Understand Me

Chapter 14

“What’s he done now?” Sam asked when Dean uncapped a beer and sat down in the chair facing the desk in the office, propping his feet up on the desk.

“Don’t ask, Sammy,” he hid his face in his hand.

“I am gonna ask though,” Sam gave him a completely undeserved bitchface. “What’s it this time? Worse than alpacas and bees?”

Dean steeled himself for a minute, sipping his beer quietly, before he rasped with a face as if the world was ending. “Guinea pigs. Cas wants to breed guinea pigs.”

“Guinea pigs?” the corners of Sam’s mouth twitched before he laughed out loud about Cas’ new project.

“I see you told him?” Cas came into the study too now, propping his feet up on the desk from the other side as he opened a beer of his own.

“I told him, alright,” Dean chuckled and smirked at Cas over the opening of his bottle.

“Well, what do you say, Sam?”

“It’s your decision,” Sam shrugged. “After all, it’s not as we don’t have enough land.”

Cas had offered to merge their farms to one bigger one about a month after he had come back effectively and for good. Mary had punched the air happily and waggled her finger at her eldest.

“I told you so!”

“Who was I to ever argue with you?” Dean had said and hugged his mother who in the end had been right as always.

Mary had moved in on a more permanent basis too because John was still stubborn as ever and didn’t want to apologize for what he had done.

The Winchesters, on the now bigger Cedar Ridge, were not the only ones with family trouble right now. In the eyes of his family, Cas had disobeyed when he did what he pleased with the property that they had wanted him to run to further their empire.

“I’ve had enough of visitors, though,” Dean admitted on the day that they held a ceremony for the now finally resting Abigail Porter who had done her best to get Dean and Cas together even when she did it in her own, not so pleasant ghost way.

“Can we deal with your furious brothers next month?”

“Yeah, might as well,” Cas laughed and then he’d come up with all kinds of new things he wanted to do with the now nine thousand acres of land at their disposal.

Dean really didn’t mind any of Cas’ ideas, he only figured it would be too relaxing if he didn’t object a little at first though. After being on the other side of the fence now, he had seen that organics hadn’t been as he always thought and that had opened his mind to other things as well.

But still, he had to sass Cas when he brought home the first alpaca.

“Dude, it’s a camel!”

“It’s not a camel!” Cas had sassed back and then the alpaca had grunted dangerously and ran away. They toppled over laughing, even when they had to chase after the animal which really didn’t wanna be caught again.

“Well, it looks stupid,” Dean groused once the animal was finally in a yard.

“And it’s wool brings three times as much money as sheep wool. And it hates foxes. They won’t come near our sheep if the alpacas are guarding them.”

“Alpacas? Plural?”

“Yes, they’re social creatures. They need company or they get sad and capricious.”

“Alright, now I like the silly thing.”

“Why?” Cas said thoroughly surprised, but pleased.

“Because I know what it’s like to feel alone.”

Dean heard Cas gulp and then he draped his arm around Dean’s shoulders as they continued to watch the alpaca.

“You’ll never have to be alone again. We’re all with you, me especially.”

“Good,” Dean smiled and the alpaca gobbled loudly in response to his voice.

Dean had also laughed at first when Cas had bought two beehives and put them up far enough away from the homestead that they wouldn’t lose their way and sting them over there. Cas’ new beekeeper outfit looked like he was a space alien, but Dean had to admit when he they tasted the first sample of honey, that he didn’t mind having bees around.

“We might even sell this stuff. You could open a shop, y’know? Or sell it to the local organic supermarket. But there is quality criteria which you have to keep up.”

“Of course,” Cas had beamed. “Will you help me?”

“You know I will,” Dean had answered and pressed a kiss into Cas’ palm. Later, when Cas wanted to tease him about his affectionate gesture, he claimed that he hadn’t done it, and only wanted to lick more honey from his fingers.

Cas laughed loudly at that and Dean thought he’d never get enough of Cas’ completely unstrained happiness, even if it meant living with a handful of alpacas and twenty thousand bees.

Together, they researched which flowers to plant so that the honey would acquire a certain taste. Silently Dean was relieved too, because now he had somewhere to put the manure from the horses he trained, even though he ordered more rock phosphate to fertilize the plants as well.

Still though, when they build a shed with room for a lot of little cages and at least a thousand guinea pigs, Dean couldn’t help but laugh from time to time.

“Stop it,” Cas nudged him as they screwed the last sheet of corrugated metal to the new shed. “This is very serious.”

“Say that again when you have three squealing guinea pigs in your lap and desperately try to not look adorable.”

“No, you don’t understand. I’ll breed them only for profit. Kids will come from all over to buy their new pet from us.”

“Only for profit, huh?” Dean teased. “And the fact that they’re cute as hell and we’ll most likely not eat them doesn’t make them special or anything?”

“This is not Peru, Dean. We do not eat guinea pigs,” Cas said totally scandalized and when Dean grinned, having proven his point about the special place the guinea pigs were gonna hold, he groused: “Shut up.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“But you were thinking. Quit it, and while you’re at it, stop smiling too.”

“Ok,” Dean said and wiped the smile off his face.

They walked back to the homestead but Cas nudged him hard in the shoulder.

“Ouch. What now?”

“You were smiling on the inside,” Cas groused.

“I was,” Dean admitted and had an idea when they passed the windmill on their way back.

“Hey, Cas? Wanna climb up the windmill with me?”

“What? Why?”

“I just wanna show you how it works.”

“Ok, I guess. But tell me where to put my feet.”

“Of course I will.”

Dean helped him up and when they had reached the top step just out of reach of the spinning top, he got behind him, making Cas feel safe as he pressed him against the wrought iron as the rotor blades rotated above their heads.

“This is… amazing to be honest,” Cas said as he could oversee the homestead and yards from a bird’s eye view.

“Yeah, it is,” Dean smiled. “Look, over there are the hives.”

“It looks really nice with all the flowers there, doesn’t it?”


Cas looked around for another 10 minutes, the wind making his hair more unruly than ever as it blew his hat off.

“So what place do you like best?” Dean asked.

“Over there,” Cas pointed to a spot a little further away from the flower garden. “See, the trees form a nice niche there.”

“Then that is where we’ll build our house.”

Cas turned around to face him.

“Really? What about the house on old Porter’s?”

“Would you really wanna live there? I mean, you slept in that house, what? Four nights? And those were ghost comas. I want you to stay here with me, building our own home for our future.”

“I’d like that,” Cas smiled. “Will you keep me from falling if I kiss you now?”

“Absolutely,” Dean smiled and felt Cas reach back to cup his neck while he bent himself to reach back. Their mouths met, and they softly moaned at the first contact, happy pangs at the promise of their future as the rotor blades shifted above their heads and the wind started roaring around them from the back now, aiding them on their first steps of their combined life’s journey.

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