Power Rangers Time Force Wes and Jen Love Story


Wes and Jen Lance Katie Trip Lucas and Nadira Wes gets to meet his son and Jen and the others come to help out with mutants and Wes and Jen get back together then get married

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Chapter 1: Ten Years Strong

Ten Years Strong

Year 3009
It was a beautiful spring day in Silver Hills. A bus pulled up to a street corner and a boy came off the bus. There was a wide smile on his face, due to the fact it was Friday and spring vacation had just begun. That meant two weeks of no school, just him and his mom spending every waking moment together.

“Bye guys! See you later!” Ten-year-old Lance Scotts said as he ran off the bus and down the street to a building. He walked past two double doors and into the building. Inside were people walking around in white uniforms, and blasters attached to their thighs. Someone called out his name.

“Hi Lance.” An officer said. Lance smiled at the officer.

“Hey Officer Miller. Is my mom in?” Lance asked.

“Yup, in her office.” Miller said. Lance thanked him and went into the elevator.

“Level 26” Lance called out. The elevator moved and took the young boy up. After a few moments the doors opened to reveal a quiet hallway with doors lining the walls. He walked into one that read “Time Force: Communications”

Inside a lady working at the desk smiled at him. “Hey there kiddo. Your mom had to run out; she’ll be back in about ten minutes. Her office is open if you want to put your backpack in.”

Lance walked into his mom’s office and threw his backpack on her chair. He walked back out. “Where’d she go anyway?” Lance sat down in a vacant chair and began twirling around in it.

“She had to get some files on the mutant that attacked this morning. The DA was done with them and called her down.” The lady said.

Another lady came by with a box of donuts. “Lance! We haven’t seen you in a while! How was school?” she asked as she offered him a donut. He jumped out of his chair.

“Great! It’s finally spring vacation! That means that Mom and me are spending every waking moment together! She said we could go to the beach, bowling, I heard she got tickets to a football game! She might even take me to Laser Galaxy!” He took a bite of the donut.

“Yea, but you’d better watch it! I’m a dead shot with one of those!” Lance turned around to see his mom standing in the doorway. He ran up to her, his mouth full with a piece of chocolate donut. She bent down and hugged her son lovingly.

“Swallow first then talk.” She said. As Lance finished his bite of donut, his mom looked at the ladies. “Janet, Alice, I hope he wasn’t too much of a hassle.”

They laughed. “Come on, Jen. We love him! He’s no problem at all!” Janet said.

“I’m the least of your worries.” Lance said. “She...” he pointed to Jen. “Is the one you need to look out for!”

Jen’s face dropped, but she smiled. “See why we love him?” Alice said. “He’s hilarious!”

Jen rolled her eyes. “Come on, Lance. I’m almost done anyway.” Jen thanked the girls for watching him for the brief moment and they went into Jen’s office. She sat down and turned on her computer.

“So, how was school?” Jen asked as she opened up the file.

“Great, Mom! I can’t wait for our time together!” Lance said. Jen looked at her son. He was so full of energy and life. His dirty blonde hair shined in the light and his blue eyes glistened in the sunlight.

She turned around in her chair and smiled at him. “Neither can I. We’re going to have the best vacation in a long time. Anything you want you got it, Lance. This will be our time together. No Time Force to get in the way of that.” Jen said.

“Yea. This’ll be great.” Lance returned her smile.

Being Lieutenant of Time Force and the Pink Ranger took a toll on Jen’s time spent with her son. But she was going to make it up to him by spending her entire vacation with him.

Jen smiled at her son and kissed his forehead. “Now. I want you to start thinking about where you want to go out for dinner while I finish up here. And if you could, run this out to Captain Logan’s secretary for me. She sits two desks away from Janet.” She handed him a small package.

“Sure! I’ll be right back!” Lance declared and walked out of the office. Jen watched her son as he walked out. He was nothing like his father.

