An Unexpected Switch

Getting Use to Their New Bodies II

Harry shrieks as he looks at his body. He had brown hair, brown eyes, breast, no penis, and he was wearing a pink thin robe. Harry is startled as a man runs out of a strange dwelling. He had wild dark brown hair and dark eyes. The tall man looks at Harry with his eyes bulging out. "Hello?" the man asks, "Who are you?"

"Har…" Harry starts. Then he covers his mouth, remembering that he is not in his body.

"Harry!" the man shouts, "I can't believe it!" He hugs Harry (which is weird because Harry is a girl now).

"Stop! Let go of me!" Harry was about to shout, but then he stops. "Hermione?" Harry asks.

"How did you know it was me?" asks Hermione, "I would have never guess it was you until you gave yourself away!"

"You were always the smartest out of the three of us. You were bound to figure it out first! This, however, is a very awkward predicament."

As Hermione was about to put Harry down, an irate short, fat man comes out of the traditional Japanese house dragging another man behind him. The man being drugged is tall and pale with black hair, dark eyes magnified by his glasses, and a blue traditional Japanese kimono. "You too can have a make out session later, " growls the man, "Bring in the water from the stream for the bath and the food!"

"And where the bloody hell is that?" shouts the guy in the blue kimono.

"It's where it's been for the last two days you've been here!" screams the man, "What do you think it did, got up and walked away?"

Hermione goes and covers the guy's mouth. "He was just joking, sir" says Hermione, "We'll get the water and be back soon."

"You better," says the man. As he's walking away, he mutters to himself, "I would expect that much trouble from Mugen, not Jin."

When the man was out of earshot, Hermione slaps the guy with the black hair. "Honestly, Ron, do you want to blow our cover before we find out what happen to us?"

Ron listens to the way the other man talks. "Hermione?" he asks, "Aren't you a sight for sore eyes? Or a soring for the sight?"

"Hah, hah," says Hermione bitterly, "You could be a comedian."

"Is that you, Harry?" Ron laughs as he looks at the young woman standing by the water pails with leftover water in them.

"Wow, Harry. I thought that that would be a side of you I never saw!"

"Hah, hah," says Harry sarcastically, "Hermione's right; you could be a comedian."

"Stop playing you two!" shouts Hermione, "Right now we have to figure who we are. I know that my name is Mugen and yours, Ron, is Jin."

"How do you figure that?" asks Ron.

"When he was muttering, he said two male names. You're the only one who has been giving him trouble, so you must be Jin. By deduction, that means I'm Mugen."

"Then who am I?" asks Harry as he grabs two buckets.

"We'll figure out later," says Hermione.

"Will you three shut up and get to work?" hollers the fat man runs outside, "And where are your buckets? You can't let little old Fuu do all of the work!" Then, he stomps off into his house.

There was a long pause. "Well, I guess we know who you are now, Harry" says Ron as he and Hermione grab two buckets each and follow Harry to the stream.

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