Rabbit and Carrot

Chapter 56

Nee-sama, what do I do? I thought frantically.

Ganju kept scowling at me, as if he would bite my head off at any moment

I don't expect forgiveness, but I don't think he will change his mind about killing me anytime soon. What should I do? What did those people say to him to make him harbour so much hate against me? If I don't do something soon, he really looks like he will pull out a knife and start attacking me… What should I do if he does? Do I block it or do I let him hit me it'll hopefully calm his anger. Either way if we engage in a fight now it will cause too much of a commotion…

"Ganju!" A voice snapped and he visibly froze. Kuukaku caught my nervous expression and ruffled my hair as she walked passed me.


"You big idiot! You're coming with me!" She yanked on Ganju's ear mercilessly and dragged him away while ignoring his yelps of pain and complaints. I would've laughed out loud at the comical sight if I wasn't too overcome with relief.

I'm sorry, Ganju, I sent him an apologetic look. I will apologize you properly later when you're murderous intent isn't so concentrated.

Shirayuki clicked her tongue in disappointment at the foiled plan. She looked at me again with hostility in her eyes before huffing and turning to walk away.

I felt a light tap on my shoulder and found Nobara looking at me with a curious yet worried expression. "Why did that scary looking guy call you a murderer?"

"I've done a lot of unforgivable things," I replied a bit unwillingly. "What do you think that big collection in my room was for?"

"So you've really…?" Akane covered her mouth.

"Yes," I answered softly and gave them a forced smile. "I'd rather not do it but sometimes it is inevitable, especially in the yakuza world."

Without warning, Nobara squished my cheeks and grinned, "Ah… You have such a cute baby face that I keep forgetting what your side job is!"

"I wouldn't call it a side job…" I gave her a wry smile.

"Wait…" Akane frowned and then looked at Ichigo. "You know that she…?"

Ichigo nodded.

"You don't mind it?" Nobara asked him.

"No," he answered without hesitation and wrapped his arm around me. "I guess once I fell in love with her, I decided to accepted everything about h-"

"B-baka Carrot," I face heated up and I slapped his shoulder. "Stop! Don't say embarrassing things like that in front of people!"

"I only answered her question," Ichigo grumbled while scratching his cheek.

"Wow…" Nobara stared at him. "I didn't expect you to say that."

"Indeed," Akane nodded with a slight blush. "Ichigo-Kun doesn't look it but he is actually a romantic…"

"Ah youngsters these days are so straightforward," Yoruichi observed in amusement.

"Don't you join in, too," I glared at her and she just laughed at my flustered expression.

Ukitake didn't come back to talk to us again for the rest of the party. Kuukaku and Ganju hadn't come back ever since she pulled him away. My brother used this gathering to search for potential business partners so the four of us were mostly stuck in a group and chatted. Shirayuki didn't show up to attempt to provoke me. There were no disturbances or attempts at trying to kidnap or capture the guests so it felt like an ordinary formal party so before we knew it, the dinner party was ending. The guests began leaving and we regrouped with my brother.

"Did we get worked up for nothing?" I asked quietly. I rolled my shoulders to shake off the tension that had been accumulating all night.

"And here I thought I could finally have some fun again," Kenpachi clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"Don't let your guard down yet," My brother replied sternly.

"Was this really just a normal party, afterall?" Nobara asked with a slight hint of disappointment.

"What do you mean by that? You should be glad that nothing happened," Akane frowned at her words and scolded her. We blended into the crowd and made our way to the exit as well. Everyone was moving agonisingly slow and I had to stop myself from tapping my foot on the ground impatiently.

At first I thought my ears were playing tricks on me but when I heard the sound again, I scanned the area.

"You heard it too, huh?" Kenpachi noticed me. His excited smile was back. My brother looked the same except his hand was inside his pocket, ready to pull out his gun at any time.

"Heard what?" Nobara asked.

It hasn't hit anyone so no one has realised it yet, I thought. Their goal was to get our attention – for now.

I continued searching my surroundings, "Ichigo, get Nobara and Akane out of here as soon as possible and notify the people waiting outside please."

I could see he wanted to stay but he seemed to have remembered our promise.

"Don't forget you are still hurt," I reminded him sternly. "Make sure you get Nobara and Akane to somewhere safe."

"Fine… Good luck," he ruffled my hair. "Don't die on me."

"Who do you think I am?" I huffed. He laughed and led the two girls away. The two kept looking back at me worryingly and I waved at them with a reassuring smile.

"I know we promised her but are you sure we should just leave like this?" I heard Nobara ask. "Aren't you worried?"

"I trust her," Ichigo's answer warmed my heart. "We'll just cause more trouble if we stay."

"There are three snipers on the second floor," My brother stated calmly. "Yoruichi."

"Leave it to me." Yoruichi's usual smile was replaced by a serious expression. I watched her leave before turning to my brother again. "What should we do?"

"Let's wait for what the Silver Snake does next."

"Hello! Can you hear me? Are the earpieces I invented working?" I jumped when I heard Urahara's voice and touched my ear. I had totally forgotten about the earpiece he made us wear.

"Yes, it is," Yoruichi snapped back. "You broke my concentration and now his blood is everywhere! How do we explain this to the restaurant's owner?"

"Ah, sorry about that," Urahara apologized half-heartedly. "Ah… but don't worry about having to explain to the owner because the Silver Snake owns this place."

"Why didn't you say so earlier?" I could just imagine Yoruichi rolling her eyes.

"Ah… Kime and Yoruichi, press the brooches I gave you before so we can get some visual here. You two boys twist your top buttons, please," Urahara instructed and we did as we were told. "Excellent now we are all set. We just have to catch the sly snake now…"

"I see you took out the sniper already. Quick to act as always," Ukitake commented with a wry smile. He walked over to us and he had about fifteen people standing behind him in a neat line. They all wore blank expressions and had their hands behind their backs. "As expected of the mighty Kings…"

"What are you planning?" I hissed.

"What, indeed?" He shrugged while still wearing that annoying smile.

From the corner of my eye, I saw that the glass doors of the restaurant had slid closed and were refusing the open. The guests who haven't left yet were banging on the glass angrily. Some people nearer to us noticed Silver Snake but then the men behind him pulled out their guns. A few started screaming but they froze when the guns were pointed directly at them.

"Now, I just have a simple request," Silver Snake said with a smile. "Shoot your brother in the head. I believe you've come equipped, no?"

"I have no reason t-"


The sudden gunshot made me jump. Less than a second later, the group behind us started screaming again. I looked behind me to see a man on the ground with half of his head gone.

"Now, I will ask you again," His voice was calm but his eyes shone with malice. "Kill your brother or else I will kill every, single one of those civilians."
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