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The Revelation


A long lost member of the Original Family of Vampires is awake after five hundred years in a coffin, thirsty for blood and vengeance. But will she succeed or will Damon Salvatore be her distraction?

Romance / Action
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The Revelation

Someone knocked on the door.

Damon was about to pour some bourbon on an empty glass before he was interrupted. He then put the bottle down on the table as he looked at the door. Who could it be? Elena wouldn’t knock, she’ll just come in. And if that was Stefan he would too, just come in. And if that’s Alaric or Rebekah, they’ll do just the same. He then went there and opened it. Once he did, he saw the most unlikely man he thought would ever come standing there on his doorstep wearing a smirk on his face.


“I’d like to see my sister.” Klaus said in his smooth, silky, accented and hushed voice. Damon was about to respond something sarcastic and had another option to simply slam the door to his face, but he then immediately went inside. Why was he allowed in again? Damon then only shrugged indifferently and closed the door with a loud bang. “Rebekah?” Klaus called as he looked up the ceiling. After a few seconds, Rebekah appeared by the staircase wearing a pink halter top and a white denim skirt.

“Hello Nik,” Rebekah said with a bitter smile and Klaus only returned her affection by a smirk. She then went down the stairs and stood a few feet away from him. But Klaus then stepped forward, approaching her with narrowed eyes. That was when he finally smiled.

“Do you know why I’m here?” He asked with his eyebrows arched. Rebekah looked at him directly in the eyes before she shrugged as she walked past him and into the living room.

“I don’t know,” She replied innocently. “But I hope that it’s because you missed me, and nothing else.” Klaus frowned as he watched her walk and face him. She smiled although her eyes continued to be bitter. He then quietly followed her while Damon watched on the sidelines, sipping on his tumbler and enjoying this debacle between blondie and her demon of a brother.

“I do hope that you’re doing fine, love, and not waking a dead vampire, if I might add.” Klaus said as he shifted his eyes from the carpeted floor and to Rebekah again. Her eyes immediately narrowed and she turned away from him with bitterness and irritation.

“I wouldn’t do such thing!” Rebekah blurt all of a sudden. Klaus then went in front of her with his vampire speed. She was surprised to find him looking at her with a frown on his face that her eyes slightly widened before they returned to normal again.

“Don’t lie to me love,” Klaus said calmly with a smirk. He then gently tucked her hair behind her ear. “If you’re trying to wake her…”

“I’m not waking her.” Rebekah immediately interrupted with her head held up high as her nose flared in annoyance. If her brother only visited her just annoy her, well that’ll just be another reason to hate him. She hadn’t forgiven him for killing their mother, and to add up, their father. And although she didn’t really like nor loved their father, she couldn’t help but feel angry about what Klaus did. No matter how she hated all of the members of their family, she did and still continue to love them as much as she hated them. “How can you accuse me of such thing?” Klaus and Rebekah locked each other’s eyes with such intensity and tension. Rebekah knew that Klaus trusted her. She was his baby sister. She was family. He would definitely trust her, and with that, he should have faith that she wouldn’t wake her up. If she did, she knew that Klaus wouldn’t know what he’d do. His eyes then softened before he finally exhaled. He then revealed a smile as he began to chuckle as he turned away from her and started walking around her.

“Rebekah,” He said with an amused tone as Rebekah watched him intently. “Let bygones be bygones. Put all that I have done in the past. We live for an eternity; you might as well forgive me.” He then stopped and looked at Rebekah, who only continued to watch him. There was a hint of sincerity in his eyes, and yet, Rebekah knew that one wouldn't know for sure whether it was genuine or not. Damon wouldn't buy this crap, however. No one should trust Klaus.

“I do know that Nik,” Rebekah replied softly. “But I’m not in the mood for your games.” Klaus then chuckled and turned away from her yet again. He saw Damon standing by the liquor table, watching them as he continued to drink bourbon.

“Do you mind getting me some of that?” Klaus asked Damon who only frowned at him.

“I would, but you’re not really welcome in my house, so…” Damon replied with his eyebrows arched. Klaus only raised one of his and Damon smirked. That was when Klaus turned away and faced Rebekah again who was frowning as well.

