Understand Me

Chapter 10

The rest of the drive went by smoother. Cas let Dean take over once he felt that he grew too tired and drove the truck for one entire day when the thought alone of getting back up onto the horse made him wince in pain.

“You learned that everybody has their limits,” Dean announced when they were one day out from their destination and ready for sleep. “And that accidents happen if you push them.”

“Is that pride I hear in your voice?” Cas asked, his eyes ripped open.

“Ah, just get over it,” Dean grumbled at being caught out.

“Ok, then I will,” Cas smiled and straddled Dean’s hips.

“Careful there. You haven’t been in the saddle all day. I’m sure you’re already rusty at riding.”

Cas actually chuckled at that.

“What, are you finally getting my humor? Why I never…” Dean smirked.

“Shut up, Winchester,” Cas smiled and pressed their lips together.

Dean responded with an audible gasp and let his hands rake through Cas’ hair.

“And by the way you’re moaning at me, I gather that you don’t mind how dirty we both are right now?” Dean teased again, his hands opening Cas’ trousers.

“Hey, we’ve all had camping showers every morning. We’re clean enough,” Cas mumbled back and unbuttoned Dean’s shirt.

“That’s my baby,” Dean answered with a wide grin, which got replaced by a lusty moan a second later when Cas pulled him up, stroking all over him.

“Will you idjits give it a rest over there?” Bobby shouted from two tents further down and someone, undoubtedly Frank, applauded Bobby’s words.

“Oops,” Cas smirked and bit his lip which made Dean crazy with want.

“We could go on, y’know? Be real quiet about it, too.”

“Let’s wait,” Cas answered and pulled off. “I wanna be as loud as can be.”

“Does that mean we’re finally moving into the cottage now?” Dean asked hopefully, wanting to move in with Cas for a couple of months at this point already, but always putting it off because Cas said it was too much work and Dean conceding because nothing was as hot as Cas stifling his moans when they were together and Dean watched him silently coming apart for him.

“I’d say yes,” Cas grinned, pulling Dean close.

“Say that again for me, baby.”


Dean felt like he’d never stop smiling now. “Awesome.”

The next day, the drive ended and before they knew it, they leaned on the planks to a yard, seeing the entire herd inside.

“This is a good feeling,” Cas beamed.

“Hell yeah,” Dean agreed.

“Let’s get inside. First shower’s mine,” Sam yelled and walked off to the homestead of Frank‘s business partner whom they had delivered the cattle to.

“Not if I’m there first,” Charlie ran off after him and even though Sam was tall, Charlie was lighter and ran faster.

“Crazy kids, huh?” Jess shook her head and rolled her eyes at Dean as the younger ones raced themselves to the homestead.

“Whoever invented younger siblings?” Dean rolled his eyes back at her, grinning and with his arm around Cas’ waist. “But at least they aren’t laughing about my bow legs right now, y’all don’t look much better after a week in the saddle,” he chuckled because that was a running gag that all his closest friends constantly brought up again.

Cas laughed happily with the rest of them and Dean felt as if something that had not quite fit finally clicked into place inside him.

“Dean, this is a dump,” Cas said, very shocked at the inside of the cottage. The walls were blistered in the kitchen, obviously there had been a minor stove fire here, who knows how long ago. The vinyl flooring was loose and cracked everywhere and the waterproofing of the roof hung down low in several places. The pipes were all broken as they found out when they tried to turn on the water and at night and when they laid down, the rusty old metal frame bed gave almighty creaks.

“I’m not sure this was a good idea,” Cas shook his head.

“Then I’ll just have to convince you,” Dean grinned and groped Cas enthusiastically.

Cas moaned loudly as he felt himself caressed, and Dean grabbed his thighs to part them and slide in between them. “Aha, got you now, haven’t I?”

“Yes, Dean. You got me,” Cas keened against him, being louder than ever when Dean prepared him with delicate pushes.

“Dean!” Cas shouted out later, when he bottomed out inside him and finally gave Cas what he couldn’t do during the cattle drive.

“So tell me again how this wasn’t a good idea?” Dean coaxed, riding up into Cas with force, feeling the stretch around himself.

“It was a good idea,” Cas moaned in approval, but he would say anything right now.

Dean had to admit, the creaking of the bed frame grew really obnoxiously loud as they continued to fuck, but it only spurred him on further as Cas shook and moaned underneath him.

