Understand Me

Chapter 8

“So, what are we gonna do now?” Cas asked, sex evident on his mind.

“I gotta go and train that quarter horse I rode today. The owner expects it back in two weeks and I still have a lot of work to do. Besides, your butt couldn’t handle more action, you’re sore.”

“Not in the place where it counts,” Cas wanted to convince Dean, but he flinched when he shifted his legs.

“Take some rest. If you want, you can clean a bit. The house or the horse boxes. Or you could just watch me work with the horse. It’s all fine. You don’t really have to pull your weight around here, you’re a guest.”

“No, Dean. I’m not a guest. I’m eating your food, sleeping in your bed. Hovering your time whenever I can. I should give something back for it.”

“You’re already giving so much,” Dean muttered, embarrassed at what he said, and hoping for Cas to say something equally cheesy back.

Cas only laughed though. “I guess mutual pleasure hardly counts as giving much, Dean.”

Dean felt punched in the gut as he still said in a muttering tone: “Yeah, guess not,” and walked out to the horses.

What had he been thinking? Obviously Cas only wanted him for a short while. It was obvious in everything he said.

Dean had to concentrate on the horse now, he couldn’t afford to think about how pathetic he felt for being all out there emotionally, when it most likely would do him no good in the end.

Sammy dropped by for some minutes in the afternoon, handing him a glass of water as he kept up the training, alternately leading the horse, or riding on it.

“Looking good. How are you gonna go about getting it used to cattle?”

“I thought I’d ask Frank when I could try and drive some over there for a few days, maybe even get her into open campdraft, too.”

“Yeah, sounds good,” Sam agreed, knowing that campdraft was an Australian equestrian sport which needed absolute control over a horse. Bobby, who had traveled a lot to close business deals with John’s partners had introduced Dean to it and together they found out that it really helped with the training if they let the horse chase a heifer around in eights. Heifers were the best for this kind of training because they were the fastest and most unpredictable ones. After Dean had trained his own horse with campdrafting techniques, John had been flabbergasted when Dean had got a stray back to the big drive without any problems at all. The horse was used to sharp turns and maneuverable because of his training. He had thought of renaming his horse Wendy the bendy, but figured that Mary Grace was still the best name for his mare in the end. He had later caught John as he tried to imitate his training, but not knowing how Dean had worked this magic had always driven him crazy. Of course that was before long before he left, so Dean pulled himself together and focused on the present now, teasing his brother.

“And maybe when we’re over there this week, you and Jess can work on that unresolved tension between you, huh? Maybe you need to think with your downstairs brain a little more, ey?”

“Quit it, Dean. Just because you finally manned up and have someone you shouldn’t suppose that everyone needs to get hooked up.”

“I don’t-” Dean tried again and breathed furiously at the hurt that welled up again. “All I’m saying is… Don’t waste time, Sammy. You’ll never know how long you got in the end.”

“Cas still not letting you peek into his cards, huh?”

“Oh, I can see his hand, Sammy. I can see it all too clearly.”

“Maybe you can’t see it as clearly as I can, though.”

“You think there’s hope?”

“Hey, I told you he was gonna be fine, didn’t I? And I told you he was just distracted when you called him. And both times I was right.”

“Hope you’re right this time as well, Sammy.”

“Me too,” Sam said, smiling sympathetically as he tipped his hat at Dean. “I’m gonna try and fix the pump for real now, ok?”

“Yeah. And holler if you need me. We outta get the water working if we’re gonna get some cattle after the corn harvest.”

“Yeah, and get the cottage working. No offence Dean, but you’re really loud. And I’d prefer it if you and Cas had your own place. And maybe he’s just gonna stay for the time ‘til he can go back to his ranch, but even so… please, Dean. There is only so much that ear pax can do for a guy, y’know?”

“Yeah, I get it,” Dean admitted.

Dean concentrated on the horse for the next couple of hours and felt like he was doing good work with it. The animal was responsive and didn’t break out when he taught it the signals for the different paces again and it managed to fall into them easily, so all that was left to do before it could go back to it’s owner was to get it used to driving cattle.

