The Huntress


"Will you PLEASE be my girlfriend?" SMACK! The resounding sound of a slap filled the air. "I would never date you, Sirius Orion Black!" Adara is just a young girl. Or rather, she looks like a young girl. But she is over 50 years old, her youth preserved by an oath to the Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis. Join the daughter of Hephaestus as she journeys to Hogwarts, to try to protect them from the wrath of Voldemort. Will her secret stay safe? Or, more importantly, will she be able to keep her vow of maidenhood?

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Warning: I only own my character Adara Whitfield and not the wonderful characters that Rick Riordan created.

“Lady Artemis, are you sure? I do not like to part with you.” A teenage girl, sweet and innocent looking, gazed up at another girl, obviously her leader.

“I am sorry, Adara, but it is the will of my father, Zeus.” The other girl explained. “You know you must obey him.”

“Indeed Lady Artemis,” Adara replied solemnly. She sighed and began packing. She was sent to a place far away, in Britain. Alright, Adara. You need only your bow and armor. Don’t forget some drachmas for Iris-messaging. Should I bring my dog whistle? Suppose Glacier and White Fang miss me whilst I am gone. Ah, I guess I will. Alright. I am packed. Apparently, I will be getting clothes there as well. She got up and slung her bag over her shoulders. “Lady Artemis, I suppose this is farewell.”

“There are still a few things we must do. Hecate!” Artemis called. A swirl of smoke rose from the ground, getting thicker and thicker, until all at once, it dissipated. A woman was standing where the smoke used to be. She wore a floor-length white chiton and carried two torches, one in each hand.

“Ah yes. Adara, I will be placing two enchantments on you. One, that you will age as they do for Years 1-5. Then, you will stay that age for the rest of time. Second, to give you the use of their magic, for until your mission is completed. Good luck!” The goddess waved her arms around. Purple smoke arose around Adara, and when it cleared, she looked like an 11-year-old again. Then, the goddess disappeared.

Artemis held Adara’s hand. “Fare thee well, Little Flame.” Adara smiled. She stepped away. Artemis summoned a portal to take her to her destination. Hogwarts. Adara waved her hand.

“Farewell, Lady Artemis! Good hunting!” She said.

“Good hunting, Adara.” The portal closed, and Artemis sighed.

Adara was transported to Olympus. Zeus boomed out from his throne, “Welcome Adara, daughter of Hephaestus. Your mission is to join Hogwarts and protect them from harm. Here is everything you will be needing, including the school uniform.” Uniform? Oh no, what have I gotten into? She received the trunk graciously, making sure to over-thank the Lord of the Sky. She was then sent by magic to Britain, or more specifically, a stall in the women’s bathroom of Kings Cross. In her jacket pocket, she found her train ticket. Getting on the platform though, was tricky. Between platform 9 and platform 10 was a solid wall. She put her hand on it, and it passed through. She and her luggage jumped through the wall, to the other side. Yes! Personal victory! She walked on the train, sitting in an empty compartment. Locking the door and pulling all the blinds, she sat there and poured a little water on the floor. Luckily enough, it made a rainbow. She tossed a drachma in, and intoned, “O Iris, goddess of rainbows, show me, my father!”

The rainbow solidified, and she saw her father hammering away at something. Something very sparkly... he then turned and smiled. “Adara! Zeus told me about your mission. I hope you’re going to be safe! Oh, and take this!” He somehow managed to transport a pretty silver necklace through the message. “It’s magic, and it will turn into a silver bow, even cooler than the last one I gave you. It comes with this!” A silver bracelet came. “This one becomes a quiver with self-replenishing arrows! The wooden ones are steel-tipped and the silver ones Celestial Bronze.”

“Thanks, Papa!” Adara smiled. “Farewell!” The Iris-message dissipated. She then heard knocking on the door. She sighed and opened it. A group of young boys was grinning outside.

“So, why are you here? I was just going to change into uniform.” She stated, clearly not very happy.

“Hi! Wanna be friends?” They chorused in unison. She sighed.

“No.” She said resolutely.

“Well then, James, you know what we gotta do!” a boy with shaggy black hair said.

“Sirius, you know me too well!” said a boy with messy chocolate hair. The one with sandy-colored hair sighed.

“Guys, you probably shouldn’t do this...” he said. They just laughed and threw something at her. It turned out to be rainbow glitter. The boys ran off, laughing as they went. The sandy-haired one sighed and followed them. Adara was not happy. She closed the door, locked it, and pulled the blinds again. She changed and brushed the glitter out of her fiery red hair. Aargh! Those little rapscallions!! See, this is why I joined the Hunt! She sighed.

When the train stopped, she hopped off the bus. She got into a boat with three other girls. They all introduced themselves.

“Hi! I’m Krystal Marshall.” A short girl with shorter black hair chirped.

“Hey! My name is Alison Barton.” A tall girl with freckles and chestnut brown hair said.

“My name’s Lana Waters. Nice to meet you!” A girl with really long hair stated.

Adara smiled. “My name is Adara Whitfield, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Soon, the boat reached the Black Lake. They all oohed and aahed over the majestic castle. Adara pretended to, although Olympus was much grander. They all got off when they reached the dock. Walking up to the front gates, Adara wondered if there were any sacrificial fires in the castle. Ah well, I guess I can just light it up for myself. Adara was a fire-user, after all. When they reached the door to the Great Hall, a tall severe looking woman walked over.

“My name is Professor McGonagall. You will wait here until I call your name, and you will proceed into the Great Hall to be Sorted.” She opened the door.

“Archer, Selena”


Alwert, Brian”


“Bailey, Abigail”


“Benner, Scott”


“Black, Sirius” The black haired boy from the train.


And the names went on.

“Lupin, Remus” The sandy-haired boy.


“Potter, James” The boy with the messy hair.


And after what seemed like an eternity,

“Whitfield, Adara” She walked up to the stool and sat on it as the hat was placed on her head.

“Hmm, what have we here? Very intelligent, you could certainly go in Ravenclaw, but there’s that desire to prove yourself, hmm, very interesting, brave, pretty loyal as well, excellent Gryffindor qualities. Kind, never letting people suffer... but also not above using others to get what you want... You could really go in any house, but better be..........


The red-and-gold table erupted in applause. She walked over and sat down. Her tie and skirt proudly displayed her new house. This was her new life now.

She’d better blend in.

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