An Unexpected Switch

Getting Use to Their New Bodies 1

The sight of the raven- haired, emerald- eyed boy in the mirror startled Fuu so much she started to scream. She was surprised at her voice: it was deep like a man's. All of a sudden, three boys…no, young men (they looked around the same age as her) pull back the heavy bed curtains. One boy had sandy brown hair, one was tall with dark brown hair, and the last one was a tall black guy. Under different circumstances, she would have gotten to know these guys better, but some freaky things were going on now. She has to figure out what they are.

"Who are you?" asks Fuu.

"Well," starts the boy with the sandy brown hair, "I'm Seamus Finnigan, this is Dean Thomas, and this is Neville Longbottom. Remember? You probably don't, seeing the fact that we've been your roommates for six years."

"Oh!" says Fuu, rubbing her eyes, "My eyes are really bad in the morning."

"They'll probably be better if you had your glasses. The same ones that old Ron has on his face right now.

Fuu looks at the red- haired with the round glasses on his face. As this boy takes off the glasses, the boy named Seamus takes them and throws them to Fuu. "Dang Ron! You have Harry looking at us like we're foreign!"

The boy named Ron looks at Fuu. "I am very sorry, Harry" he says softly.

"Wow," says Dean, "Since when did you get so proper, Ron?"

"Who cares?" says Seamus, "Let's go downstairs and get some breakfast."

Dean and Seamus go downstairs. "That was funny though, Ron" says Neville as he follows them downstairs. Fuu sighs out of relief. Now she has a little time to think to herself. She was wrong, however. The boy named Ron was still in the room. "Aren't you going to breakfast with the rest of them?" asks Fuu.

"Why?" says the boy, "I have no idea who those people are."

Fuu listens to the way this boy talks and laughs. "Jin?" she asks.

"Hello, Fuu" says Jin calmly.

"How did you know this was me? Even I did not know this was me."

"Your reaction gave you away."

"How did this happened to us?"

"We'll have to worry about that later. Right now, we have to figure out who we are."

"You right, but how do we do that?"

"If we look through these boys' things, we'll find out who they are. All I know now is that my name is Ron, and your name is Harry."

As they start looking through the stuff, two girls burst into their room. One had long, brown hair, and the other one was bronze- skinned with black hair. "We were always wondering how Hermione could hang out with you two and not be interested in either of you!" the brown- haired girl blurts out.

"Whose…" Fuu starts before Jin covers her mouth.

"What did you come up with?" he asks.

"She's a lesbian!" shouts the black- haired girl.

"While we were sleeping she reached under our nightgowns and felt on our breast!" screams the other girl.

All of a sudden, a girl with bushy, brown hair runs into the room. The other girls gaped and Fuu and Jin bit their tongues when they saw what this girl was wearing. She was wearing black robes like the other two were, but she had one side of it wrapped around herself, and it looked as though she was naked underneath. "What the HELL is going on here?" she shouts, which sounded very weird coming from her.

"We been trying to figure out the same thing" states the brown- haired girl.

"You probably need professional help" says the black- haired girl.

"FUCK YOU BITCHES!" screams the girl with the bushy hair.

The other girls gasp in disbelief. "We'll see what Ms. McGonagall has to say about this!" Then, both of them run downstairs.

"Whatever you bitches!" says the girl with the bushy hair. "What are you looking at?" she sneers at Fuu and Jin.

Fuu bursts out in laughter. "Well Mugen," smirks Jin, "I have to say, you're much easier on the eyes now."

Mugen lets go of the side of his black robe, revealing the girl's nude body. "You're dead, Jin!" shouts Mugen as he lunges at Jin.

"Mugen get off of Jin!" shrieks Fuu, grabbing Mugen off of Jin, ", and I don't think you're suppose to wear that robe like that."

Fuu forces Mugen to stand there as she fixes his clothes. "Fuu?" questions Mugen, "How the hell did you end up in a guy's body, and I ended up in a girl's?"

"I'm as clueless as you are, Mugen," says Fuu as she buttons up Mugen's robes, "Before we figure out how we got here, we should figure out who we are."

"Hey," says Jin, "I'm this boy named Ronald Weasley"

Fuu goes to the stuff that she was looking through. "I'm Harry Potter," states Fuu, "You should do the same, Mugen. I believe you were Hermione something…"

"Granger," states Mugen nonchalantly, "Hermione Granger."

"And you know that how?" asks Jin.

"How could I not know?" scowls Mugen, "Those stuck up bitches were yelling it at me all morning."

"Well," says Jin, "The only thing that we can do is get dressed and go downstairs and find out more about these people."

""I agree," says Fuu, "and Mugen, you have to go in her room and put on some more clothes. These robes are not like my kimono, there're more like Jin's; you have to wear clothing under them."

Mugen huffs as he goes to the girls' dormitory to put on more clothes. Fuu and Jin start to put on their clothes. Finally, the three of them go downstairs to the common room and get ready to go to breakfast.

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