Rabbit and Carrot

Chapter 30

I stared at her while I tried to find something to say.

Matsumoto tapped her finger on her cheek thoughtfully, "I think I've seen you somewhere before."

"I'm Kuchiki Rukia," I bowed slightly as I introduced myself. "I go to the same university as you but I study business." And I'm also Ichigo's girlfriend. Yes, the same Ichigo that people think is going out with you, I added in my head.

"It's Matsumoto-sempai," Akane suddenly appeared beside me and looked at her with twinkling eyes. "I never knew you worked here."

"I started working here a fortnight ago," Matsumoto replied. "Did you girls find anything you like?"

"The clothes here are so pretty," Akane nodded. "Do you think you can find something good for Rukia-san to wear? She hardly pays attention to what she's wearing. It's such a waste since she's actually really pretty, right?"

But I do pay attention to what I wear, I wanted to retaliate. I choose clothes that don't stand out and make me easy to forget…

I fidgeted under Matsumoto's scrutinizing gaze before she clapped her hands excitedly, "I know exactly what types of clothes will suit you! Let's give you a make-over."

She dragged me around the shop with so much enthusiasm that I felt bad if I turned down her offer so I stayed quiet. The three girls kept handing me clothes to try out and gushed every time I walked out of the fitting room in different outfits.

Why am I here again? I sighed as I tried on yet another dress. It was a white, strapless one that ended just above my knees. The dress was quite plain but the bottom half of the dress had patterns embroidered on it. I touched the fabric and was surprised by how soft it was.

"Rukia-san, are you done yet?"

"Yeah," I called and walked out of the fitting room.

"You look amazing!" Akane gushed happily. "Wait, don't move! Let me take a photo!"

"Eh…" I sighed but stayed still until she finished snapping photos.

"You should really buy this," Matsumoto piped up. "It looks great on you!"

I looked down at the dress and bit my lip. Well, I suppose I could wear it to those cocktail parties that brother always drags me to…

Three hours later, I stepped out of the shop carrying three bags in each hand that were filled to the brim with clothes.

"Wow," Nobara peered at the bags. "So this is how rich people shop…"

"No, I don't usually do this… It's because you guys kept telling me to buy the these," I shook my head quickly and looked at the clothes I bought too. Honestly, how did I end up buying this many? "I only planned to buy one or two."

"I'm so sorry, Rukia-san," Akane apologized and looked at me with teary eyes. "I didn't know you would end up buying most of the clothes we picked for you…"

"Ah, it's fine," I said hurriedly. "My closet was a bit out-dated anyway."

"Really?" Again with the teary eyes… She kind of reminded me of Chappy when she wanted a hug.

"Yeah," I smiled. "Well, I think I should head home. I'll see you guys tomorrow?"

"Make sure you wear your new clothes tomorrow," Akane nodded and waved, "Bye!"

After tidying up the clothes I bought and put them in my closet, I had a quick dinner. Ichigo had called to say he was going to be home late so I ate by myself.

Well, they really weren't joking when they said she had a good figure, I mused grimly when I had finished eating dinner. I lay down on the couch and used the armrest as a pillow.

Matsumoto is taller, more attractive and friendlier. She was probably really smart too, since she is studying medicine... No wonder people would think Ichigo and her are going out, I sighed heavily.

"What are you sighing about, Usagi-Kaichou?" Ichigo asked as he took off his shoes.

"Welcome home," I greeted. "How was your day?"

"It was… alright," he said after a pause.

"I see," I answered while studying his expression. He looked like he was hiding something. He was probably thinking about those two guys today, I realised. Since I escaped before they saw me, Ichigo thinks I don't know about it.

"You didn't answer my question," he sat down on the coffee table so he could face me. "Did something bad happen again?"

"No, nothing bad has happened," I said. I sat up and looked at him, "Ichigo… do you think I'm too short?"

Ugh, two members were still missing, another two had shown up dead and yet here I was, thinking about my relationship with Ichigo. There's something very wrong with me.

He stared at me as if I had asked him if he was an alien before bursting into laughter, "What are you talking about all of a sudden? You never cared about your height before."

"Forget it," I crossed my arms and stood up. "I'm going back to my room."

"I like you just the way you are," he said. "Because I can do this," with one hand, he pulled me into a hug and used his other hand to tilt my head upwards. He placed his lips on mine and my eyes slid closed on their own. My arms automatically wrapped around his neck as he deepened the kiss. He sat down on the couch without breaking the kiss and I sat on his legs. His hand travelled up my side and-


Our eyes opened and I pulled away quickly whilst trying to control my breathing.

"Fuck," he said breathlessly and ran his hand through his hair.

I untangled my limbs from his and quickly went to the phone, "Hello?"

"Kime-sama, a team has found someone who witnessed Tomi's kidnapping. Do you want to see them?"

"Tell me where they are, I'll go there now," I noted the address Ulquiorra gave me and hung up. Running into my room, I changed my clothes and put on make-up and a wig to disguise myself in record time before running back out.


"I need to go do something," I told him. "I'll be back later, sorry."

I got off my bike and checked my wig was in place before pulling up the hood of my jacket. I always wore my white jacket as part of my disguise and it covered most of my face, allowing my identity to stay hidden. I saw some members from Kings and they led me to the witness.

Her again? I mentally groaned.

Matsumoto Rangiku was leaning against the wall, shuffling her feet. When she heard me approach she looked up but she couldn't recognise me due to my disguise.

"Thank you for waiting," I said to her. "I believe you said you saw the kidnapping that happened a day ago?" Has it only been a day? It felt like a life-time ago…

She nodded and gestured to the guys around me, "I already told them what I saw."

"Can you repeat it again?" I told her. "When you're done, you can go home and forget you ever saw us." Which was highly unlikely, considering the scary faces the people around me were wearing…I tried not to imagine how they managed to get information out of her in the first place.

Matsumoto heaved a sigh, "Fine. I was walking home after I finished my classes at my university and saw this white van parked a few blocks down. A brown haired man and a girl with long hair climbed out carrying a guy between them and disappeared between two buildings. A little while later, they ran back to the car while carrying a different person. They had a little struggle before they managed to tie him up. Then they dumped him into the van and drove off."

"Do you remember the number plate?" She shook her head. "Why didn't you call the police?"

She looked at me incredulously, "Are you kidding me? I saw the gun holsters strapped around the brown-haired guy's waist. I wasn't about to get myself into a situation like that. Plus, it was obviously some dispute between gangs. Calling the police will just cause more trouble."

What happened to her having a good heart? Well, I could understand why she didn't want to get involved…

"So," She suddenly leaned forward and looked at me in amusement, "who are the people dare to taunt Kings like this? Kidnapping four of Kings' people in a mere month and one of them is dead…Is the head honcho coming here to fix this, Kime-chan?"

"That is none of your concern," I replied coldly. "Thank you for your cooperation and please don't tell anyone about this. You may go now."

"Boring," she rolled her eyes and pouted.

She called me Kime… How did she know I was Kime?

I watched her walk away and when she was out of ear shot, I turned to the person beside me, "You told her we were from Kings?"

The woman shook her head, "We were told by Ulquiorra-san to stay anonymous while we asked around for information…" Her eyes widened almost comically, "Kime-sama-"

I looked at Matsumoto, who had stopped at a shop at the end of the street and was looking at the clothes displayed in the window. "Keep an eye on her."
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