An Unexpected Switch

Fighting the Yakuza

Yusuke Kinimoto sits down and listens to his two underlings: Jimmy Yoshi and Kisho Atari. Both of them were terribly holding in excitement in front of him.

"Boys, Boys, Boys" he says, "Tell me what's going on."

Yoshi was the first one to speak. "We found a way to get a bunch of money."

"Do tell."

Atari takes over from here. "A roulette runner has agreed to 'bend' the game in our favor. We can get a member to go up to the runner and get the winning number."

Kinimoto smiles. "Go ahead then, boys."

"Right boss."

Harry, Ron, and Hermione trudge wearily through a small town. Finally, Ron plops down on the side of the road. "I am so tired!" he groans.

"We can't stop now, Ron" says Hermione, "We have to get to Nagasaki as quickly as possible."

"We do need to rest though" observes Harry as he sits next to Ron.

Hermione opens the leather pouch that the three bought in the last town. "We don't have enough money to rent a hotel" she sighs, "It looks like we have to board with someone again."

"Oh come on" groans Ron as he stands up, "We've been boarding with people for a whole month now! I'm tired of staying with other people! Can we find some other place to stay?"

"We could stay in a hotel" suggests Harry.

"But how are we going to pay for a hotel?" asks Hermione.

Ron suddenly snaps his fingers. "I got it!" he exclaims, "Hermione, give me the pouch."

"Okay" she says skeptically as she hands him the pouch, "What are you planning to do?"

"Just wait and see" answers Ron as he runs off.

"Gambling?" hisses Hermione as she, Harry, and Ron sit around a roulette table with twenty other people, "You betted the little money we have on a game of chance?"

"It's not a game of chance!" shouts Ron through the groans of the other guys, "I know I can win this."

"How can you be so sure?"

Ron was about to tell her, but decides against it. "I'm lucky" he boasts.

"Oh no" groans Hermione somberly.

Suddenly, everyone becomes quiet when the runner comes up to the table. "The winning number is …eighteen!"

Yoshi, Atari, and Tsukimaru, the one who was playing the roulette match, are standing over the crumbled body of the runner. Yoshi bends down and pulls the guy up by his hair. "You have ten seconds to tell us what happened, or I spill your guts in this street."

"I don't know what happened!" stutters the runner, "I set up the number the way you wanted me to. You saw me put the number on eighteen!"

"I said put the number on seventeen!" shouts Tsukimaru.

"Someone must have come behind me and switch the numbers. It probably was that blue-robed samurai that won!"

"Can you tell us anything else about this 'blue-robed samurai'?" says Atari as he lights up a cigarette.

"Well, he's tall, and he has glasses. He's with this other samurai with weird hair and weird clothing. There's also a young girl wearing a pink kimono."

"How much is the booty?" interrogates Atari.

"About 100,000 yen" mutters the runner.

"With that much money, they would probably be staying at the inn" says Yoshi.

"You're right about that, Yoshi" says Atari as he and Tsukimaru start to walk away. Yoshi stays behind.

"Wait" shouts the runner, "What are you doing?"

"We lost our money because of you" answers Atari coldly, "For that, you will suffer the consequences."

As Atari and Tsukimaru leave the alley, a bloodcurdling scream is heard.

"Wow" says Ron as they look at the hotel room, "It might not be as good as Hogwarts, but it's better than boarding with someone."

Hermione huffs as she sits on one of the cots. "I still think you shouldn't have gambled."

"Oh come on Hermione" groans Harry, "If it wasn't for the roulette game, we wouldn't have this nice room!"

"Fair enough" sighs Hermione as she gets up, "but we're saving some of it, and I'm taking some to buy groceries."

When Hermione leaves, Harry goes to Ron. "Okay Ron" he says, "You can tell me. How did you know that you were going to win?"

"Well" smirks Ron, "I went up to the runner's podium after he left for a while and switched the numbers. The number was 'seventeen', but I switched it to 'eighteen'."

"Wow" says Harry with a laugh, "Your cheating has gotten us into a hotel."

"I wish Hermione would see it that way" sighs Ron.

Hermione is carrying a bag of groceries through the streets. She sighs; gambling is wrong, but in this world, it's survival of the fittest.

Suddenly, pieces of brown bag, vegetables, noodles, and meat explode and fall on her. Hermione falls to the ground, nearly being decapitated. She looks up and sees a tall samurai with dark brown hair and a dark yellow kimono. The samurai holds his sword above his head.

"I was going to ask you to give me back that money your friend stole" sneers the guy, "but I see that it's already sent."

Hermione dodges out of the way as the sword comes her way again. She swiftly takes out her sword and blocks the next strike. A crowd has come to watch the brawl. As Hermione dodges and blocks, she groans. "Damn" she thinks, "This is because of the roulette game." Hermione had learned some sword techniques by observing other samurai battles, but not enough to defeat this man. Quickly, Hermione throws the kitana with all of her might at a large wooden beam above the samurai's head. As the blade lingers within the block, the man pierces Hermione's left side. It would have pierced her heart, but the beam fell and smashed the man's head.

