Rabbit and Carrot

Chapter 1

I slipped on my school jacket, black-framed glasses and then straightened my bow tie.

Mind you, I had perfect eyesight. My glasses were only worn so I could hide behind something…

I combed my long, black hair into a ponytail and reached for my school badge. Giving Chappy, my pet rabbit, a light tap of the head, I left my room.

I was greeted with the sweet smell of maple syrup when I walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Rukia-sama," my chef greeted from the stove. "Pancakes are for breakfast today."

I nodded before quietly sitting down at the table. My lack of response, as always, didn't affect my chef's happy attitude. He hummed a tune while gently placing a plateful of pancakes in front of me.

"I put your lunch next to the stove, Rukia-sama. I will be back later today to cook your dinner but if you need anything I'll be downstairs like always," with that he bowed and left.

I looked around the now empty penthouse apartment while enjoying the sweet taste of my breakfast. Ever since I entered high school, I had been living in this penthouse apartment. I lived by myself but cleaners, cooks, and my brother's employees came and went every day. The majority of people working under my brother lived in this very apartment. I know this is for them to keep an eye on me, keep me out of trouble, but they insist it was a coincidence they all rented an apartment owned by their boss.

Quietly finishing my stack of pancakes, I left the used dishes in the sink and put my lunch into my bag. "See you later, Chappy," I said to my sleepy, white rabbit before leaving. My 'house' filled the whole top floor of this apartment complex so an elevator door replaced the front door.

The ride down to the ground floor was quiet save for the soft music playing in the background. I closed my eyes until the soft ding told me I was at my destination.

"Good morning, Rukia-sama," various voices called when I stepped out of the elevator.

I nodded with a straight face at the two rows of men clad in neat, black suits bowing in front of me. I was known for being uncaring and cold and I wasn't planning on altering that reputation anytime soon.

"Have a good day, Rukia-sama!" They all called in unison as I left the building with an inaudible sigh.

The fiery-red-haired boy standing closest to the front door was the only one not in a suit. Like me, he was wearing the Karakura High School uniform.

"Man, this is my third year living there and I'm still not used to them," he rubbed the back of his neck while catching up to me. "I don't get how you can treat them like they're air. Well, you treat everyone like that but I mean…"

The person walking beside me was my self-proclaimed childhood friend, Abarai Renji, who was also my bodyguard even though I could beat him in combat any day. He never fails to find something to say or do and reminds me of a baboon. With him around, I never have to talk to people and I quite liked that.

Ah, I'm not antisocial. Just that getting too close with people would cause many, many complications.

And no, I'm not trying to find an excuse for having no close friends at school.

We joined the scattered groups of students all heading toward Karakura High School. Everyone had the same reaction when they saw me - widened-eyes followed by a squeak in momentary panic, then a quick bow and escaping before I even waved or opened my mouth.

Maybe it was my status, younger sister of the internationally famous and unbelievably rich lawyer Kuchiki Byakuya who also owns chains of shops, restaurants, hotels, clubs and the like, but ever since I could remember I was feared and because of that I became an ice queen of some sort. Nothing's been able to move me yet.

Emphasis on the 'yet'.

The day passed normally until lunchtime.

I was sitting with my back against the wall on the roof, enjoying my break in peace. I liked to eat lunch by myself. Not even Renji dared to threaten that silent rule and he made sure no one else did as well.

But whatever he usually did to keep other students away from the roof didn't work that day as I found myself jump to my feet when the door suddenly burst open.

"F*ck, how many times do I need to say my hair colour is natural!" I heard a low voice growl in frustration.

Obviously, I was not happy at all. Everyone knew the roof was off-limits at lunch.

Well apparently everyone except him.

I heard rustling as the newcomer reached into his pockets, lit a cigarette and let out a lungful of poison into the atmosphere. I cleared my throat in frustration at the orange-haired figure. He turned around and then rolled his eyes.

"Tch, just a student. What do you want?"

I stared into those chocolate-brown eyes and felt myself drown in them almost immediately. Shaking myself back to reality I said in my infamous cold monotone, "I'm not 'just a student'. I am the school president, or are you too stupid to read my badge?"

"Ah, the Kaichou," he hit his forehead with his palm while sounding like he just found a rare animal, "The girl who used money and her brother's name to become the school's student president?"

"I did not rely on my brother to get into this position," I replied. Other people would have recognised my dangerous tone and escaped but it seemed that this idiotic carrot had too thick a skull to realise.

"Sure, sure," he shrugged. "Now go back and play with your expensive glass dolls or whatever rich girls play with."

I clenched my fists. Really, I am usually not this easily motivated but somehow he had gotten on my nerves. People who got on my nerves usually ended up, well, not very good.

Just as I was contemplating whether to punch his face in, yet another person charged through the door.

Renji skidded to a halt when he saw the boy and then looked at me guiltily. His forming black eye told me everything. "Sorry, Rukia-sama…"

"Useless," I clicked my tongue and strode off the roof. Renji quickly followed behind me .

"Typical rich girl to have an obedient pet dog, huh, try finding a better one next time though, he couldn't even dodge my punches…" His taunting shout echoed in the staircase.

I glared at Renji who shrugged and gave an apologetic smile.

I knew this school had a few problem students but I hadn't realised there was such an eye-sore amongst the people here. Something needed to be done.

I thought back to those warm brown eyes that didn't fit with his attitude and my frown deepened.

And that, after three years of attending the same high school, was my first meeting with Kurosaki Ichigo, number one troublemaker in the area and the boss of the delinquents at our school.

It was quite unforgettable - in more ways than one.

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