When he looked up just as the sun was setting, he saw Cas watching him from outside the training round.

“How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough,” Cas admitted, a little shy but mostly overwhelmed looking. “It’s very beautiful.”

“Yeah, she’s a beauty. She’ll do her work well.”

“No, I mean everything. You and the horse, working together. You look really at home.”

“Yeah, I guess. I’ve been doing this for a while, y’know?” he grinned, but Cas only frowned at him.

“I know,” he said incredulously.

Dean didn’t know what it was about, but he held out an olive branch anyway. Or rather, a brush.

“Wanna help brush her down?”

“Yes,” Cas climbed over the planks of wood around the training ground and rubbed the nose of the horse that nuzzled against him happily, the mare knowing that it was almost time to go into the stable now.

“Don’t spoil her. She’s a working horse, not a price cup winner,” Dean said, and wanted to give himself a serious kick because he felt like everything these days was a metaphor about him and Cas. He was definitely a working horse, not a coldblood that needed pampering and was overall very sensitive.

Cas only nodded, a little sharply perhaps as Dean led the animal back into his box.

“This is not like the stable you have at home, right?” Cas looked around at the rotten wood and the narrow boxes.

“It’s not up to today’s standards yet, no. But you see this farm was abandoned for a while, otherwise Sammy wouldn’t have been able to pay such a bargain price for it. But we’re gonna fix it up real nice. You’ll see.”

Cas only nodded again, and without speaking, they brushed the mare down, gave her some oats and then made themselves on the way back to the main house.

“Oh and by the way, Sammy said we should fix up the cottage because we’re too loud for his highness to sleep comfortably. What do you say, Cas? Wanna move in with me?”

“What? Into the cottage?”


“Didn’t you say that was gonna be a lot of work until it’s up and running again?”

“Yeah, sure. But it’s not as if we weren’t gonna fix it up anyway and this way we could be as loud as we wanted,” Dean said, his heart thumping in his chest so hard that he was sure Cas would hear it.

“Don’t give yourself the trouble, Dean. I’m sure we’ll find enough places where we can be loud if we’re having to stay quiet when it’s bedtime. And anyway, we’re gonna fix my house and then I can go back to it.”

“Oh, ok. Sure, whatever you want.”

“And of course you’ll come by to visit whenever you can,” Cas smiled and smoothed a hand over Dean’s back.

“Yeah,” Dean agreed and captured Cas’ fingers with his own. “Though I dunno if it’s gonna be as often as when you’re right here, y’know? It would mean two hours drive back and forth to get back here. And we could find a better use for those four hours, couldn’t we?”

Cas clawed at his shirt now and tipped his hat off, pulling Dean close, teasing his tongue over his bottom lip, purring: “I’m sure we could,” and then he kissed him.

Dean felt the inevitable butterflies again, but after today, there was more than a little desperation mixed into his answering kisses.

He moaned and once again pressed himself to Cas, who answered with a lusty moan at seeing the signs that he was wanted so much.

“Dean,” he breathed, up against the outer wall of the house. “We really shouldn’t do this here.”

“I know,” Dean answered, but didn’t show any signs of moving away, he only grinded his hips into Cas’ with more intensity. “I can’t help it though. You’re doing that to me.”

“Let’s take care of this in the shower, ok? Though I have to say dirt and sweat becomes you, I’d like it if I was the reason you were sweaty, and not a whole day of hard work.”

Dean nodded and pulled Cas through to the kitchen and up into the bathroom.

“Don’t stop,” Cas bit out ten minutes later, his legs around Dean’s hips as they grinded their erections over each other once more.

“As if I would,” Dean answered, picking up speed and finishing in another minute. Then he let Cas get down and worked him over with his hand, keeping eye contact and watching the other man lose it for him.

“Fuck, you’re so gorgeous. Especially when you come,” he moaned and kneaded shower gel into Cas’ butt now. The other man hissed at the contact of Dean’s fingers who wisely nodded. “I told you, you were gonna be sore. After dinner I’ll give your ass a massage, ok?”

“With your cock?” Cas asked happily, but Dean shook his head.