“Yes there,” he bit out and his hand sneaked down to bring himself off, his other hand holding on to the frame above his head.

“Fuck!” Dean roared when Cas came around him. A couple of thrusts and he was thrown into an orgasm that had all the sweetness of waiting for it for over a week and finally getting everything he wanted. Not just sex with Cas, but a whole new perspective.

“We’ll fix it up for us. It will be great and maybe if you’re really lucky, you’ll get an espresso machine out of it,” Dean smirked once they were done and Cas looked up at him with a relieved sigh. “Hey, hey! That sigh sounded even more enthusiastic as when you came right now. Does that mean you like coffee more than sex with me?”

“No. ´But I want both, and the sex I just had. Not the coffee though,” Cas smiled and Dean felt himself held in a gentle embrace as Cas showed him that they weren‘t done yet for tonight.

“Let me make it up to you,” he cooed and played with Cas’ tongue until they could go again. “You run the show now, ok?” he breathed at Cas’ plush lips and turned him around so that he was on top of him.

He interlaced their fingers and watched reverently as Cas lost himself above him, riding him hard until Dean felt himself coming inside him once more.

“Baby,” he said with an edge as Cas came back down, panting and stupidly grinning in his bliss. He reacted immediately when Dean lifted his head off the pillow and pressed his hands to Dean’s face before he gave him a heated kiss.

Dean stroked over Cas’ shoulders, gasping and feeling himself falling in love more than he had ever allowed himself before, stroking every inch of Cas he could reach as if he was scared to dent him if he touched him with anything more than a featherlight touch.

He laid their foreheads together, catching Cas’ eye and feeling words bubbling up inside of him, which needed out, needed to be heard. But before he could say them, Cas had smiled at him again, and rolled off to his own side. Dean felt like the moment was over and maybe that was a good thing. He could tell Cas later, because they were gonna have so many more great moments. A whole lifetime filled with moments.

“Dean? Is there a reason why your arms aren’t around me?”

“No, I was just thinking,” he answered and heard a pleased sigh when he snuggled up.

“About what?” Cas yawned and tugged him even closer until Dean’s head was over his shoulder.

“About how I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else than this inside of this run down dump with you.”

“So you admit it’s a dump,” Cas chuckled.

“Of course I do,” Dean laughed loudly now. “Look at it, it’s disgusting.”

“Doesn’t matter. As you said, we’ll fix it. And maybe later, we’ll build a proper house that isn’t all strings and glue holding it together.”

Dean felt a giant bubble of happiness swell inside him at Cas’ words as he nodded against his back so that he would feel it. If he opened his mouth now, he’d say all kinds of soppy shit that he didn’t want to admit out loud.

They were fixing the property for the most part now, digging up the rest of the old irrigation systems and more. Dean repaired troughs, dug up rusty pipes to replace them and laughed loudly at everything funny, no matter how mundane or boring his jobs or the lame jokes were.

Slowly but surely, the cottage was coming along too. At least they had fixed the water and cleaned it up for use now. The most obvious blemishes were dealt with and the smaller ones strategically hidden so it looked almost perfect when you didn’t look too closely. Dean loved it in here, coming home at night to watch a movie with Cas during which he mostly went to sleep curled up against the other man, and got shaken awake with a kiss and a soft word that it was time to go to bed now.

At night he did good on his promise and gave Cas everything he could possibly want. Refreshed by his usual nap on the couch he had all the energy to make Cas lose it for him every time, mostly even two times a night before he held him in his arms to go to sleep.

Life had never been better and that of course meant, it wouldn’t last. Just when Dean hadn’t expected a blow anymore, one came.

Cas told them one morning that his friend from the city would visit him soon.

“I understand if you can’t put him up here, but I kinda don’t have a house at the moment, and we could offer him the cottage and move back into the main house for a week, couldn’t we?“

Dean looked at Cas with his pleading eyes and grudgingly declared himself willing to let the new arrival sleep in his personal little heaven.

He still thought that he and Cas were gonna move in there even temporarily, before they build a house next to the bigger one and then moved in there, growing old together. But once again he told himself to hold his horses about thinking something like that, Cas had said it once and it wasn’t as if he could hold him to it.

“So, this friend of yours… He a city boy too?”

“Yes, and he’s totally clueless about farming too. You’re gonna like him just as much as me at first.”

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