An Unexpected Switch

Harry's Decision

"I'm sorry, guys," whispers Harry, "but I have to do this."

He pulls the covers over Ron and Hermione; then he nimbly leaves their room. Earlier, he had come back to the room with tea to apologize. The tea, unbeknownst to his friends, was made with a sleeping herb. Ron quickly gulps down the mixture and falls on his mat. Hermione gasps once she realizes what's in it. Unfortunately, she had already drunken half of the tea. "Harry…no" Hermione moans groggily as she tumbles onto her mat, spilling rest of her tea. Before he covered up his best friends, he picked up all of the tea bowls, placed them back on the tea tray, and placed the tray outside so the servants could pick it up.

Now, Harry runs deftly through the dark halls of the Kurosaki estate. He could feel the dagger pressed between his breast rattle between the two lobes. Harry knew that he couldn't just go into Tom Riddle's room and start swinging; he'll be dead before he hit the room door. No…he had to lead Tom into a false sense of security so he'll let his guard down. That's what this feminine body is for.

Before Harry knew it, he was in front of Tom's guest room. Hearing the pounding of his own heart, he breathes until his heart silences itself. Harry gets on his knees and slowly pats on the rice door. "Enter" says Tom calmly, making a chill run up Harry's spine. As Harry slowly walks into the room, he sees Tom, who is sitting on his mat reading a book. He looks up as Harry closes the door.

"I thought you were one of the servants," he says as he closes his book.

"Are you disappointed?" Harry asks with his sweetest voice.

"Not at all" says Tom slowly, "Why are you here?"

Harry starts to undo his robe. "I just wanted to thank you again for saving me."

Tom's eyes widen as Harry takes off his robe. He holds the robe, along with the dagger, in his right hand. "Will you let me?" he pleads.

"Absolutely" answers Tom as he leads Harry to the mat. Okay, Harry thinks as he lies down, while he's getting situated, I'll take out the dagger and stab him before we do anything.

For a while, Harry's main focus was removing the dagger. Agitation on his body made him turn towards Tom and gasp. His eyes had suddenly turned into slits, the snakelike eyes that haunted Harry for the last six years of his life. Voldemort must have exchanged his own soul with that of his younger self!

"I found you!" sneers Voldemort as he grabs Harry's neck, "I'm surprised you're still alive."

Harry starts moving his neck, trying to loosen the grip on his neck. "You must be the Mudblood girl" he states, "If you tell me where Potter is, I'll give you a quick death."

Harry manages to get a breath of fresh air. "Fuck off!" he screams, putting all of his odium for Voldemort into his eyes.

This was a bad idea, because Harry suddenly feels all of his memories rush to the front of his head. "No!" he shouts.

"You're Potter" Voldemort chuckles, "This is great! Now I can make your death as agonizing as possible. And fuck off? I plan to do so."

What Harry went through next was the weirdest experience in his life. He, however, could not focus on what was happening to his body or that he was suffocating. The only thing that matter was getting the dagger. Harry could not allow himself the luxury of panic; that would make the situation worse. Without panic, however, taking out the dagger was still nearly impossible. I'm not going to make it, thinks Harry as he starts to black out.

Suddenly, however, metallic air fills his lungs. He looks at his right hand, and sees that it's cover with blood. As he turns towards Voldemort, he feels as though his body is torn in half, the conscious half floating towards the ceiling. While rising, Harry sees his- well, Fuu's- nude body lying serenely on the mat its bloody right hand. Tom Riddle's body lies on top of Fuu's, its skin the color of the pale moon. The dagger sticks out of its back, making the black kimono darker than ever.

"Voldemort's dead" is the last thing Harry thinks before his soul is sucked into a vortex.

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