“No, a real massage. To loosen the muscle. I can’t fuck you if you’re in pain.”

After dinner, Dean made good on his promise. He got out a half empty bottle of massage oil and ordered Cas to strip.

“Roll around,” he commanded when Cas looked up at him from his back, softly thumping over his half hard cock. But he turned when Dean told him to and he drizzled some of the oil on the round globes of the other man’s ass. Then he spread it with his fingers and started kneading the sore and kinked muscle.

“Fuck, should I get hard from this, or is it just a bonus?” Cas rumbled and doubtlessly felt the soreness leave his muscle under Dean’s ministrations.

“I’d be offended if you wouldn’t get hard, baby,” Dean answered and went over to the next cheek, treating it just like the first.

Cas’ moans got more and more hungry as Dean worked on, until both his firm cheeks didn’t have kinks in the muscle anymore and Dean’s fingers only softly played over the skin before he chuckled lowly and pulled them apart to see Cas’ asshole flutter and clench at seeing the light.

“Fucking shit,” Cas bit out as he felt Dean’s tongue licking a stripe down his hole before he darted in, moaning obscenely happy at feeling tight heat around him as he lapped into his hole.

“Dean, yeah,” Cas nearly shouted after some minutes, and Dean pulled out for a second.

“Shh, baby. You gotta be more quiet,” he plunged two fingers into Cas’ ass and scissored them inside for a bit. “Fuck that’s so hot, you biting a pillow because I make you feel just too good. Stroke yourself, I’m gonna bring you off now,” Dean told Cas and licked back into him with relish, closing his eyes as he grabbed Cas’ cheeks next to his face and kneaded them again, eating Cas expertly, until he felt his inner walls transmit an orgasm out onto his tongue.

“So good,” Dean moaned, rock hard at Cas shoving his ass in his face one more time before he pulled off.

“Dean,” Cas moaned brokenly. “Use me now, I’m too lax to bring you off.”

“It’s ok, baby. Just hold still,” Dean pressed a bit more of oil out into Cas’ crack and then rubbed his cock along in it.

Cas moaned happily and feeling Dean use him like that and propped himself up so Dean had a nice pocket to fuck into between his cheeks.

“Fuck, so good. Even when I’m not inside you. Hmm, fuck gonna…”

“Do it, Dean.”

Dean stroked himself off into Cas’ crack now, watching his semen move inside as Cas clenched his thorough rimmed hole.

“So hot, Dean. Ngh,” Cas couldn’t help himself from moaning when Dean grabbed his cheeks one last time and wriggled them a bit to see his come pop in and out before he cleaned it up with a tissue. He reverently turned Cas around, then cleaning his spent cock and fingers from his own jizz.

He grinned at Cas, then slowly felt the smile fade as he played the other man’s fingers, kissing every tip softly before he stroked Cas’ entire hand over his face, smelling and licking his wrist and pressing another kiss to it.

“Dean, if you keep that up, I’m gonna get horny again,” Cas smiled happily with eyes closed as Dean kissed his way up his entire arm next.

“No, it‘s not for getting you horny. I’m just kissing you goodnight,” he smiled when he worked his way up Cas’ jaw and finally found his mouth again. “You taste so good,” he licked over his lips before he obscenely lapped into the other’s mouth again.

“You’re so gentle,” Cas purred as his fingers found Dean’s hair.

“I can be,” Dean smirked and opened his eyes to see Cas staring at him with a wondrous expression. “I can be anything you’d like. I can take you like animal, I can worship every inch of you when we’re together, I can be quick and hot for you. Just let me know what you’re up to and I’ll do my best to make you feel good.”

“You’re truly amazing,” Cas replied and Dean felt his fingers move down his neck, returning the favor of the massage now.

He sighed contently when Cas pulled him down and massaged his entire back before he was satisfied that Dean was sufficiently relaxed and sleepy from being pampered.

Dean was happy, but at the same time he couldn’t help but wonder if this was maybe nothing more but the afterglow of really great sex and how much he could really hold Cas to the things he said after they had come. He wished that Cas really thought that he was amazing, but he wasn’t sure if what they had also existed outside of the bedroom.

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