“Oh don’t pout Rebekah…” He said softly.

“I don’t pout, Nik.” Rebekah replied with a sigh. “Now, it’s time for you to leave.” She added and Klaus frowned.

“You’re not still angry, are you?” He asked. Rebekah only looked at him with an eyebrow raised. She wasn’t intimidated with Klaus. She wasn’t afraid of him either. But it had to be done...

“I’m not.” She replied slowly.

“That’s better…” Klaus said with a smile. “I’ll be back soon love.” He said as he walked past his sister, headed to the door, and in a few moments, he was gone. Rebekah then exhaled in relief. If Klaus knew that she lied, he’d kill her. He’d rip her heart out of her chest and she’ll be gone forever, or probably stab her with the dagger again and wake in the next century - which was his preferred punishment for her.

Damon then sat down on the couch looking at Rebekah who seemed a bit nervous and looked at him after a few moments. He drained the contents of his tumbler before he asked, “Who did you wake?” She gulped back as she too sat down on the other couch.

“It’s better if I just… keep it to myself.” Rebekah slowly replied as she stared on the carpeted floor. Her heart continued to thump in nervousness. She didn't know whether this was the right thing to do or not, but this was a risk she was willing to take. If she had to end up dead, then so be it. But she'll have to make sure that her brother would end up dead first. “Nik won’t be very happy about what I did. But I’m willing to take the risk.”

“And why do you want to plan a revenge-detta against your brother?” Damon asked, frowning. “I thought you loved your brother dearly?” He imitated her accent and emphasized the word love. Rebekah only exhaled. She only had one reason, and that’s why she did all of this. Klaus killed their mother, and he lied to her. It’s been thousands of years, and all that time, he lied. Not to mention, daggering not only her, but also her other siblings for a long time. Rebekah was the only one who knew Klaus’ weakness. She was dumb enough before to be afraid to do it. But it’s time now. It’s time for her to finally do it and let her brother get a taste of his own medicine. She then stood up.

“You have no business about what I’m doing, Damon. And that is why, you can’t know. None of you can.” She replied firmly as she gave him a stern gaze before began to leave and headed up the stairs.

The next night, Caroline laughed along with Elena. They were playing pool at the Grill and drank some beer. It was Elena’s turn so she held the stick and shot the white ball towards the dark blue one, and sent it straight to the hole. Caroline clapped her hands and Elena smiled at her.

“Great shot,” she heard someone say and saw Stefan standing a few steps away, watching her with a smile on his face. He was crossing his arms over his chest. She then rolled her eyes.

“It was an easy one,” She replied. Stefan then chuckled. Elena continued to look at him and she knew that after what happened with Klaus a long time ago, everything has changed between them. Though, they remained friends. It was too sad to even think that several months had passed and Stefan still hadn’t change back when she met him.

“Why don’t I teach you a better shot?” He asked. Elena put her hands in her pockets and sighed.

“No thanks,” She replied. She then saw Damon was about to approach them. “But I think Damon’s about to come and get you.” She pointed at Damon and Stefan turned to look. Damon was still a few feet away and he approached them with his signature smirk.

“Hello brother,” Damon said and he looked at her. “Elena,” he said. Elena gave him a faint smile. She then felt her heart skipped a beat. She loves Damon; she knew that – only she wouldn’t admit it ever again. What kind of girl would she be to love both of them? She doesn’t want to be like Katherine at all.

“Damon,” Stefan said with an annoying smile. He was smirking like an ass, and Elena rolled her eyes. “Here to protect Elena? Oh wait, she’s not yours to protect anyway.” He said. Damon only narrowed his eyes as he gave him a faint smile and his eyebrows rose in amusement.

“No.” He replied. “Actually, I came here for you. Now, why don’t we go and have a drink?” Elena watched them as Stefan smiled and shrugged.

“Sure, why not?” He replied as his eyes shifted to Elena. Damon then put his arm around his little brother’s shoulder as they turned and walked away. Caroline then appeared by her side and she sighed loudly. Elena didn’t realize that Caroline was still there watching.

