An Unexpected Switch

Hogwarts' Breakfast Ritual

Fuu and Jin come downstairs to the Great Hall and see Mugen pigging out on the breakfast food, which is weird because the food is foreign to them. The boy named Neville was making nervous glances at him, and it was a good thing that Mugen did not notice. He probably would have cussed him out. "What are you doing, Mugen?" Fuu whispers as Jin and she sit at the Gryffindor table.

Mugen looks at Fuu with Hermione's brown eyes. "I screwing a geisha," Mugen says with false sincerity, "What the fuck do you think I'm doing?"

"I don't mean literately, you jerk," says Fuu as she goes to slap Mugen, but doesn't when she remembers that she's in a guy's body and Mugen's in a girl's body, "What happened to you finding out who you were?"

"I found out my name," says Mugen irritably, "What else do I need to find out about myself?"

"Their family, Their attitudes, Their histories, What activities and classes they're in … in other words, their entire life" says Jin in a blasé tone.

"We actually found out some really cool information," says Fuu, "For example, Harry Potter is very famous among the…"

"Blah, Blah, Blah" says Mugen while doing the same motion with his hand, "I really don't care about my person's history, let alone y'all people's. We're going to be in our own bodies soon, so there's no point in getting use to these bodies."

"How do you figure that?" asks Jin.

"Because I'm going to figure out how to get out of here!"

"Whether you want to know this information or not , you have to know this," says Fuu, "We have to fit into this school or someone might find out that we're not Harry, Ron, or Hermione."

"How are these people soooooo different from other people that they can tell that we're not the students?" asks Mugen, not believing that someone will actually find out.

"They use magic" Jin says bluntly.

"Bullshit!" shouts Mugen, making half of the Gryffindor table look at him.

"Hermione's just having a bad day" says Fuu, smiling and waving her hand to make it seem like nothing was wrong. After everyone warily turned back to their breakfasts, Fuu clocks Mugen on the head, "Keep your voice down, Mugen!" she hisses.

"Fuck that. Magic?" says Mugen.

"Yes," says Jin "This place is called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Mugen tilts his head. "Hogwarts…School…of Witchcraft…and Wizardry. Yeah, where is the exit, I'm outta here!"

"You can't just get and leave, Mugen!" shouts Fuu as she grabs him by the waist.

"The hell I can! I'm not staying in this crazy fucking shit!"

Onlookers see a weird spectacle of Harry Potter trying to drag Hermione Granger back to the table, while Hermione was swearing like a sailor. All of a sudden, a red- haired girl comes and splits them up. "My God Harry, what do you think you're doing?" the girl exclaims.

"Hey, baby," says Mugen as he looks up and down at the girl, "Why don't me and you go to the common room and get better acquainted."

"What?" exclaims the girl, holding her chest as though she was going into cardiac arrest.

Fuu covers Mugen's mouth. "Hermione's delirious," she says quickly, "She was yelling and cussing and I was just trying to calm her down. She probably thought you were Ron."

"What would make her think that I was Ron?" the girl asks as she looks at Jin.

"She accidentally drank a confusion potion Ginerva," answers Jin.

"Since when did you start calling me Ginerva?"

"He didn't say Ginerva," states Fuu as she pats the girl on her back, "He said…uh…Ginny."

Mugen, freed from Fuu's grasp, tries to make a mad dash to the entrance door. All of a sudden, owls start flying toward the tables dropping parcels belonging to the students. Fuu and Jin duck under the table. "What the FUCK?" Mugen shouts as he punches a petite one, sending it flying toward the staff table. He then tries to hit a big, white owl, but this owl dodges the blow, nips at Mugen's fist skin, and lands on the table.

"Owwwww you damn bird!" Mugen shouts, "I swear before I get out of this body I'm going to rip off your wings, tear off your legs, and cut off your fucking head!"

The entire Great Hall went silent. Fuu and Jin come from under the table as Mugen stands where he was, dumbfounded. Everyone was looking at him. "What the fuck are you staring at?" shouts Mugen.

At first, no one says anything. Then, the old man in the middle of the staff table takes the parcel that was in front of him and opens it. "Oh I've been waiting for these for days" he states, "I love lemon drops to death!"

After that, everyone seems to relax and bit and open their own packages, giving Mugen, Jin, and Fuu wary glances. Not wanting to make a bigger scene, the three of them sat down, and Jin grabs the newspaper. "Dammit Mugen," hisses Fuu, "You're making the three of us look like fools!"

"What the hell was I suppose to do?" shouts Mugen, "Sit here and get attack by owls?"

Before Fuu could response she hears a quiet "fascinating" coming from Jin's direction. Both Mugen and she look at the newspaper at the old man with the lion's mane who was grimacing on the page.

"What the fuck?" shouts Mugen, "The damn picture is moving!"

"Shut up Mugen!" whispers Fuu as she looks around the table to make sure that no one was listening, "Remember, this is a magical world!"

"Apparently this article is about a guy named Rufus Scrimgeour," states Jin, "He is the Minister of Magic. I think that is the sort of the head governing body of this world."

"This whole place is freaking nuts!" says Mugen.

All of a sudden, students start getting up from the table and leaving.

"It seems as though it is time for our first class," states Jin.

"Yeah," agrees Fuu, "Both of our first classes are Defense Against the Dark Arts. What is your first class Mugen?"

"How the hell am I suppose to know?" says Mugen.

"Well until you look at your schedule," says Jin, "The best thing for you to do is go to the same classes as Fuu and me."

Mugen shrugs as he follows Jin and Fuu to the Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

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