Rabbit and Carrot

Chapter 2

"I am not unaware of this problem with delinquents at our school, Rukia-san," my principal leaned back in his chair. "Most of them are quite easy to keep in line but there is a certain student who refuses to listen…"

As if on cue, the door opened and a boy grudgingly stepped in, "What do you want, old man?"

"Good afternoon to you, too, Ichigo-kun," our principal smiled at him.

Ichigo visibly cringed and then frowned when he saw me.

And I… found myself getting lost in those eyes again.

Damn, I really need to get a hold of myself.

"What's she doing here?" I glared at his hand that was pointing at me rudely. He glowered back as he sat down.

I looked at our principal expectantly. He hadn't told me his plans, either. I had a feeling something unpleasant was going to happen.

Last time I had this feeling I was kidnapped and transported to an isolated island where I had to survive for two weeks before my brother's men could find me. Horrible.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand…

Our principal looked at the both of us before saying, "Ichigo-kun, your lack of attention to your education is very worrying. To say it directly, you are on the edge of being expelled."

Yes! Do us a favour and leave… I urged on in my brain whilst keeping a straight face.

I don't want to show off but I'm the epitome of 'poker face'. No one's been able to read my expression before, not even my sister or her husband.

"But we, of course, do not want that to happen. So, to help you improve you're grades, the teachers and I have decided the student president should be your tutor."

Wait… What did he just say?

I glanced at the carrot to make sure I heard right and he looked back with suddenly panicking eyes that confirmed my thoughts.

"Until when?" I managed to ask in a calm voice.

"Until the end of this term," our principal replied while checking the calendar.

Another glance with the carrot-head.

F*ck, we only started school last week so… I'm stuck with him for the nearly three months? F*ck…

"You've got to be kidding me," Ichigo finally exclaimed. "You can't… I'm not putting up with this sh*t!"

"Oh, but you must, Ichigo-kun," our principal smiled knowingly at him. "If you do not, you will be expelled." He turned to look at me, "If he does not pass the mid-terms, you will be partially responsible, as well, Rukia-san. You will be stripped of your position."


I stared at him blankly.

"Understood?" He smiled at us.

Both of us nodded.

"Good, I have a meeting now," he stood up. "I'll be keeping an eye on your grades, Ichigo-kun, and only that. I have no longer interested in how many days of school you skip as long as you pass your tests. But no cheating, of course."

"Goodbye, Ukitake-sensei," I mumbled as he exited the room.

Ichigo suddenly stood up, startling me, and I found myself following him out the door.

"At least say something, damn it," He clicked his tongue when he realised I was behind him. "I swear you'll scare the living daylights out of someone one day if you keep acting like a ghost."

He was surprisingly talkative.

"Rukia-sama," Renji got up from his seat outside the principal's office. He stared at our principal who was walking away and frowned. Ever since we entered high school, Renji had a grudge on Ukitake-sensei but I never understood why. I thought back to their first meeting, where Renji was late to school and Ukitake-sensei made him run around the school ten times. But something told me that wasn't the reason. "What did he want to tell you?"

My expression darkened and Renji took a step back, surprised. I pointed to the figure beside me, "I'm stuck with him until the end of term."

"What?" his brow furrowed.

"I have to tutor him," I sighed.

His mouth formed into a perfect 'O' and I sighed again.

"Well, laters," Ichigo waved and walked off.

"Oi," I called feeling a bit surprised. "You can't just leave."

"Uh, yeah I can?" he replied and kept on walking. "He said he didn't care if I skipped school."

"Oi..." I clicked my tongue and started to chase him.

"Rukia-sama, what about class?"

I clicked my tongue again, "I'll be fine. You go back first."


"Go," I glared at him and said in an icy tone.

"Yes, Rukia-sama," he walked off and I ran in the direction I saw Ichigo leave in.

As expected, I found Ichigo at the tall brick wall surrounding the school. He jumped and grabbed onto the top of the wall, flipped across and landed softly on the other side.

"You shouldn't skip class if you want to pass your tests," I crossed my arms and said.

"Holy sh*t, seriously, stop appearing out of nowhere!" came Ichigo's muffled reply from the other side of the wall.

I rolled my eyes. Looking at the wall, I silently cursed my height – or lack thereof. Taking a few steps back, I ran up to the wall and jumped. My hands latched onto the top of the wall and pulled myself up. I sat on the wall and glared down at him. "Go back to class."

"No," he challenged.

A cold wind blew passed us as we continued to glare fiercely at each other.

"Ah," he snickered. "Rabbits and stripes patterned pa-"

In a flash I dropped down from the wall and pushed him against a nearby tree. "What did you say?" I hissed with my hand pressed against his throat.

He continued to snicker, "Nothing, Usagi-Kaichou."

I felt my face heating up and cursed myself for forgetting to wear my safety pants. Then again, I hadn't known I would be climbing fences and skipping class with an arrogant carrot.

"Oh? You're blushing?" Ichigo continued to say. "Everyone says you're always expressionless and distant but I wonder what they would say if they saw this…"


My… heart… froze…

I stared in horror at the innocent looking phone in Ichigo's hand. He turned it around and I found a red-faced me staring right back at me with a surprised expression. So that's how I look when I don't bother keeping a poker face… Why wasn't I keeping my poker face on around him, anyways?

"Give me that!" I snapped and lunged for the phone but he held his phone up high knowing I couldn't reach. "You will pay, Kurosaki Ichigo, if you don't give me your phone right now!"

He kept laughing so I punched his stomach.


Other than being known for being cold, I was also violent and unforgiving.

Do not be deceived by my baby face and height!

With a yelp in surprise and pain, Ichigo doubled over. In that instant I snatched his phone off him and deleted the photo before giving it back to him. "See, if you had given your phone to me earlier you wouldn't be in this much pain."

Through the pain in his abdomen, he grinned and held something up.

"You didn't," I narrowed my eyes at the small memory card in his hand.

"Yeah, I did," he replied, trying hard to keep a straight face.

"Give me that!" I jumped forward only to glare at the card which was painfully out of reach. I looked at him, an idea suddenly formed.

"Hope you're not ticklish!"

"Ah, f*ck, stop that…!"


Who knew such a 'perfect' example of a badass leader of a gang within the school was ticklish. And who knew the said leader would lose his balance and pull the school president down with him as he fell…

My first thoughts?

Holy sh*t this wasn't happening.

And, quite embarrassingly, my second thoughts were…

His lips are surprisingly warm and soft…

And that was my first time skipping class.

And let me tell you, truancy is not fun.

I think…?

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