Understand Me

Chapter 6

“You live here?”

“It’s all very fresh. We’re still in the build up,” Sam said, a little embarrassed at the rusty material strewn all across the yard and an old pump he had desperately tried to fix up in pieces all over the carport.

“I meant no offence,” Cas tired to tell them. “I just didn’t realize you’d bring me here. I don’t want to inconvenience you.”

“Shut your face, Cas,” Dean quipped and looked at his brother again. “I’ll take care of him. You can go and check how mom and Bobby get along.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, it’s fine. I know you’re itching to be out there, Sammy.”

Sam nodded and left.

“So, that leaves you with me, huh?” Dean grinned at Cas, who was still shaky. “How about I get you into the house, you clean up and then you tell me what happened?”

“Yes,” Cas said, despite his sleepiness before, very tired.

“Towels, and shower gel are here. Think you can manage?” Dean asked when Cas heavily sat down on the toilet seat.

“I’m not sure,” he gave back. “I’ve been in this cellar all night, I think. And I‘m a little bit shaky.”

Understatement, Dean thought. “Alright, then. Hold out your arms. I might as well check on you while I’m at it.”

Cas held out his arms compliantly and Dean carefully pulled his t shirt up.

“Damn, when I wanted to see you naked, I didn’t think I’d just pulled you out from under a ghost,” he tried to smirk. He popped Cas’ trouser button and slowly went down on his knees in front of him again as he pulled his legs out of the fabric. “And I thought the next time I was down here would be much like the first,” he grinned again, slowly peeling Cas’ boxers down now.
“Now I’ve got you naked and you’re too exhausted to do anything,” he let his fingers trail over Cas’ thankfully free of marks or cuts lower abdomen as he slumped against him with his eyes closing.

“You know I don’t think I’ve been this relaxed since I came out here. The sleep I had there was far from restful at any point. But this feels really nice,” Cas opened his eyes then, his gaze hungry, but undoubtedly shaken up from what had happened to him as Dean undressed too now.

“What are you doing?” Cas said as he clung to Dean’s naked shoulders.

“I’m showering with you,” he whispered, deciding that Cas wasn't gonna be able to stand up, let alone wash himself and there was also no idea that Dean was gonna pass on an opportunity to see and touch Cas while completely nakes. “And don’t worry, I’m not gonna jump you or anything. Not yet, anyway.”

“I do appreciate that, Dean. Once you jump me, I want to be able to fully participate,” he yawned.

“Me too,” Dean gave back and urged Cas back into the cubicle. “But I wouldn’t be opposed to giving you a preview.”

He turned the water on, and once the both of them were completely wet, he lathered Cas up, urging him against the wall and kissing him sweetly, but with undoubted heat in it.

“Fuck, I thought you weren’t gonna wake up again. That scared me more than it should,” he gasped out between kisses as he started rubbing shampoo into Cas’ hair.

“I’m alright,” Cas assuaged him. “And I’d be more than alright, if you’d jerk us of now.”

“Think you can handle that?” Dean said, his soapy hand on the side of Cas’ face, feeling their erections grind together between their bodies.

“Do it,” Cas said, his arms around Dean’s shoulders like too often since they got out of his house and he’d regained consciousness.

“Ok, baby. Here we go,” Dean said and grabbed both their cocks, the slide easy in the hot water, as he jerked them together.

“Did you just call me baby?” Cas’ breath hitched, when Dean started stroking fast and hard.

“Yeah,” he moaned, close to his mouth. “Better get used to it, because I like saying that.”

“As you wish,” Cas moaned as Dean thrusted his hips into his grip now, sliding hot and hard over Cas’ own cock. “Fuck, keep going.”

“Hmm,” Dean hummed as a reply, his lips sucking a trail down Cas’ neck now. “ ‘s good,” he thrusted a couple more times, panting into the nook of Cas’ neck until he felt the other man twitch and come.

Dean followed him a few seconds later, panting out: “Cas, ahhh.”

“Yes,” Cas breathed out, satisfied and clean as Dean turned the water off and helped them both into fresh shirts and boxers, glad that he had already thought of bringing a stash of new clothes for himself as well, a guy could always hope, right?

