"baby, why are you in my clothes?" __________________ ©kinkyjikook 2019 vk ____ "baby, why are you in my clothes?" "b-because... they're comfy." tae pouts as he tugs on the edge of the shirt and bites his lip while looking at his feet. "I'm not mad tiger... You can wear them." the younger chuckles while ruffling the little's hair. The said boy giggles and jumps in happiness. ________ bottom! taehyung top! jungkook ________ ©kinkyjikook 2019 ________ this story is available on @/kinkyjikook on wattpad

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some of the chapters will have some NSFW content so I will be placing a warning before the start of the chapter and i will place and exclamation point in the name of the chapter (ex. zéro [!])

this book also contains strong language and more mature contents and slight violence.

this book is completely fiction and nothing in here is real. There is no such thing as the tattoo on your body when you turn 16, no caregivers and littles, unless you like to roleplay or sumn.

the plot is completely MY idea so if you'd like to make a story like this and you would like to take inspiration or a bit of the plot please do give credit or i will have it taken down.

this is a top! jeongguk and bottom! taehyung ff so if you are uncomfortable with such do exit the book.

i may plan on making clean chapters for those chapters with NSFW content so I will post an announcement on this book if I will do so.

comments are appreciated but please do not spread hate on any character in this book, or hate about this book or me. I will delete any of which that falls under those. You are free to express your opinion but do not say anything that can offend me or this book. I put my hard work and effort into this book so if you want to hate on it, leave the book, unfollow me, and keep the hate to yourself.

Lastly, do not be a silent reader! I will accept any slight corrections on my grammar and spelling as I sometimes forget to proofread my works. Vote if you would like and I am not forcing you to.

Enjoy and I hope you would like to see more. Give me suggestions for other book ideas and ships I can write about except for Jikook, Yoonkook, and Taekook as I am writing many drafts about these ships. I am only working on one Sope ff and one Yoonmin ff, then the rest are either solo members or the three ships I have mentioned above.

Put your suggestions in the comments

Otherwise, enjoy reading!

- kinkyjikook

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