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where they are

Rose + Taehyung= TaeRose


Is everything supposed to go uphill from where they left off? That's what it seemed like.

Did they know their future? Did they know if they were going to be together still, or even further apart?

You look at them and you see love. You see the strong love they have for each other. You see something cute, something sweet, something amazing.

You choose to see the cuteness. They did too. They forgot about how steep the hill was and how close the drop was. They didn't see it, all they saw was the blue sky.

We did too.

You didn't see the drop.

It was unexpected.

It shocked us all.


Graduation Day

Rose and Taehyung were still blinded by love and by each other. Who wouldn't be? The couple has lasted until graduation! That's an accomplishment.

If they got through high school together, how could they split after that?

What could've gone wrong?











They have all graduated high school.

They are now moving on to adulthood...or at least closer.

Hats were thrown in the air. Hands were thrown around, engulfing each other in hugs. Amazing photos were taken, never going to be forgotten or lost. Bouquets and gift cards were given as the parents cried in joy. Speeches were made and the entire graduating class clapped for their own.

It was a time they'll never forget.

Rose and Taehyung, amidst the commotion and cheer, came together and smiled so wholeheartedly.

"We made it."

"Yes, we did."

And they kissed.

Stay with each other longer than usual.

Their hands getting tangled in each other's warmth and their bodies pressed.

"I love you."

"I love you more."

Their voices were still, soft, full of emotion. They were quiet, compared to the whole stadium that was constantly erupting in noise. The excitement of the soon to be adults made it almost impossible to speak normally and be heard.

But they heard each other.


What do you do after you graduate high school?

Well, the kids didn't have much choice than to do what their parents wanted.

Go to college.

"You're not done with school yet."

After some time filled with research, stress, and arguments, the group of friends were finally going off to college.

Different colleges.

Can it still go uphill from here?

Is the drop right in front of them now?

The close friends are going to be split up! That's the saddest thing ever!


Lilia and Rose, being the best friends they were, chose to go to the same college. They stayed together and applied to be in the same dorm room.

Taehyung, whose parents want the best for him, decided to go to a college that was in a different state.

Yes, a different state.

The couple.....are no longer together.

In the same room.

They're still dating.

Taehyung is not entirely alone, though. He had Jungkook with him.

Jimin and Hoseok are in another state, attending a different college. Namjoon, Seokjin, and Yoongi are in a different college too.

Rose was definitely devastated. Her heart was broken at the fact that she won't be able to see her angel or her friends as often as before.

She didn't cry for long, though.

What was crying going to do? Get him to stay? No. His parents want him to do it and she knows her parents aren't doing it to separate them, but to make sure their precious child gets a good education.

Rose didn't argue, nor did she fight.

She kissed him goodbye.

Taehyung, too, was heartbroken. The girl he loves so much is no longer by his side.

What is he going to do? How is he going to survive when he can't kiss her every single day?

He could've fought his parents. He could've cried right in front of them. He could've told them that he can just go to the college that's close to them.

But he didn't.

He didn't want his parents to think that he cares more about dating than education.

Even though he did.

He cared about Rose so much.

But at the end of the day, he gave her the last kiss they'll ever have.

"I'll miss you."

"Don't say that."


"Because it feels like I'm leaving forever, which I'm not. I'm coming back. I think..."

At this point, their last conversation was cut short.

Rose couldn't stop crying.

She didn't want him to leave.


They will see each other again.

On Skype.

Taehyung promised to call her every single day.

"I'll call you every day, alright, baby? I can't stand a day if I can't see your gorgeous smile."

Rose smiled for him and he kissed her.


He called her every day for 2 weeks. Every night when they're both done with their schedules. It was always the same time, always the same smiles when they greet on the screen.

Rose was no longer sad.

Then, when the third week came around....he just stopped.

So suddenly.

No explanation.

Rose waited, cuddled up in her thin blankets. She waited for his adorable face to pop up on her laptop.

She waited for him.

But there was no call.

No message.

She waited for another moment before calling him herself.

He didn't pick up.

"Maybe he's busy." Lilia told her.

It didn't stop there.

Fourth week.

"Maybe he has a lot of homework."

"Maybe he's tired."

"Maybe he's asleep."

"Maybe he's studying."

"He's busy." She thought the entire time.

The promise has been broken.


Rose and Taehyung haven't spoken to each other in two months. Approximately 60 days.

When you're used to seeing someone you love everyday and you suddenly switch to never seeing them again anymore....that time apart is killing.

Taehyung has been unreachable. It was like he just didn't exist anymore. It was confusing. Weird.

As much as she wanted to see him and hear his beautiful voice, she didn't bother to call Jungkook to see where he was.

They're most likely busy.

Rose was quite busy too.

But she loved him and tried calling him every chance she had....which was almost never.

Lilia tried to get her best friend in the whole wide world to stop messing with Taehyung because she knew he wouldn't pick up the call.

Lilia didn't like seeing her like that.

It hurt her too.

She wanted her to give it up and let him be.

But Rose couldn't.

He was the love of her life.

"I miss him so much."

Once again, heartbroken.


It has now been 4 months since they've last spoken to each other.

She took Lilia's advice and gave up.

To keep her mind off him, she has been doing many different things.

Partying, hanging out with friends, staying late after class, going to the library. Just things that keep her from looking at her Skype.

It worked.

Just a bit.

She still loves Taehyung the same and occasionally thinks about how much fun they had back in high school together.

It was painful when she did.

She missed it so much.

She missed him so much.


"How's he doing, Jimin? Has he spoken to you at all these past months?"

"He doesn't pick up the phone for me either, Rose. I'm sorry."


"Hey, Namjoon! Have you heard anything from Taehyung?"

"Nope. He doesn't pick up my calls for some reason. He always does."


"What's up, Yoongi! I was wondering if you heard anything from Taehyung?"

"He doesn't answer the phone."


"Hi, Hoseok! Anything from Taehyung?"

"I'm sorry, Rosie, but nothing."


"Seokjin, is everything alright with Taehyung?"

"I don't know. I haven't spoken to him in a long time."

Rose called Jungkook.

He doesn't pick up.

Rose looks at Taehyung's contact number on her phone.

She throws her phone to the ground.

Rose cried to sleep that night.



What's up, gucci slippers! How are you all doing this fine day/night?

Thank you so much for clicking on this book and giving your precious time to read ❤️

This book was made in 2013 and it's 2018 and now I'm making a second book? HAHAH!

Well, at first, I didn't know what to write for a second book, so I announced that there will be no continuation.

But with all the love it has received and my newfound idea, HERE IS BOOK 2 OF "MET IN DETENTION".

I hope you all enjoy and thank you again ❤️

Follow my Instagram for more updates @baetaelay

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