Red Rose Thorn

Poor Fool He Makes Me Laugh

As the red curtains fell into place, everybody ran to their positions for the beginning of the show. Christine and Meg were waiting for their cue. I walked over to speak to them real quick. However, before I could say anything to them, Carlotta grabbed my wrist and yanked me to large bed on center stage. The bed was also covered by a long curtain. My arm was really hurting me. I think Carlotta pulled or sprained something. I had to keep my mouth shut because of my promise to Christine… and I now wish I never made that promise.

As Carlotta dragged me to the bed, she told me in a commanding voice, "Now remember, your part is silent. So you better not say a single word, is that clear?"

Oh man, this woman really ticks me off. How I wish something bad would happen to her at this instant. I so wanted to yell at her. I looked to the side to see Christine looking at us. Remember, keep to the promise.

I took a deep breath and said through my teeth, "Yes, its super clear." Thankfully the witch finally let go of my wrist. I turned away from her to massage my poor aching wrist. "Boy, I can't wait until she croaks," I mumbled to myself.

Carlotta must have heard me because she immediately turned to look at me and hissed, "What was that?"

"Nothing," I said with a fake smile.

She grumbled as she stomped to the bed. I sighed as I shook my head. This is going to be a long show. I reluctantly sat on the bed next to her before a stage hand closed the bed curtain around us. All of the sudden, I heard the orchestra began to play the entrance song, and I knew the opera was about to begin. Let my nightmare start. I looked at Carlotta fanning herself looking all high and proud. I still can't believe I have to pretend I love her for this part as the Pageboy. Carlotta looked at me like I was supposed to do something.

"What," I asked.

"Put your arm around me, you stupid girl. The show is about to start," she sneered.

Oh, you have got to be kidding me! Still, Christine had to do it in the movie. I cringed as I reluctantly placed my arm around her waist. Great, I'm going to either wash or burn my arm now.

I could barely hear one of the actors softly calling out, "Go, go, go!"

There was a loud applause, so I knew the show had started.

"They say that this youth has set my Lady's heart aflame," sang the Confidante.

"His Lordship sure would die of shock," sang the 1st Fop.

The 2nd Fop sang back, "His Lordship is a laughing-stock!"

"Should he suspect her, God protect her."

"Shame, shame, shame," they all sang. "This faithless lady bound for Hades. Shame, shame, shame."

The curtains around the bed opened. The audience saw on the bed two people who were covered by Carlotta's fan and one person was running her hand on the Countess side. Oh right, that person is me. The audience applauded as Carlotta closed her fan to reveal us. I pretended to gasped in fright like we were caught. I looked at Christine to see she looked sad for me, but she and I had to stay in character.

Carlotta looked at me and sang, "Serafimo your disguise is perfect." One of the musicians tapped a mallet on a hollow block of wood making it sound like someone was at the door. "Why who can this be?"

Christine ran to the "door" and opened it. Out came Piangi and mini Piangi. They were wearing white wigs, some sort of fancy clothes, and powder faces. Piangi character in the opera was Don Attilo.

"Gentle wife admit your loving husband," he sang as he pretended to slap Meg's butt.

The audience began to laugh as Andre said to Firmin, "That's exactly the sort of thing the public loves!"

I was pretending to dust around the bed when I heard Piangi sing, "My love, I'm called to England on affairs of state and must leave you with your new maid." As he sang that part, I bent down and wiggled my butt. I knew he pretended to look like he was going to grab my butt. I turned back to him to look appalled. Carlotta did not look pleased as she slapped the mini Piangi's hand. The audience laughed again when Piangi said, "Though I would happily take the maid with me."

"The old fool is leaving," Carlotta said to the audience.

Andre looked in the audience and he spotted someone. "It's the Countess de Cherbourg, she's invited us to her salon, you know."

Firmin scoffed as he picked up his champagne glass and said, "Nothing like that ever happened in the junk business."

"Scrap metal," Andre corrected.

"Serafimo, away with this pretense," Carlotta sang as I walked up to Carlotta and tore off my maid outfit to reveal I was wearing male clothes. "You cannot speak but kiss me in my husband's absence." She held up the fan as we both hide behind it and leaned in to make it look like we were kissing. KILL…ME…NOW! "Poor fool he makes me laugh ha ha ha, time I tried to get a better half."