“Stefan’s being such an ass.” She said. “Ever since Klaus compelled him, he turned into a dick.” Elena crossed her arms over her chest and inhaled deeply.

“Gotta get used to it,” Elena said with her eyebrows arched as she watched the Salvatore brothers walk to the bar.

Stefan and Damon sat on the bar stool as Damon ordered scotch for them. “What’s up?” Stefan asked. Damon only looked at him with a smile on his face.

“While you weren’t home last night, brother, Klaus came by for a visit.” Damon said with a smirk. His brother then frowned in sudden wonder. Why would Klaus suddenly come by the boardinghouse when none of them have any plans for his downfall at the moment? But Damon sensed his brother’s curiosity of why Klaus came to the house, and maybe he was concerned for him. He knew that Stefan was letting his humanity show, although Stefan would never want to admit that.

“What did he do?” Stefan asked. Damon then shrugged indifferently.

“He visited his baby sister, Barbie Klaus.” Damon replied with a wide smile. “Klaus accusing her of waking someone up – which I think is another vampire. Rebekah lied about it saying she didn’t do it and Klaus believed her.” Stefan continued to frown, but he only continued to arch his eyebrows. Yes, it was strange but Damon was more curious of knowing who Rebekah woke. Was there another Original? And he thought that they were a dying breed?

“How did you know she was lying?” Stefan asked. “And why was she doing that to Klaus?”

“I saw it with my own eyes, brother. When Klaus left, she was so relieved. And from what she said, she wants revenge for killing their mother. All I can say is that finally she woke up to reality.” Damon said, shrugging yet again. The bartender finally served their scotch and Stefan took the glass. Damon watched his brother sip, and after a few moments, he too took his glass and sipped as well before he put the glass back down on the counter. That was when someone caught his eye.

A girl sat a few bar stools away from them. She had golden brown hair that had big curls at the end, aristocratic features, deep green eyes, and she wore a black wool coat that had a belt, and it flowed down to knees looking like a skirt. She also wore dark jeans and black patent leather knee-high platform wedge boots. They heard her order some champagne and she all of a sudden turned to look at them. She gave them a faint smile. Damon only smirked and Stefan raised his glass towards her. She definitely looked beautiful. There was something about her, other than her beauty, that Damon couldn't put his finger on. She was alluring, and she held this sort of appeal.

And before Damon could stand up, Stefan stopped him and he was the one who stood up and approached her. He then continued to smirk and rolled his eyes as he sipped on his drink once again. He took a few swigs scotch down to its last drop before he put the glass down on the counter, and he stood up. He was eavesdropping on Stefan's introduction to this girl, and so he knew that it was his cue to enter. So he approached them just as Stefan was about to introduce him.

“And this is my brother, Damon,” Stefan said and Damon gave her a half smile. She was more beautiful up close - it was ethereal, and she definitely looked new in this town. She then looked at the bartender as he served her Cristal champagne, before she turned to the both of them with a warm smile.

“Nice to meet you,” She said. Her voice was very cool and calm, and he also noticed that English accent, which was very hard to miss.

“You’re new here right?” Stefan asked with a charming smile, and Damon only rolled his eyes, because obviously she’s new here. The girl nodded as she sipped on her champagne.

“That’s right,” She replied afterwards. Stefan leaned on the counter and turned his charming smile into a flirtatious one. Damon only put his hands in his pockets as he watched in amusement. If his brother called this "flirting," well, Damon didn't know why these girls fall for it. They all know he's the boring one. "I just arrived in town."

“What do you say we go someplace else? A lady like you shouldn’t be in this kind of place.” And then Stefan compelled her. So that was how they fall for it... How could he have missed it? Compulsion was his move. But then, after a few moments, the girl only laughed, and Damon immediately frowned. Why wasn’t she compelled? Was it because of vervain or was she a vampire? He looked at her, trying to see anything that could be laced with vervain, but he couldn't, otherwise, he'll be able to smell it.

“Do not compel me.” She said in amusement, looking at Stefan as if he was just so ridiculous for doing that trick. Then, she stood up as she faced them with an amused smile. “It doesn’t work." Her gaze fell directly at them, and it was a darting one, yet they glimmered in amusement. "You must the Salvatore brothers, right?”