Staggering over to the beam, Hermione grabs both swords. She then drops them and grasps her left side. Someone comes over to her. "I'm a medic" says the person, "we need to bandage that wound."

"No" says Hermione as she falls down, "my friends our in trouble, I have to warn them!"

"You're in no condition to do that now" says the medic, "Right now you need help."

Harry decides to bathe in the community bathhouse. Even though being a girl has its disadvantages, one of its advantages is being able to bathe with other women. This is what Harry is thinking as he looks at all of the wet, voluptuous bodies all around him. The women wade around the bath and share gossip with each other. Harry then decides to enjoy this while he can. After this, it's going to be back to boarding with and working for someone else.

Before Harry could blink, the bath is filled with blood and women's body parts. Harry looks up in horror at the guy standing at the other end of the room. He is a large man with black hair and a crimson kimono. His kitana is fully covered with blood. This is the guy that was sitting next to them at the roulette table.

"I remember you" growls the man as he edges towards Harry, "You're the girl who was with the guy who won. How about me and you have some fun?"

Harry grabs a bathing robe and dashes out of the bath house. The man was on his heels as Harry runs outside of the hotel. Suddenly the man overcomes him and knocks him to the ground. He pushes Harry's hair as he lies on top of him. "The robe is getting in the way" he says seductively, "How about we take it off?"

As Harry tries to push the guy off, he hears footsteps coming. Then, he hears something that he thought he would never in this world. The guy on top of him went limp. Harry crawls from under the man's massive form and stands up. "Are you okay?" someone asks behind them.

Harry whirls around and nearly gasps in horror when he sees the person behind him. The person looks him up and down and smiles. "It looks like you're all right" the person says, "That's good." Before the man continues down the road, he looks down at the man and whispers something that Harry hears clearly. Filthy Muggle.

Ron pigs out in the restaurant in the hotel. He laughs to himself as he puts a bunch of ramen in his mouth. This is much better than rooming and boarding with someone else. And Hermione said gambling was a bad idea, ha! He continues eating as someone comes in and sits next to him. "You're the guy my friend Tsukimaru was talking about" the man says casually.

"Ok" says Ron slowly, getting a bad feeling off of this guy.

"That's a shame" says the man as he holds a sword above Ron's head, "because now I have to kill you."

Ron misses the sword by a second as it slices the table they both were sitting at. The man has a black kimono and light brown hair. He takes him sword and points at the door. "I don't believe in unnecessary casualties" the man says, "If you want to live, I suggest you leave right now."

"You're not starting a fight in my establishment" growls the owner as he comes. The owner's head is paralyzed with eternal confusion as it shoots into the air and falls on the floor. His body falls down and spills blood on the floor. "I'm going to say this again" he says, pronouncing every syllable, "If you want to live, leave."

The patrons dash out of the restaurant like lightning. Ron tries to run out as well, but the man darts towards him, pushing Ron farther into the hotel. As the man tries to slice Ron, Ron dodges his blows. Finally, the man stands in the middle of the room, frustrated. "Why do you continue this cat-and-mouse game?" sneers the guy, "Fight me like a true samurai!"

Ron knows he's right, but there is no way he can win against this guy without serious thought. He takes his sword and raises it to his shoulder. The man runs and thrusts his sword into Ron's stomach. Ron uses this as an opportunity to slices the man from his shoulder to his navel. The man staggers back, shock in his eyes. "For now, you have won" huffs the man slowly, "but this is not over." As the man stumbles out of the restaurant, Ron tries to follow him, but he falls on the bloodied floor.

Kinimoto looks down at the broken and battered body of Yoshi, and the perfectly-preserved yet still dead body of Tsukimaru. Atari comes behind him, bandages around him wounds. "Those three are more formidable than I expected" he says slowly, "The weird-dressed one is insanely smart, the one with the glasses is just plain insane, and the girl can somehow kill without leaving a mark."

Kinimoto just looks up at the sky. "Interesting" he says, "I can't wait to see them again."

Ron and Hermione lie on mats in the hospital, bandaged. Harry sits in a corner by himself. "I hate to say I told you so…" starts Hermione.

"Shut up, Hermione" says Ron, cutting her off.

"I'm surprised we're still alive. We should be dead."

"Yeah…these bodies heal extremely fast."

"You know they're going to be gunning for us, don't you?"

"Yeah, but next time, we're going to be ready."

"You've been quiet ever sense we got to the hospital, Harry" Hermione says as she looks at him, "Did someone attack you?"

"Yeah" answers Harry gradually, "but I'm okay. Someone saved me."

"You make it sound like a bad thing" says Ron.

Harry stands up. "The person saved me by using the killing curse" Harry says darkly, "Tom Marvolo Riddle, Voldemort."

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