Rabbit and Carrot

Chapter 13

What… did… he… just… say…?

"You…" I frantically searched my brain for something to say and my heart pounded away at a record rate. A thought struck my head and I blurted out, "Sure, where do you want to go? I think the only place that's still open at this hour is the convenience store …"


What did I just say?

Commence string of swear words and a mental kick-myself-fest.

I watched as Ichigo stiffened, his face both colouring and darkening at the same time, and then looked down at his feet, "Forget it." He went into the bathroom and slammed the door.

I looked down at Chappy, feeling ashamed of myself, "Oh my God, Chappy, what did I just do?"

Despite how many times I've heard people call me 'monster', 'cold-blooded' and the like, at that moment, I truly felt like I was the worst person in the universe.

The darkness around me stretched onwards but I kept walking. Muffled sounds echoed around me but I ignored them until I heard one distinct voice.

"Please, don't hurt me," the voice cried. "Let me go, please!"

I searched blindly for the owner of the voice. There…I slowed to a stop when I saw the scene in front of me. This…

A girl stood, straight and proud, in front of a cowering girl and brandished a dagger dripping with fresh blood.

"Please, let me go...!" The girl cried again and again before letting out an ear piercing scream.

I sat up, soaked with sweat and panting.

Why did I have that dream again, after all this time?

Running a hand through my hair I padded down the corridor to Ichigo's room in a foul mood.

I stood at the doorway, staring at the neatly made bed, biting my lip till I tasted blood.

He was already gone…

I walked to the desk next to the bed and picked up the piece of paper.

Thanks for letting me sleep here and…

I'm sorry.


Sorry? Sorry for what?

With a heavy heart, I went back to my room to change into a loose, white shirt and shorts. Then I trudged into my living room.

"Good morning, Rukia-sama," my chef cheerfully greeted, completely oblivious to my mood.

Grabbing a piece of toast I headed straight for the elevator, "I'm going for a jog."

"Would you be coming back for lunch, Rukia-sama?"

I nodded and then, in a tone I deemed dangerous enough, I said, "If anyone attempts to contact me today, the next time they wake up they're in hospital. Understood?"

I caught a glimpse of my chef's panicked face before the door slid closed.

Kuchiki Rukia-sama was one unhappy rabbit that day.

Damn, why am I using that corny nickname?

Pushing all thoughts out of my mind I quickly finished my piece of toast and switched my iPod on. I ignored everyone in the foyer as I concentrated on only the music. As soon as I got outside, I broke into a jog. I saw a flash of red and knew Renji had followed me. He was the only one who could kind of keep up with me if I decided to sprint.

I frowned. Was it just me, or had the security around me gotten tighter recently?

That aside, my eyes slid closed as the warmth of the sun washed over me. It was mornings like these where I could push everything aside and concentrate on jogging.

If only I hadn't chosen to listen to music that day.

If I hadn't been so focused on the music, I would've recognised the signs and prevent so many things from happening…

One second, I was jogging along the empty sidewalk listening to my music.

The next…

A van pulled up on the road beside me and four people jumped out. Two of them ran straight at me. One grabbed both of my arms while another person took away my glasses and placed a blindfold over my eyes.

I heard a voice that belonged to Renji's but I was quickly pulled into the van. "Renji!"

"Rukia-sama," I heard Renji yell. "Damn bastards, get off me!"

The sound of the van's door sliding closed sounded like the gates of hell opening. Biting my lip, I tried to remain calm as my captors drove off.

I thought back to all those times people had kidnapped me during my childhood. And every single time I had found a way out. I wasn't a black belt in karate for nothing and since the dawn of time, my brother had been teaching me all the knowledge I needed to get through any kind of scenario.

A hand appeared on my face and I flinched in alarm. I smelt something sweet as a cloth was pressed over my nose and mouth. I held my breath but I knew the inevitable would eventually come.

Exactly 89 seconds before my need for air overcame me. Taking in a big gulp of air, I also inhaled a large amount of chloroform in one go.

I heard someone groan, "That red-haired guy sure kicks hard."

"I know," another complained. "He got me in the stomach, too."

I know that voice… but from where?

Before my groggy mind could work out who the voice belonged to, I blacked out.

I woke with a start as icy cold water was poured on me. I gasped and my eyes snapped open but the blindfold was still on so I couldn’t see anything. When I tried moving, I heard the clink of chains that restricted my movements. It didn't take me long before I realised I was chained to a chair and that my idiotic kidnappers had left the padlock against my chained wrists.

My blindfold was yanked off and it took me a few seconds to get used to the change in lighting. I was in a giant, poorly-lit, empty warehouse with approximately thirty people around me. Some were at the side, sitting in sofas and playing poker. Others were chatting while smoking or drinking.

"You sure we got the right girl? This one seems a bit short for a Kuchiki."

I glared up at the person who took my blindfold off. He stepped back and made a face.

"That look… she's definitely a Kuchiki," another male appeared next to him. "Right?"

I slid my icy gaze over his stubble filled face and looked at the other parts of the warehouse.

"Hey," a third voice joined in their conversation. "Doesn't she look like the girl we shot the other day?"

I heard their every word but pretended I wasn't interested. A girl who looked like me? Slowly so that they wouldn't realise, I pressed a button on my watch and a needle popped out. I began to pick the lock but kept a straight face so my plan wouldn't be discovered.

"That's impossible," a fourth person gave a laugh. "She's in hospital, isn't she? How could she be out here this morning, jogging like nothing happened?"

"Yeah, wasn't there an article about it," another voice chimed in. "Said the girl went into a coma."

I froze. No, it was just a coincidence.

"This isn't the girl we shot," someone confirmed. I glowered at the person who stepped up to me but he didn't seem to care. Reaching out a hand, he flicked the strand of hair that hung between my eyes, "The other girl had this too but it was frayed near the end."

The other guys let out 'Oh's and 'Ah's.

I heard a faint click as the deadlock was opened but I was frozen.

There was no doubt they were talking about my sister.

But didn't she…

I remembered catching a glimpse of bandages when I was back at that hospital…

She was shot?

Anger coursed through me and I shot up from my chair just as a door to my left sprang open.

A hooded figure that seemed like their leader walked in followed by two other boys.

I widened my eyes in shock when I saw those orange locks that stood out so brightly in the darkness.


Those brown eyes were lacking their usual warmth and confidence but I could recognise them anywhere.


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