An Unexpected Switch

Fencing with a Samurai Sword

"I think we're in the Edo period of Japan" says Hermione as Ron, Harry, and she come from the stream.

"How do you figure that?" states Ron as he struggles with the buckets he was caring.

"The scenery looks similar to the scenery I read in a book about the old Japan."

"Do you always read unnecessary information?" asks Ron.

"Oh honestly Ron…" exasperates Hermione.

"So," says Harry, stopping the argument before it started, "What timeline is the Edo period in?"

"It's about fifty years before our time" says Hermione.

"Let me get this straight," says Ron, "We are fifty years in the past of Japan?"

"That's what I just said Ron" sighs Hermione.

"How do we get back home?" questions Harry.

"I don't know, Harry" says Hermione, "First, we have to find out how we got here in the first place."

"That's a good place to start" says Harry as the three of them go back to the house they were staying at.

When the three of them got back to the house, the man was standing on his porch. "Where the hell have you three been?" he shouts, "What were you doing, collecting the dew?"

"We sorry sir," states Hermione as Harry, Ron, and she take the buckets inside the house. The man groans and grabs the bucket and starts to use it to cook rice. As the three friends sit at the table, a man kicks down the door. He is being followed by six other men.

"There they are!" shouts the man.

"What the hell is going on?" yells the owner of the house as he runs into the front room.

"There can't be any witnesses!" says the man again as he jabs his sword through the owner's chest.

Hermione's screams, noticing Mugen's deep voice coming out.

"Stay in character, Hermione" Harry hisses as the men came closer to them.

The men charge at them with their swords raised. Out of sheer luck, the three of them were able to dodge the eight kitanas charging towards them.

"Oh my gosh" Ron exclaims, "What are we going to do?"

Hermione looks at the two kitanas near the door. Crouching low, she dashes to the door and grabs one of them. As she unsheathes the kitana, she raises it in her right hand and sticks it out. Then, she turns her body so that her right leg was in front of the left leg.

"What are you doing?" shouts Ron.

All of a sudden, Hermione starts to fence away the men while Ron and Harry continue to dodge them. "I'm not in touch with Muggle ways, Harry" says Ron as he dodges two of the men, which resulted in the men stabbing each other dead, "But I don't think that that blade is suppose to be used that way."

"It's not" says Harry as bashes one man's head in with a bucket, killing him.

The man who Hermione was fencing stabs her in the left shoulder.

"Bastard!" Ron shouts as he tackles him outside. The man was about to stab Ron when Hermione runs outside and cuts his head off.

"Thanks Hermione" stutters Ron.

"No, thank you" says Hermione, "I would've been killed if it wasn't for you."

Meanwhile, two had put Harry on the table, and the third man goes between his legs. Remembering that he was in a female's body, he knows what these men are planning to do to him. He bends his legs as far back as he can, and thrusts them into the stomach of the man, sending the man flying to the other side of the room. As Harry gets off the table, the other two men lift their kitana to kill him. Hermione, however, throws a kitana at them, impaling them both through the chest. Harry, mad at the thought of what could have happened to him takes one of the kitanas and slaughters the last man.

Hermione stops him as Harry hacks away at the dead flesh. "Harry!" Hermione shouts, "It's over. We have to get out of here now!"

Harry quietly leaves the house with the sword in hand. Hermione grabs the sword she got from the side of the door and walks out. Ron follows behind her as he grabs the other sword by the doorway.

"I don't get it" says Hermione when the three of them got as far away from the city as they could, "Why would the Edo police be attacking them?"

"Those were the police?" says Ron, exasperated, "Why didn't you tell us that? We could have turned ourselves in and prevented all that!"

"I think those officers would have killed us even if we turned ourselves in, Ron" says Hermione.

"We can't get killed while we're in these bodies" says Harry, "the sooner we get out of these bodies, the better."

Hermione thinks about it. "Maybe… Kurosaki Akira can help us."

"Who is Kurosaki Akira?" asks Ron.

"Kurosaki Akira was a very powerful wizard in the Edo period," says Hermione, "and he's the great- grandfather of Cho Chang."

"Cho Chang?" Harry gulps as he thinks of that failed relationship.

"I thought Cho was Chinese" Ron mutters to himself.

"Chinese and Japanese people marry each other often" corrects Hermione, "In this case, Kurosaki's son, Kurosaki Yoshi, married Chinese witch Michelle Isshin."

"If he can help us with our little problem," says Harry, "then we should go to him immediately."

"Where does he live?" asks Ron.

"He lives with his family in Nagasaki" says Hermione.

"Then that's where we're going" says Harry.

"Okay," say Hermione, "but remember two things: one, while we're in this world, we have to call ourselves the names of the bodies we inhabit. I'm Mugen, Ron's Jin, and Harry's Fuu."

"Okay, Her… I mean, Mugen" says Ron.

"Second of all," says Hermione darkly, "This is a dog- eat- dog world. It's either kill or be killed. You two understand?"

"Crystal," says Harry.

"Well," says Hermione raises her fist in the air, "Off to Nagasaki!"

And the three of them went off.

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