“Aren’t you gonna put on work clothes again?” Cas asked as he watched Dean dress himself.

“No, I’m not. I’ll bring you to bed now, and I’m not getting up again until you’re well.”

“You don’t need to do that, I can take care of-”

“Shut up,” Dean said again as he helped Cas up the stairs and into his own bedroom. “You’re staying in my bed until I say otherwise.”

“I have the feeling that that would be nothing short of never,” Cas tried to sass as Dean pressed him down into the mattress and slid in next to him.

“You might be right about that,” he whispered and they stared into each others eyes until they both dropped off into a much needed afternoon nap, but not before Dean grouched: “You’re not gonna go all sleeping prince all over me again, you hear me? Or I’ll have to fuck you back to life otherwise, just so you know.”

“Alright,” Cas said sleepily, his fingers trailing little circles on Dean’s back.

What felt like several hours later, there was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Are you decent?” It was Sam.

Dean woke up with a small start, but he calmed down almost immediately when he saw Cas resting next to him, his eyes still closed but a smile on his face, so very different from the almost lifeless form he had been under the ghost sleep.

“Yeah, you can come in, Sammy.”

Sam peeped into the room, not really reassured because Dean’s definition of decent may not fit his own, but he was spared therapy when he saw them both fully clothed.

“We’re finished. Mom’s already started on dinner. It won’t be much, just stuff we got here and the rest from lunch. But if you wanna come down? I think we ought to brainstorm about the thing we saw on Cas’ farm.”

“Yeah, sounds good. Gimme ten minutes,” Dean yawned.

Once Sam had closed the door, he turned Cas around and slid in place over him.

“Wake up, sleepyhead,” he cooed when Cas continued to smile.

For a minute, Cas didn’t move, but then Dean felt arms working their way up his sides and butterflies exploded in his stomach at it.

“Hey you,” he breathed and let his fingers trail over Cas’ jaw before he kissed him softly.

Cas responded immediately, tightening his grip on him, bringing one hand up to card through Dean’s hair.

Dean moaned as more butterflies exploded inside him at that and his heart missed several beats when Cas hooked one leg up around his hips and pressed his hot groin into his own. Feeling Cas’ arousal through one thin layer of clothing made him almost abandon every thought of dinner, but when he heard a stomach growl, his kisses grew softer and his hands stopped roaming Cas’ body underneath his shirt.

“Let’s pick this up after getting something to eat, ok?” he whispered, and when he opened his eyes he saw Cas finally fully awake underneath him.

“I’ll hold you to it,” was the answer as Dean held out a pair of his own jeans for Cas and saw with elatedness that Cas didn’t shake anymore when he slipped into them.

“So, you got any idea who the ghost chick in your house could be?” Dean asked when their lunch table had grown larger by one at dinner.

“No, sadly not. The last thing I remember is how the noises in the house started up again, like every night and how I tried to talk to you on the phone. Then I don’t remember anything more. I must have slept through the entire ordeal, but it wasn’t restful at all. It felt like I was running but could never get anywhere and shouting but no one could hear me. It felt like I hadn‘t slept for days when I opened my eyes.”

“Was it always like this, sleeping in there?”

“Yes,” Cas confirmed.

“What do you think?” Dean asked his mother. “Sounds like the spirit of a coma patient to me, doing that to other people is their usual m.o. if they don't have another trigger. Know anyone around here in a coma, or who was kept in a basement?” he looked at Mary and Bobby.

Mary shook her head, but Bobby looked contemplative.

“I remember something like that, from when I was young. People used to say old man Porter had a sick daughter at home, who couldn’t leave the house or nothing.”

“Sounds like it fit’s the bill,” Dean nodded and took Cas’ hand, making sure he was still all there and not chained up somewhere.

“Do you know where she’s buried?” Mary asked.

“No I don’t,” Bobby answered. “I don’t even know what happened to her. Maybe she’s still alive somewhere, or her dad had her buried somewhere on the property.”

“We gotta do research now, don’t we?” Dean groaned.

“Yeah, we do,” Mary answered. “But only tomorrow. And then Sam and I are gonna do the work. I’ll give him a crash course while you and Cas will help Bobby to finish the fields.”

