Chapter 2: Tacenda

Inside a dim-lighted, wide room, on the darkest corner, an old man -not really- sat on his sofa with a wide grin plastered on his face. Apparently, his killing machine had completed her mission. But it seemed she did some unnecessary killings, though. Resting his chin on his hand, he simply sneered at the poor woman and her baby. Since the media had spotted the killed woman and her baby, the news spread like a wild fire; almost every channel showed this news.

Lazily, he changed the channel to another one and stopped on a channel. His grin, if possible, widened. This one, he inwardly stated, will be the next person to taste the pain his little killing machine made.

"Papa, I'm back,"

His gaze lifted from the wide TV to the girl on the slightly-opened door. He eyed and studied her attire. "Welcome back," he simply said. "Go to your room and take a quick bath, our customer will be here anytime," he suddenly remembered about meeting his customer around this hour, "and I presume he will not tolerate any sign of blood."

"Yes, Papa."

As the door closed, his gaze fell to a picture he had torn from an album he found several years ago. It was an old picture; black and white colors, crumpled and had some tiny holes courtesy of darts, and the person in the picture was, ironically, smiling widely. It was, undoubtedly, a picture of his old friend that he failed to kill. But this one managed to show his trick and actually made him lost one –or a half– of his five senses.

And oh, he was so into revenge, after all, revenge is sweet.

Lucy came downstairs from her room to the meeting room. She had checked herself; no blood around her as she remembered her father's sentence. Her attire was a simple, pastel-blue, sleeveless shirt with a pair of black jeans that reached her knees. She knew her father won't mind, and it was not like she was going to meet her customer that she needed to dress up.

When she arrived at the meeting room, her father had yet to be there, whilst the customer, a man with stern look who wear an expensive black coat, was waiting with his bodyguards. "Ah, Lucy, there you are," her father's voice boomed around the quiet room. "This gentleman wants to meet you, and I think your clothes are fine."

Nodded soundlessly, she stepped in with her father followed close behind her. The gentleman lifted his head to stare at the young, 10-year-old girl in her pajamas. He chuckled lightly, then said, "I thought you're going to show me my contract killer, not your daughter," he smiled mockingly.

"I'd rather called her as an assassin since it's more… appropriate." Her father sat across him. "Besides, this little girl of mine is actually your assassin, sir." At his remark, the gentleman laughed harder and dramatically wiped away the tears in the corner of his eyes.

Then, in a flash, Lucy appeared in front of him, pointing out a gun she stole from one of his bodyguards to his head. She was about to pull the trigger when the demanding voice of her father echoed the room. "Hold on, Lucy."

"But he's annoying, Papa, I don't like him," she countered, gun still glued to the gentleman's head.

"But now he knows your talent, right?"

"I suppose so," Lucy lowered the gun, "I'm sorry, sir, to show you such a manner." She bowed half-heartedly.

"N-Now, now," the customer straightened himself, sweat trickling down his bare neck. "I think I'm the one at fault here, little one. I apologize for my unawareness of your amazing ability." Lucy's aura was piercing through his senses. Speak of the bad timing. "A-Anyway, back to the business, this should be enough, correct?" the two bodyguards put two briefcases filled with money on the table.

Lucy had retreated to her father's side, a pout was visible, but when her eyes eyed the amount of money in the bag, her reaction was funny; jaw dropped, eyes fluttering in a pure amazement, and she let out a stammering voice. Her father, on the other hand, was as calm as ever, as if this amount of money was nothing. "Thank you for the cooperation, sir, you may leave now," her father closed the briefcase and walked away. Lucy chose to follow him, not even glancing back at the customer.

"Listen, I won't repeat this information. This is a special mission for you, I make the request myself," She nodded sternly. "You will kill this one," he showed her a picture. "But I'd like not to rush it, I want to… observe it, so I'll give you two- no, three months to get along with him and his relatives, but by the Tuesday on the last week, I want you to kill him."

Her brown, doe-like eyes stared into his pitch black eyes, a flash of curiosity passed in her eyes then quickly disappear. "Why?"

"Nothing you need to know, Lucy."

"Am I allowed to use emotions?"

