Kira's New Love


Conner and Kira finally be come a couple but only one person hates it and that is Trent because he still loves Kira. So he tries to rap her Kira at the school but Conner saves her.

Romance / Fantasy
Joselin Hernandez
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Conner and Kira are out one evening when she's taken captive by a former friend

Conner McKnight, once thought to be Reefside High's resident playboy was out on the first date he's ever had with someone who loves him for who he is… his friend and team mate Kira Ford, she was wearing a long yellow dress at Conner's request, and he was wearing a red shirt and black suit

"Conner, thank you for tonight!"

"Kira, you don't need to thank me… I can't help the fact that I love you!"

"I know sweety, I love you too!"


Tommy and Ethan are sat in the Cyberspace with Hayley as the cyberspace was closed for the day.

"So where have they gone?" wonders Hayley

"Conner's taken Kira to the new Italian place… he really loves her!" replies Tommy, which leaves Ethan's mouth hanging open…

"What about Trent?" wonders Ethan

"Trent lost his chance when Kira first kissed Conner right here in front of everyone!" replied Tommy

"Oh I remember that, they looked so sweet!" replies Hayley


2 weeks ago – their first kiss!

Conner and Ethan were just in front of the stage, watching Kira perform, Tommy is stood right behind them watching Conner while he's looking at Kira, Tommy smoothly walks over to Hayley and whispers something to her, she looks at them both and slowly nods at him, they both smile at each other as he takes her hands and gently kisses them which surprises everyone, and so, unknown to everyone, as Kira finishes her set, she jumps off stage and into Conner's arms

"Kira, can I talk to you?"

"Sure Conner, what's up?"

"Kira, I just wanted to say that I… ummmmmmmmmmm, I errrrrrrrrrrrrr, ummmmmmmmmmm, I errrrrrrrrrrrrr !" Kira got fed up of Conner's stuttering and just took hold of his head and gently brought her lips up to his.

"I love you Kira!" he says quickly moving away

"I love you too!" she replies

"Hey, there's this new restaurant opening up in 2 weeks, do you wanna go with me?"

"Sure!" replies Kira, smiling at her now-boyfriend, unknown to either, a familiar figure was glaring at them from the side!


"Well, it is cool that they're together now! Maybe they'll start being a proper couple now!" responds Ethan

"Too true Ethan, too true!"


Conner and Kira were dancing slowly with each other when Conner takes Kira to the side.

"If you'll excuse me Kira, I have something personal I need to do!"

"What's that?" she asked

"Gent's!" was all he needed to say before escorting Kira to their table, after helping her into her seat, he walks to the gent's, unknown to him however, someone sits in his seat with Kira.

"Hello Kira!"

"Trent, what are you doing here?"

"My dad is a rich man!"

"Trent, I'm here with Conner, please go!"

"Not until you admit you love me!"

"But that would just be a lie!"

"No it wouldn't! Now you're coming with me!" replies a sneering Trent as h grabs hold of Kira's arm!

"NO TRENT! GET OFF!" screams Kira, trying to get some attention, as they reach the front door, Conner notices this and runs after them, as he sees Kira being pushed into a car, he runs to his new red Aston Martin and starts to chase them through the streets of Reefside

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