Rabbit and Carrot

Chapter 7


When I walk down the corridors of the school with Renji and everyone shies away.


When I am constantly wearing an ice-cold poker face and my tone is equally cold.

I stared at the grumpy Renji trudging along beside me.


I then looked at the whispering students around us and the carrot strolling beside us.

Not 'normality'.

"Get away from me."

"What?" Ichigo stopped humming and looked at me, "Sorry, Usagi-Kaichou, but remember what the principal said? I have to stay with you for the whole term."

I gave an inaudible sigh. Five minutes after arriving at the school and a headache was already forming.

"Renji, go to class first," I muttered. "Ichigo, you too."

"What…" I glared at Renji and he walked away with a sigh.

I walked to the student council room and realised Ichigo was still behind me, "Are you a lost puppy? Go to your class."

Ichigo shrugged, "Class is boring."

I heaved a sigh, "You know. You don't really seem to me like someone who would join a gang." There was no one in the room except us and I flipped through the stack of papers on my desk.

"How come?"

"You don't seem that… bad, I guess? For one, you give off a warm aura. Aren't delinquents these days rebellious but here you are, obediently listening to our principal's words."

He shrugged, "Maybe because… it's interesting?"

I raised an eyebrow, "Right…"

I felt him walk up to me and frowned when he lifted my chin to look at him. I found myself being lost in those too-warm brown eyes again. "And you don't seem like the cold, emotionless and scary student president everyone says you are. For one, you talk too much."

Only 'cos of you…

I slapped his hand aside, "Really, get out of that gang before it's too late. It's bad. And you don't suit the yakuza anyway."

"That again?" I heard him groan irritably.

I put the papers in my bag and headed for the door, "I'll keep mentioning it until you do what I say."

"And why should I do that?"

"I'm trying to save you from the immense regret you'll surely feel later on."

"Yeah, right," I heard him say. "And there's another reason why I'm staying as close to you as possible."

"What's that?" I held my breath unintentionally.

He looked me in the eyes as if contemplating whether to tell me or not. Then he surprised me by walking up to me. I fought the urge to step back. We stared at each other for a while.

"You remind me of my little sisters. So small and… It makes me want to protect you, you know?" I yelped in surprise when he put his hands under my arms and lifted me up. "See, your feet can't even touch the floor anymore."

I widened my eyes, brought my foot up and kicked him in the stomach as hard as I could. He loosened his grip on me and I landed on my feet softly as he slumped over in pain. "Ow, what was that for?!"

"Bastard," I muttered and walked away.

I glanced at the sky and sighed.

Really, what was I expecting him to say?

Years later, I finally found out he had said something a while after I had left the room.

"…'Cos I've taken an interest in you," Ichigo had whispered to the empty student council room. "And, if we had met under different circumstances, I would protect you with everything I had."

"Kurosaki Ichigo… Kurosaki… I knew I heard that surname before," I said under my breath while flipping through the papers on my bed. I lay down and stared at the picture of Ichigo in my hand.

"Kurosaki Ichigo. Son of the well-known doctor, Kurosaki Isshin," I mumbled and frowned. "How did someone with that kind of father turn into something like this?"

"How indeed… but he sure looks like a good candidate." I jumped when Kaien suddenly appeared beside me. "Who's this? Your boyfriend?"

I sat up in my bed and packed up the sheets and photos, "No! Nothing like that... I need to tutor him and..." I sighed. "I don't know what I'm doing, Kaien…"

He laughed and patted my head, "You want to know more about him?"

I stared at him and then looked down, "M-maybe…"

"Ah, our little princess is getting a boyfriend," he teased.

"What? Going out with that retard? That's the last thing I would do," I retorted.

"But it's still on the list, right?"

I gave him an incredulous glare then crossed my arms, "You know what he did? He joined Kings!"

"What did you say?" Kaien widened his eyes in surprise and then frowned. "Wait, I didn't know Kings was recruiting again…"

"He got tricked," I sighed in frustration and lay back down on my bed. "That stupid idiotic carrot…"

"I didn't think anyone would dare to use the Kings' name but," Kaien shrugged. "This would be interesting to watch…"

"You gonna spread the word?" I widened my eyes.

"Maybe," Kaien grinned. "It's been a long time since something interesting happened in Karakura."

I frowned. Ironically it was the Kings, of all the organisations here, who kept this place peaceful. But when Kings hears about this, there's a high chance all hell would break lose.

"Stop worrying, little princess," Kaien ruffled my hair. "I'm sure nothing too bad would happen. And about that little boyfriend of yours, I'll try my best to keep him out of trouble for you."

"He's not my boyfriend," I muttered half-heartedly as he left.

When I heard the elevator door close, I rolled onto my tummy and continued staring at Ichigo's photo. Then I reached for another photo that was attached to another sheet. "Huh," I let out as I read what was on it.

"Mother was shot by accident when he was young."

I blinked at the paper.

Springing into a sitting position I reread the information, "Don't tell me… Ichigo joined Kings to take revenge? Ridiculous...Right?" I tapped my chin when I remembered something else.

"What did Kaien mean by candidate?" I wondered out loud.

"You're saying you can pass mid-terms by yourself?" I stared at Ichigo incredulously.

"You gave me those 20000 yen, right," he rolled his eyes. "Or do you want to lose another 20000 yen to make sure?"

I narrowed my eyes, "Then explain to me why you're on the verge of failing?"

He shrugged, "The classes are boring."

"Why am I not surprised?" I sighed and returned to my lunch, regretting I ever started this conversation. I was in a good mood, so I shared my lunch spot on the roof with Ichigo. I ignored the hint of guilt when I remembered the expression on Renji's face. For the three years I had been at this school I hadn't let anyone join me at lunch, not even Renji, who's been with me ever since we were young. But now I've gone and broken that silent rule and shared my lunching spot with Ichigo.

But he was making me wish I didn't.

I heard rustling and looked up to see him put a stick of poison in his mouth.

"Oi, give me that," I snapped while snatching the cigarettes and lighter from him. "This stuff kills, literally!"

He rolled his eyes, "Yes, mum. I won't do it again. Now give it back."

I narrowed my eyes and threw the whole bunch in the nearest bin without blinking an eye. He watched with wide eyes as his cigarettes and lighter formed a perfect arc and fell into the bin.

"Holy sh*t," he got up quickly. "The f*ck do you think you're doing, woman?!"

"Ew, don't dig around in the bin," I looked at him disgustedly. "I'm doing a favour for you. Do you realise how many people die every year because of that stuff?"

He sighed in frustration, sat down again and glared at me.

I widened my eyes. Ok, with that look of his, maybe he did have some potential in the yakuza society.

No, wait, what was I thinking?

I shook my head to clear out my thoughts but then made the mistake of looking at him again.

He looked kinda hot with that expression…

I shook my head again and found Ichigo looking at me like I was a retard. Maybe I was, for starting to like hi…

I hastily packed up my things and left him alone on the roof, "I'm heading back. Class is starting soon."

The heck is wrong with me? I need a new brain…
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