort is a very powerful warlock, and you're probably a Muggle in your real life. Why would you help people you don't even know fight someone who has made a living killing people like you?"

Fuu looks Ginny straight in the eye. "The person I'm looking for senselessly killed my mother. Like Harry, I know how it feels to have someone you love viciously and unnecessarily taken away from you. I'm not doing it just for that, though; I'm doing it to help Draco."

"Draco and his family are helping Voldemort!"

"Draco is not doing it by choice! He's being coerced into cooperating!"

Ginny's eyes widen again. "You like Draco, don't you?" she asks.

"A little" answers Fuu as she turns red, creeping Ginny out.

"He will never date you" states Ginny, "He would be kicked out of his family if he married a Muggle."

Fuu looks down at this. "I still have to try and help him, whether he acknowledges me or not."

Ginny sighs. "There is no way I can talk you out of this, can I?"

"Nope" answers Fuu, "but promise not to tell Mugen or Jin. They'll probably want to come along, and I don't want to drag them into this."

"I promise" says Ginny. Then, she gets up and hugs Fuu. "I can't wait to see the others again. And I can't wait to see you in your own body."

"Me neither" agrees Fuu as she hugs Ginny back

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