Lance’s father was a “brief romance” as Jen called it. After she returned to the future, she met a man named Kevin Boston. Kevin had black hair and hazel eyes. She dated him for a while, then two months later she found out she was pregnant with his son. She was going to keep the baby no doubt, but Kevin had other plans. After finding out Jen was pregnant he left her for some girl on the east coast. Jen was left to raise Lance by herself, which was a task. But Jen loved her son, no doubt about it.

Jen looked around her office. It was small, but big enough to accommodate her comfortably. On her wall was her promotion certificate and some awards she had gotten over the last few years. On her desk were pictures that she’d taken over the last few years.

On the edge was a picture that brought back memories. Memories of her time in the year 2001, when she went back in time to capture Ransik. Her rangers were sitting on the couch, smiles on their faces. Circuit hovered in the back. Next was Lance’s baby picture of when he was a newborn. Her mind wondered a bit about what she went through to have Lance.

Lance was born the “old fashion way” as some doctors put it. These days most mothers didn’t go through with full term pregnancies. The mothers had the option to have their babies removed from them when they were about 3 months, just as they were beginning to grow. With the technology in the year 3009, the parents could manipulate the baby’s DNA to get the look they wanted. But it was expensive.

But some parents still wanted to have a baby the “old fashion way” as the doctors would say. That meant go through the full term pregnancy and give birth. Jen found out she was pregnant with Lance about 2 months after she dated Kevin. When confronted with this decision she wanted to go through the full term.

And Jen was happy she did. Lance turned out to be a handsome kid and earned glances from most of the people she met. Her eyes wondered back to the pictures. The next few were his school pictures and his communion.

Her eyes stopped on a picture of a young man with blonde hair and baby blue eyes. He was wearing a pair of tan kakis and a tank top with an unbuttoned red shirt. The man that she loved.

‘No, Jen. Don’t you say that. You can’t love him anymore. You have Lance to worry about.’ Jen scolded herself. ‘It’s been nearly 10 years since you saw him. He’s probably moved on and married with children by now.’ Jen shook her head to get rid of the thought that she still loved him.

“I’m back!” Lance declared. Jen shook her head once more. Lance walked over to her. “Mom, is everything all right?” he asked.

Jen smiled at her son. “Yea. Just a bit of a headache. Come in, let’s get home and get some dinner, huh?” Jen asked.

“Yea! Can we go to Fridays?” He asked excitedly.

Jen laughed. “You read my mind, Lance. You read my mind. Let’s go.” Jen grabbed her jacket and they walked out and went down to her car.

Later that evening

Jen and Lance walked out of the elevator of their apartment building and went to their apartment. Their evening was certainly eventful. After a 7:00PM dinner at T.G.I. Fridays and going to the amusement park, they rolled in at about 11:30PM. Lance staggered tiredly to his room, with Jen at his side. After changing into his pajamas, he lay down in his bed. He put his head down on his pillow as Jen sat down on the side of his bed.

“I had fun today, Mom. Thanks.” Lance yawned. Jen smiled.

“So did I, kiddo.” Jen said. “Tomorrow you can sleep in.”

He yawned again. “Mom?” he asked.

“Yes, Lance?” Jen said.

“For school, Mrs. Marcos wanted us to write about our fathers. But I really didn’t know anything about Dad, since you told me he left after I was born. So she said that over the vacation I could find out about him and work on it. So I was wondering, what was Dad like?” He asked.

Jen was silent. “I’ll tell you everything tomorrow.” She said quietly. Lance just yawned and fell into a fast sleep.

Jen walked out of his room and sat down on the couch.

“He wants to know what his father was like.” Jen said. “What do I tell him? His father didn’t want anything to do with him...” Jen stopped and looked at a picture of Lance. His dirty blonde hair shining in the light, his baby blue eyes glimmering in the picture of him in his soccer uniform.

Lance looked nothing like this father...

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