“Sounds alright to me,” Dean answered and clapped his brother’s back. “You’re gonna love to do the research. Finally I have my trusted nerd with me on this.”

“What makes you two think I even want in?” Sam tried to sound unwilling, but Mary and Dean only looked at each other once, confirming that they both knew Sammy had caught the bug as well.

“Hey, if you don’t want to, you’re not gonna get to torch it.”

“Torch what?”

“The bones, Sammy. Or the bit that’s still tying the spirit to this place.”

“No, I want to,” Sammy said immediately. “It’s kinda the family business, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. Saving people, hunting things.”

Dean looked at Cas, who seemed not opposed or surprised like so many other people would.

“Hunters have a moral code?” he asked, seemingly satisfied with it.

“I don’t think all of them have,” Mary granted. “But our family has always held it so.”

“That’s good,” Cas nodded, happy in the knowledge that hunters weren’t like people made them out to be.

They finished eating in silence, until Bobby popped his neck and yawned: “I don’t know about you lot, but I could use some sleep.”

And with that, they cleaned up and all headed to bed.

“So, you’re not… you know, because you found out that I’m a hunter?” Dean said, with his back to his bedroom door while Cas had already walked further in, fearing rejection now that he knew what he was.

“That would be hypocritical of me, would it not?” Cas came closer. “Given that you saved me today, and plan on putting a troubled soul to rest?”

“It wouldn’t be. I know how people think about hunters. It would be ok, if you wouldn’t want anything to do with me now.”

“Dean? How do you say so felicitously sometimes?… Shut up!”

Dean looked at Cas a little puzzled, but when he felt lips on his again, he melted against the other man, feeling pulled at and guided into the direction of the bed.

“Would I kiss you if I wasn’t fine with you being a hunter?” Cas asked, already stripping off.

“Or would I touch you like this?” he said next, his fingers stroking over Dean’s torso before he all but ripped the clothes off him.

“Or would I let you fuck me?” he questioned one last time when he pulled Dean between his legs, both completely naked on the bed now.

“No,” Dean rasped back finally, “you wouldn’t.”

“That’s right, I wouldn’t. So stop fooling around. I want you,” he pulled himself open, letting Dean tease his fingers over his pucker before he grabbed lube from the nightstand.

Dean coated his fingers and massaged Cas’ rim for a bit before he pushed one in, just up to the first knuckle.

“Feels good?”

“Yes,” Cas gasped, pulling his legs up and exposing himself even more. “Keep going. I wanna feel you.”

Dean fingered Cas open languidly, making sure Cas hissed from pleasure before he widened him further.

“Dean,” he moaned loudly when he was finally three fingers inside him, hitting his prostate with squelching sounds.

“Yeah, I know,” Dean answered. “Do I need uh…”

“No, please. It’s all fine.”

“Yeah, with me too,” Dean answered, lubing up and carefully brushing the head of his cock against Cas’ hole.

“Stop teasing me,” Cas moaned wantonly. “I need to feel you now.”

“You got it,” Dean replied, stroking reverently over Cas’ legs on the side of his hips while his cockhead slowly breached into him.

“Wow, baby. You feel so good,” he practically whimpered at the perfect hot clench around him as he pushed further in, Cas’ body welcoming every new inch of him.

“So do you, feels so perfect inside me,” Cas gasped out as Dean finally bottomed out and he welcomed him back in his arms, locking his feet behind Dean’s back.

“Ready for more?” Dean asked, adjusting a bit, so that his hands were braced next to Cas on the mattress and he had proper leverage.

“Yes, oh yes,” Cas said loudly as Dean almost pulled out and slammed back inside with force. “So good, Dean. More. Kiss me.”

“Uh huh,” Dean moaned, his upper body reaching down until he found Cas’ mouth, interlacing their tongues, hot and wet while he kept pushing into him.

“I feel your cock between us,” he groaned out, thrusting so that he would hit Cas’ prostate.

“Yes, keep thrusting, Dean. It’s so good.”

“Oh fuck,” Dean moaned at feeling another delicious clench around himself as he kept pumping into Cas. “Faster?”