“Yeah,” Damon said, narrowing his eyes at her. Who was this girl? “And who are you?"

“Elizabeth Rousseau, a friend of Rebekah’s.” She replied, extending her hand for them to shake. Damon and Stefan only stared at it, not wanting to shake hands with her at all. She then withdrew her hand as she shrugged. “Rebekah mentioned she was living at your place. Do you mind taking me to her?” Stefan and Damon looked at each other hesitantly. She could be dangerous for all they knew. But then Elizabeth laughed. “Do not worry, I won’t hurt you. You have my word for that.” Damon walked closer as he glared at her deep green eyes in suspicion.

“How do we know we can trust you?” He asked with his nose scrounged in annoyance, before he revealed his vampire features to scare her off. She blinked her eyes and she slowly smiled at him. All of a sudden, she grabbed his neck and lifted him up a few feet from the hardwood floor. He was nearly choking, her grip was strong, and that could only mean one thing: she was a vampire. She looked at Stefan who was ready to attack her.

“Do not move, Stefan, otherwise I might rip his head off within a blink of your beautiful eyes.” She said warningly with a devious smirk. Once Stefan didn't budge and only stood there with his jaws clenched, she looked at Damon again. “You will do as I say without second thoughts, is that clear?” She then compelled Damon, and she let him go once he nodded. Damon coughed as Stefan only watched them, dumbstruck.

“You’re a vampire.” Stefan said in awe. Elizabeth only smiled while Damon glared at him for how idiotic his little brother was.

“Now that we have been introduced, why don’t you take me to Rebekah?”

Damon and Stefan took Elizabeth to the boarding house where Rebekah was. Elizabeth asked Damon to open the door for her and he did which was not a surprise considering he was compelled, after all. “Rebekah,” Stefan called. “Someone’s here for you.”

“Go ahead and sit,” Damon said in irritation. She was a vampire who compelled him to do what she says, and one wrong move, she’d kill him. Who was she anyway? Why was she here? What was Rebekah up to? Whatever it was, Damon needed a lot to drink to cool his head off.

Elizabeth then sat on the couch in the living room and looked around. “Do you live here, or is this a place where you just - what do those teenagers call it these days? 'Hang out?'” She asked, raising an eyebrow. Damon was pouring himself a drink and he stopped to look at her with a glare.

“We live here,” Stefan replied as he sat on the other couch. Elizabeth nodded just as they saw Rebekah come into the living room. Her eyes widened as she saw Elizabeth in the flesh.

“Elizabeth!” Rebekah said under her breath with wide eyes, yet Elizabeth only stood up with a smirk on her face.

“Surprise, surprise…” She replied and Rebekah approached her.

“I didn’t know you’d be here sooner. If Nik knew you were here…”

“He does not, and he won't. Nobody has trailed my tracks.” Elizabeth quickly interrupted. “I knew you needed me, so I have come here as soon as you…”

“Let’s talk about that someplace else, where there are no eavesdroppers.” Rebekah quickly said as she looked at Damon and Stefan, who only watched them. Elizabeth looked at them too, and she looked back at Rebekah.

Please,” Stefan said in amusement. He pretended that he was offended, and Damon only rolled his eyes at his brother as he put the glass of bourbon down after he drank.

“Shut up Stefan,” He told him as he gave a hard pat on his back. Damon wanted to hit him ever since Klaus had compelled him to turn his emotions off. Who knew that his brother could be a bigger dick than he was? Damon was just as surprised as anyone else. But then again, he was much more badass than Stefan will ever be.

“Alright,” She replied, ignoring the both of them. “Does Nik know I am here?”

“He doesn’t.” Elizabeth then smiled.

“Good.” She said. “It’s easier that way.”

“If he knows you are, I’ll be dead for the next century.” Rebekah warned her. “He can’t know you’re here.”

“He’ll know soon, I’m sure of that. He always does.” Elizabeth replied nonchalantly, sitting down again. “But when he does, I’m sure it shall be fun.”

She then gave Rebekah a wide smile.

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