"Poor fool he doesn't know. If he knew the truth he'd never ever go."

I nearly jumped in fright when I heard a loud voice boom out, "Did I not instruct that Box 5 was to be kept empty?"

Everyone gasped and some were shaking in fear. We were trying to find where the voice was. I knew Erik was on the ceiling, but the chandler was blocking him. Raoul was sitting in Box 5 and looked around.

Meg grabbed Christine's arm and said to her, "He's here, the Phantom of the Opera."

Even though I was kind of shaking inside, I smiled and whispered out loud, "It is him."

Carlotta must have heard me speak because she snapped and said, "Your part is silent little toad."

My eyes widen by her comment. She just called me a toad again! Ok, that's it; I don't care if I made that promise. I'm going to strangle that witch.

"Excuse me, what did you-"


I looked at Christine to see her giving me a stern look. She didn't want me to get in more trouble with Carlotta and she was looking out for me. I nodded my head and took a deep breath. Carlotta smiled to the audience and walked off stage for a second.

You couldn't hear Erik, but I knew he said, "A toad, Madame? Perhaps it is you who are the toad."

I looked back at Meg and Christine to see Meg looking sad at me and Christine looking concerned.

I rolled my eyes when I heard Carlotta saying to one of her maids, "Why you spray on my chin? All the time, huh?" I secretly smiled when I remembered Erik switched the bottle for Carlotta. I pretended not to be obvious when Carlotta walked back on stage. "Oh! Mi scusi, tutti. Maestro, de capo, por favore." The music began again and Carlotta began to sing again. "Serafimo away with this pretense. You cannot speak but kiss me in my-" and at that second… she croaked like a toad!

Everyone gasped in shock before the audience erupted with laughter. I had to cover my mouth with my hand, so I wouldn't laugh out loud. This is way funnier seeing it for real than it was in the movie.

Reyer was trying to get the musicians to begin the music again as he said, "Gentlemen please, please."

The music started again and Carlotta began to hesitantly sing, "Poor fool he makes me laugh ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-" and again she croaks out loud. The audience and even the cast members started to burst into laughter. Carlotta looked like she was going to cry. Her career was ruined. She looked backstage and called out, "Mother!"

Christine rushed over to me as Andre and Firmin ran on stage. Andre started to yell out, "Bring the curtain in please will you!"

As the curtain came to a close, one of the actors who played 2nd Fop accidently didn't realize the curtain had closed and he couldn't find the opening to the curtain.

Reyer glared at him and hissed, "Get off!"

Both Firmin and Andre looked nervous and stressed out as Firmin announced to the audience, "Ladies and gentlemen we apologize. The performance will continue in 10 minutes time." I wasn't playing attention because I nearly gasped when I was yanked by my wrist and pulled out of the curtain. "When the roll of the Countess will be played by Miss Daae."

The audience applauded before Andre pushed me back and Madame Giry grabbed my hand. She rushed me to the Prima Donna's room to help me get into costume. As she finished helping me, I noticed something on a table. There laid the red rose with a black ribbon… Erik's rose. I picked up the rose and softly touched the delicate pedals. During this time, I knew something was going to happen next, but for some reason I couldn't remember.

After I was ready in my costume, I walked out of the dressing room and saw Meg, Christine, and the other ballerinas dancing in the scene from Act 3. The ballerinas were dancing beautifully, and I was smiling until something horrible happened. A man's body dropped and hung in center stage! I screamed along with Meg. Christine and Meg were hugging each other for support. My eyes widened when I realized the dead man was Buquet. Now I remembered; Erik was going to kill Buquet. This is what I forgot that was going to happen. Never in my life have I witnessed a murder happen right in front of me. I felt like I was going to throw up when Buquet's body fell to the ground. I had to get out of here and get some fresh air. I started to run away when I accidently bumped into someone. That someone had to be Raoul.

Raoul grabbed my shoulders and asked, "Are you all right?"

I was literally freaking out as I said, "I'm fine, but you need to find Christine."

"But Brieanna-"

"Please, just find her. I'll be right back."

As I passed Raoul and continued to run, I could hear Firmin call out to the audience, "Ladies and gentlemen, please remain in you seats. Do not panic. It is simply an accident… an accident."

I finally found the stairs to the roof and I was happy I could get some fresh air to calm my nerves. While I was climbing up the stairs, little did I know, two other people were following me.

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