“Yes! Please!” Cas held him nibbling at his bottom lip as Dean picked up a much faster rhythm now, driving into Cas so that his balls slapped against him whenever his cock was all the way in, filling the room with the sound of skin slapping against skin.

“You like that, huh?” Dean whispered filthily at Cas’ broken little sounds and the twitching he felt against his stomach.

“Yes, oh yes!” Cas shouted as hot liquid hit his stomach where Dean had humped over the cock between them.

“Fuck,” Dean bit out when Cas’ channel tightened around him in orgasm and he felt explosive pleasure washing all over his body as he came too.

“Dean,” Cas moaned out again and again while Dean rode his orgasm all out into him.

“Yeah,” he answered when he finally stilled and grabbed the side of Cas’ face with a sweaty, shaking hand when he kissed him.

“Oh,” Cas made a pleased sound when Dean’s mouth found his again and they kissed for a long while until their heartbeats slowed down.

When Dean needed to come up for air for a second, he saw Cas look up at him with a look of pure adoration in his entire expression, and with surprise, Dean realized that his own face couldn’t look much different because he felt it almost frozen into a soft smile that crinkled his eyes.

“You’re pretty awesome, Cas.”

He more felt than heard a dark chuckle rise in Cas’ chest. “You’re not so bad yourself, Dean. I’m so glad we finally did this. I know it’s not been that long since I met you, but it feels like I’ve been wanting to be close to you like this for ages.”

“It feels like I’ve known you for years, even though I technically know almost nothing about you,” Dean agreed, kissing Cas’ nose, before he went on: “Isn’t that strange?”

“No?” Cas angled his head sideways on the pillow, not finding a believable tone with his question.

“Wanna try that again?” Dean chuckled.

“Does this?” Cas deliberately clenched around the cock that was still inside him, so that Dean felt life in it again. “Does this feel strange?” Cas said invitingly, working his channel like a pro.

“It feels fucking amazing,” Dean gave back and felt himself starting to rise again. “Wanna go again before we go to sleep?”

“Understatement,” Cas grinned predatorily as he got up, his hands moving all over Dean’s body.

“What are you doing?” Dean answered, feeling himself twist inside of Cas, hardening quickly.

“I’m getting into my favorite position.”

“On your knees?” Dean asked as he saw Cas twist in his lap and get down on, while pressing his ass out for him. “Isn’t that a little animalistic?”

“Yes,” Cas purred, working his hips on him so that his cheeks jiggled around Dean’s cock. “Now fuck me.”

Dean chuckled again, palming Cas’ presented ass while he slowly began to pick up a rhythm again.

“That’s it,” Cas moaned and Dean saw how he bit his lips as he rocked back onto the cock inside him. “I love it like this.”

“I can feel that,” Dean said, joyous and more than a little wondrous as Cas captured his hand and curled it around his cock. “Please, Dean. Ride me hard.”

“Fuck, you’re perfect,” Dean bit out as he slammed himself into Cas’ more than willing body over and over. Cas moaned even prettier than last time, biting his lips over and over and coming with a shout when Dean expertly twisted his wrist on his cock.

“Nghh, ahhhh!” Dean shouted out as Cas took his next orgasm, shaking and panting with release as Dean pumped his come into him once more.

“I like animalistic,” Dean panted into his ear as he finally collapsed. “You’re the best.”

“You too. I have never been so satisfied as with you, Dean,” Cas let him know as he rolled himself together now, Dean’s cock still tugged away inside him. “Do you think we could do it again in the morning?” he adjusted, so that his heat fully encased Dean and they could sleep restfully at the same time.

“Hell yeah, first thing. But when are you gonna wake up, city boy? Don’t want you all passive and sleepy.”

“I’ll be awake. I don’t have a ghost keeping me up all night, or rather not letting me rest even when I’m sleeping, in case you forgot that.”

“So you’re not a lazy ass, after all?” he chuckled and kissed Cas’ shoulder to tell him that he was just teasing.

“My ass is far from lazy as you’ve received proof of two times tonight,” Cas sassed and Dean felt one of his heartstrings tingle warmly at it.

“You’re right. Your ass is a fucking star, alright,” he kissed Cas’ shoulder again before they settled for the night, tightly locked together.

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