Rabbit and Carrot

Chapter 28

I rolled my shoulders tiredly as I entered the foyer of my apartment. I regretted not keeping up my usual daily trainings this year… I had gotten rusty and it took me more time than I should have to get the job done. I urged the lift to come quicker so I could finally eat some dinner.


My dinner… I groaned disappointedly.

With a sigh I turned toward Ulquiorra and tried not to glare at him.

"I'll get someone to cook something for you while we are speaking in my office," he said when he noticed my expression.

My face lit up. Well, that changed things. "What did you want to talk about?"

He spoke up when we were back at his office, "Another person has gone missing. Tomi."

My chest tightened. "Around where?"

He drew a circle using his finger on the map. It was at a completely different place than I was at earlier that day.

"What was he doing in that area?"

"He was in charge of following Kurosaki-san today."

I froze. They weren't just targeting me?


"Do you know any other information besides that?"

"Tomi's kidnappers left something around the area Tomi was taken," Ulquiorra said quietly. "It was the body of the second person who went missing. His condition is like Jun's and an 'S' was branded over the tattoo on his calf. We were the first ones to see the body and we hid he news from the media."

"Good," I massaged my temple. What the hell was happening…?

"We are still going through the recordings from the security cameras in the surrounding area but when we find something I will contact you."

"I had a talk with yakuza members from another group today," I told him. "The person who placed Jun's body there came from a different organisation from them but they managed to get a rough description of the culprits. They saw two people, a male and a female, in a white van stop at the entrance of an alley. The man who dumped Jun's body there had wavy, dark brown hair and was taller than average. The woman stayed in the car but they've seen her before so they know what she looks like. According to them she has wavy, long hair with hazel eyes. I'll write up everything I heard in more detail and send it to you later."

"I understand. Oh, and Kurosaki-san wasn't harmed so he doesn't know what happened," he added.

"Ok," I said half-heartedly and heading for the door. "I'll drop off the report before I go to class tomorrow." I was in the lift before he even uttered a reply.

"Carrot? I'm home," I called while taking off my shoes. I found him sitting at his laptop, tapping away while his headphones blasted music into his ears. I slid them off and he looked up in surprise.

"Hey," he smiled. "Where have you been all this time? Your phone was off. I couldn't contact you all day. Do you know h– woah!" His sentence was cut off when I threw my arms around his neck.

"Rukia?" I hid my face in the crook of his neck.

Despite all the promises I made to myself, I still put you in danger. I want to hit myself. I'm sorry, Ichigo, I'm so sorry…

"Usagi-Kaichou," he grabbed my shoulders and gently pushed me back so he could look into my eyes.

"I'm not a Kaichou anymore," I reminded him while avoiding his eyes.

"Do I look like I care?" he put his finger under my cheek and forced me to look at him. "You still owe me an explanation by the way. You promised-"

"That I wouldn't keep anything from you," I finished for him, "Even if it means putting you in danger."

"Because I'd rather be in danger than not know what's happening and let my girlfriend be in danger by herself."

"I know," I sighed and bit my lip. I looked into the brown eyes that I have come to love so much and made up my mind.

"I'll explain everything after I sort things out."

"That ruins the whole point of making the promise," He frowned. "Don't forget I was the number one delinquent in Karakura. I know how to take care of myself."

"No, you don't," I objected. "This is nothing like high school gangs, Ichigo."

"It's way more dangerous and serious and you will die if I make the wrong move. You've told me many times, Rukia, I know what I'm signing up for."


"Stop treating me like some doll made out of glass. I want to be with you as an equal and not someone you need to protect all the time."

I looked at my feet, not knowing what I should say after his outburst.

"I just don't want you to get too involved with the yakuza world," I said quietly.

"Well it's a bit late now isn't it," he retorted sarcastically, "Since I'm dating the future leader of one of Japan's largest yakuza organisations."

"Well, I'm sorry for dragging you into this…" I brushed his hands off my shoulders and walked out of his room.

"Oi, I didn't mean it that way… Oi!" He scrambled out of his chair and grabbed my arm. He placed his hand on the space beside my head and effectively blocked me between him and the wall.

I looked up at him. "Ichigo, do you trust me?"

"I do," he said without hesitating.

"Then don't worry about this and let me sort this out myself."

"Why are you so stubborn," he groaned but eventually sighed in defeat. "Fine, I'll let this go this time."

"Thank you," I said with a smile. "Try not to get into any trouble, ok?"

"Well, I haven't caused any fights since I entered university so," he rubbed his chin thoughtfully, "but I think that chick I flirted with last week might've been some yakuza boss' secret daughter."


"I was joking," he quickly said when I glared at him. "Just wanted to lighten up the mood… Have you had dinner yet?"

"I had some spaghetti when I was talking with Ulquiorra before."

"Good," he nodded approvingly. "You should get some sleep. It's already passed midnight."

"But I need to work on-"

"Go take a shower and sleep, Usagi-Kaichou," he pushed me toward the bathroom. "You need rest! You look like a zombie. I'm taking your laptop so you can't work on whatever you need to work on behind my back. You can get it off me tomorrow morning."

"I'll be fine," I insisted but he kept frowning at me so I had no choice but to do what he said.


"What now?"

He surprised me by hugging me from behind and resting his chin on top of my head, "I really didn't mean it that way when I said those things before, so don't take it the wrong way."

"I know," I reassured him.

"I'll never regret becoming your boyfriend, Rukia," He leaned down, placed a quick kiss on my lips and went back to his room. "Good night and sweet dreams, Usagi-Kaichou," he said while chuckling at my face.

"Baka," I muttered while I fought my oncoming blush.
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