"Yes, now get ready. Your mission will start tomorrow. Don't disappoint me."

"I won't, Papa, because I love you."

Natsu slumped on his bed. Today, his father took him everywhere; mountain– to take a fresh air as he stubbornly said and to an amusement park– because he nearly miss his childhood. The worst part was that he almost brought him to a freaking night club. Didn't his father know that he just turned into thirteen months ago? But he was thankful that they went to the usual orphanage. Apparently, the children there were missing him and it had been quite a long time since his last visit there.

With a tired sigh, he grabbed his violin and a stack of his violin scores. He only had less than two weeks, about thirteen or twelve days, to practice and master the songs. And the scores had these ten papers, great.

And the stacks contain three songs. Just simply wonderful.

It was already late. He sneaked all the way to the practice room, his father wouldn't be glad to hear him practicing at this hour since their rooms were across each other. He passed some butlers and maids, but he paid them no attention. After some turns to right and left, he arrived in his practice room.

After switching the lights on, he placed the first song's scores on a table then read it. Minutes later, the violin was on the base of his neck, he had begun playing the first song. The soft sound reverberates the wide room. Despite the perfect tone he just played, he replayed it over and over, making sure he didn't miss any single of notes. Because mistakes did not exist in his world anymore. He had deleted it a long time ago.

Natsu took a break from playing his violin. It was already ten past twenty, meaning he had practiced for around fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes practicing for a ten minutes-long song almost broke his record, thanks to his natural talent for remembering things in a short amount of time. He was a consistent boy; he will finish a song before went practicing another one. Unlike his father, who always slacking off when he had stacks of papers he needed to sign and read. It was still a mystery to Natsu that he was able to maintain his business well.

He took his violin from the violin stand, then walked to the balcony. After unlocking the glass door, he stepped outside and feeling the cold yet refreshing wind. His salmon-colored hair moved as the breeze came in contact with it. He leaned against the wooden railing. One of these nights reminded him about his mother. Silently, he positioned his violin on his neck and played a piece his mother really loved. Then, with a reflex, he closed his onyx eyes to reach the feel.

"Excuse me!"

Abruptly, he opened his eyes and stopped his song. Did he just hearing things? Because he was sure the guards won't shout loudly to him.

"Excuse me!"

And those sounded like a child's voice, a girly voice, but his maids were all sleeping and he was sure, definitely sure, that no maid had this childish, high-pitched voice.

"I'm down here!"

Natsu looked down to the garden. To his surprise, he saw a child -he believed she was younger than him- holding out a strange blue cat. He raised an eyebrow as he tried to see her face, but he saw the cat's face instead.

"Who are you?" he asked rather coldly.

"I'm Lucy! I found this cat, he was trying to get into your house so I think this is your cat," she replied with a cheery tone.

"It's not mine, go away." He snapped, just who in the world this girl?

"But he had a collar!" she said, sounding rather irritated.


"And in his collar is written an address, which is your house's address." The girl, he decided, was loud and undoubtedly annoying.

"Just put it there and go away," he replied with a sigh, knowing the cat was his father's, then walked back inside the room.

Deciding to practice the first song again, he sat on a chair and played the violin. Another ten minutes passed by. The song had finished and he was about to leave the room, but then he heard a loud clap from the balcony. He glanced through his shoulders and found the girl and the blue cat sat on the railing. A pure excitement on the girl's face was clearly readable. Beside her, the cat meowed happily. It- he jumped down the railing before scratching the glass door. Where were the guards when you actually need them?

"Nee, it was amazing! Could you play it again?" she asked, her voice muffled by the glass door that separating them.

"Go away," Natsu opened the door, letting the strange-colored, he had this bright blue color for God's sake, cat in before slamming the door close, not bothering to check if the action shattered the glass or not.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow night here! Good night, Natsu Dragneel-san!"

Wait, that girl knew his name?

With that thought, he quickly glanced back to the balcony, but the girl- Lucy, wasn't there anymore. Weird, he thought. After switching the lights off, he walked back to his room, with his mind filled with the strange girl he just met. He was deciding not to mention it to his father, judging by his usual reaction, he won't be any help to him at all.

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