Chapter 3: Elysian means Inspiration

Natsu's hazy mind – he just woke up – was still plagued by the Lucy girl. Not only she could sneak inside his house – to the point where the guards should have noticed her – she knew his name, too, his name. Sure, Dragneel was a famous surname around Fiore, but for a stranger like her, who he thought did not know such thing as the music world like he does, to know his full name was quite a shock.

He rolled on his bed and sighed, it was so not Natsu for thinking useless thing besides music and concert. Maybe, just a random guess, she was one of his – Natsu's eyes twitched as he thought this – fans or something. Yeah, loud, annoying, and freak. Oh, God, it was one hell of fan girl he had. She was bugging him, even without her real presence, it was strong enough to make the young Dragneel kept his hands off of his violin.

9 a.m. He was supposed to attend his private classes by now–

Both history and geography were not his passion so he would rather skip it to the music class. And yes, being a violin lover as he was, he would rather practicing for hours than remembering the deceased-yet-famous peoples or what shape was this volcano and its effect for the social environment or another boring topic. Natsu Dragneel was not, definitely not, going to be, neither a geography expert nor a historian.

–yet he remained in his bed; loafing around and stared at the high ceiling of his room. His dark chocolate, classic and classy, Antonio Stradivari-made instrument was out of his reach; far from his bed, on its violin stand, on the corner of his room near the window.

Still, his father insisted to take all classes the private teachers could offer, not bothering to care if his son's brain was going to burst into pieces at any time soon. But being a genius thirteen-year-old boy as he was now, his brain remembered every useless and boring topic his teacher could teach, or blabbering around until he got tired and fell asleep.

Maybe his teacher could mistake him as a remembering-machine-freak, but actually, the old man couldn't.

Natsu sighed again. He went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Putting on his red shirt and black pants, and a scale-patterned muffler around his neck, he was ready for the history class. He knew that the old man-teacher will be late again. So why bother to wake up early if he will show up one hour-late. Oh well, Grandpa Crux always been like that; came late because of his oversleep.

"Natsu," a yawn, "you should know about time to sleep. I swear I'll place that loud, humongous grandfather clock in this room if you kept playing that instrument around this hour." Igneel's brow furrowed as he wiped tears courtesy of his constant yawn the sleepiness made.

"It's okay and I actually know what time is this now so I think you're just going to waste your energy to move that clock."

"Kami-sama, when will my son got tired of that stacks of scores and violin?"


"Oh, shut it, go to your practicing room. I need extra sleep for tomorrow's regular meeting," Igneel stifled another big yawn, "more like a cold war to me than a regular meeting."

Again, Natsu moved to the said room. He was actually quite surprised when he found out the third song he had to practice. He was told to make his own song by his manager, who just called him this evening, without any help from outsiders since it will mix with the outsider's feeling. Okay, he was fine with this make-your-own-song task, but the problem was what kind of song he will make.

After years of learning and mastering the violin, which he had not mastered it yet, he never tried to make his own music. The reason was quite simple, he lacks of inspiration. It could be jazz, or classic with some change on the tempo of Accelerando. But he was no Joseph Haydn, nor the Mozart himself.

Romance? Big no.

So between classic and jazz, which one he will choose?

Lyra-sensei, his music teacher, could help him a lot, but he couldn't call her around this late hour, could he? And then again, the music would be impure.

"Hey Dragneel-san, you're here!" a loud voice violently jerked him out of his deep thought. "Could you play the song you played last night again?"

Natsu didn't answer. Rather than answering the obvious answer, he should start making the music for the big concert. With the bow gently touched the string, it created some soft and quick voices. The first step to make music is to play random notes, he decided. The violin made a soft voice from the lowest note, then he jumped high to a higher one. It sounded quite jumpy, but he decided he likes it. But as he continued making jumpy notes, it went weird, almost nonsensical.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Between his frustrated and tired mind, he heard a soft mumble of children's songs. An old song created years before he even born. Natsu glanced slowly, trying to look annoyed, which he actually was, but failing when the girl stared at another direction.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,

All the king's horses and all the king's men,

couldn't put Humpty together again!

Then a giggle could be heard from the girl as she finished the song. "Dragneel-san, can you play a Humpty Dumpty song with your violin for me?"

At the question, he narrowed his charcoal eyes. Sure, he had this rare sharp hearing and could decipher the notes almost immediately, but no way in the seven hells he was going to play it for a random and weird girl. But his hands think the other. Slowly, he played the song as the girl sings it once again.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,

All the king's horses and all the king's men,

couldn't put Humpty together again!


"Uh, Dragneel-san, the song has finished, you know," said the girl as she hesitated. Natsu, however, paid her no crap. His mind was too focused on the newborn music while an amazing inspiration bursting right before his eyes. The notes he randomly made were all jumpy and cheerful. It sounded like a jazz song, but with some touches of classic.

Oh yeah, Natsu Dragneel was the genius he could mix the jazz and classic genres so well. And with his outstanding brain, he didn't bother to write the notes down on the paper. As the finishing blow, he scaled down with such inhumanly speed and ended it with some dramatic notes.

"Amazing!" the girl said loudly, followed by louder claps her small hand could make. Now he wondered where all the guards of his house were? "Natsu, you're a genius! A real genius among all of the most genius peoples!"

The boy glanced to the glass door to see the girl had giggled and smiled widely. He smirked at the music he just made. Luck always on his side; the sudden appearance of an amazing inspiration. The girl, as much as he didn't want to admit it, was the part of his inspiration. Not really. The Humpty Dumpty song dominated his inspiration and a tiny fragment of his memory, a really old memory, were actually helped him a lot.

Then he remembered that London Bridge song. And his mother. But the memory wasn't as pleasant as the last flashback he had. This one turned to be a bad memory, more like a nightmare. The memory of the day when his mother dead. With reflex, his grip on the bow tightened a little as he tried to control the sudden anger inside him.

"Natsu, I think you should name the song as Inspiration!" Lucy, Natsu finally remembered her name and was finally paid an attention, said with so much enthusiasm. "Or maybe Humpty Dumpty since you found the inspiration for your song!" she then giggled again. Just how many giggles this girl had for just one hour? "And I would be honored to be the part of the song's title, too!"

Natsu's eyes widened a bit yet his facial showed no expression. "You knew."

"I guessed," she corrected with a softer voice and was muffled by the door. "Because you made some weird sounds before you played that Humpty Dumpty song so I thought you wanted to make a song by yourself.

"You know, my father once said this; 'Until we have seen someone's darkness, we don't really know who they are,'. I wonder what does he mean by this," she sighed with downcast eyes.

To Natsu, it was a sentence he knew, he remembered. Heck, it was carved in his brain, along with the next sentence to complete it. And also, it triggered him a bad memory, no, it was far worse than the bad memory of his killed mother, which was haunting him day and night since five years ago. Elysian, as he forced the six-year-old Natsu to remember his name, was the person he despised the most; the killer, the murderer, a psychopath.

And those words were the first line of his mother's last word to him.

"Go away."

"But Dragneel-san–"

"Don't come back here. Ever. Again."

Although he doubted that Elysian was his real name.

"So, Natsu, you have finished the song, correct?"


"Is it already fixed?"

"No, I'll polish it again."

"And the title is?"



"I'll call you later, Jiichan."

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