Red Rose Thorn

All I Ask Of You

The door to the roof top slammed open as I ran outside. It was so cold outside, I could not get my breathe. In my mind, I kept having flashbacks on what just happened a few minutes ago.

As I waited backstage and watched Christine, Meg, and the other ballerinas dance their little hearts out, something terrible happened. A man's body dropped and hung in center stage! I screamed along with Meg. Christine and Meg were hugging each other for support. My eyes widened when I realized the dead man was Buquet. Now I remembered; Erik was going to kill Buquet.

I was still shaking in fear from that memory. I remembered that Erik killed Buquet, but I didn't want to see him killed in real life. I felt sick from seeing Buquet killed; I never seen anyone murdered before.

I placed my hand on one of the statues to steady myself. I took slow deep breaths to calm myself down. I've never been so scared in my life. All this made me want to go home even more… but somewhere in my heart wanted me to stay here. Man I am so confused.

I looked down at the rose that I was still holding. I slowly touch the petals of the rose and I sighed. What am I going to do now? I started to shiver, not only because it is really cold out here, but I had a feeling that someone is watching me. I looked behind me to see no one except very still statues. However, I still felt like someone was here with me.

Before I could think or do anything, the door to the roof top opened. My eyes widen with shock when I saw Raoul walking out of the door. What in the world is he doing here?

Raoul ran to me and asked, "Brieanna, are you alright?"

I was gasping before I could compose myself as I nearly screamed out, "Raoul, what are doing here? I thought I told you to go find Christine!"

"I did, she's alright with Meg. She and I were worried about you," he said with concern in his voice.

I took a deep breath before slowly saying, "I'm… I'm fine. Just a little shook up about what happened."

"I know, Christine told me about this Phantom of the Opera." I looked at Raoul in horror. SAY WHAT NOW! Christine told him about Erik!? Oh man, this really can't be good. "You don't need to worry about that. He's not real Brieanna."

I turned away from Raoul and looked at the rose. "But… he is real."

Raoulsighed sadly as he started to sing softly, "Brieanna…Brieanna."


I gasped when I heard someone else was calling to me.

"Erik," I quietly whispered.

Is he here? He couldn't be… could he? I tried to think back from the play and the movie, but all I was getting was nothing. I was freaking out. Why am I forgetting what happens next! Phantom of the Opera is my favorite musical of all time… so why am I not remembering what will happen next. I jumped when I felt two hands on my shoulders. I looked behind me to see it was Raoul.

"Brie, there's no such thing as the Phantom of the Opera," he said.

I moved away from him as I thought of Erik. "He is there. There he was, before me. Eyes a blaze, like a flame. I was scared, yet not at all; for his eyes spoke the same. He came to me, longing for a home. He's an angel, a friend, and Phantom. But his soul remains alone."

Raoul walked right up to me and sang, "What are you speaking of? The Phantom is just a myth. There is no Phantom of the Opera. I'm telling you; put him from your mind. That's all I ask of you."

I turned to look at him, trying to tell Raoul that Erik was real. "He was here! I saw him! He's not just in my mind. He sang to me, and my soul began to soar."

"Let me help you, you need to forget these fears. I'm here; I'll protect you all I can and more." I could see the anxiety in his face, trying to reassure me that everything was alright. I looked down at my rose and I knew everything is not alright at all. Raoul placed his hand under my chin and lifted my eyes to his. "All I want is to keep you safe. Anywhere you go, let me go to. Brieanna, let me protect you."

I couldn't help but smile at him. He was like the older brother I wish I had. I placed my hand on his check and sang, "Raoul, with you here, I have no fears. It's almost like old times, Christine, you, me too. We always had such fun, because we both loved you. She, I know more than I."

I giggled when I saw his face turned bright red when I mentioned Christine. I knew he loved her with all of his heart. I wish I had someone who loved me like that. I wanted to make my point across to Raoul that I can take care of myself.

"I'm fine, but she needs you now, I can take care of myself. You know her; she's afraid right now, show her how you love her, she loves you too," I sang softly to him.

Raoul smiled at me and did something I never expected him to do. He kissed me… on the check. I was surprised he did that. I was speechless because he kissed me. I mean, it was on the check, but still! I knew he kissed me on the check like a brotherly way. I do love him, like a brother. Then out of nowhere, he picked me up and spun me around. I giggled and I was having so much fun that I didn't realized I accidently dropped the rose. I was starting to get dizzy, so I had to stop him before I got sick.

"Ok, put me down," I said. He placed me down and looked at him. I could still tell there was concern on his face. "Don't worry about me Raoul. I'll be fine, and so will Christine."

Raoul looked surprised and gasped as he remembered something.

"Oh… Christine and the opera! We must go back," he said as he grabbed my hand.

While he pulled me to the door, I looked back and gasped when I saw my rose on the cold snowy floor.

"Wait, I dropped something," I said as I tried to get to the rose.

Raoul wouldn't listen as he said, "There's no time, and we must hurry."

"But Raoul…"

Unfortunately, Raoul pulled me to the door and closed it. As we ran down the stairs, in the back of my mind I felt like Raoul and I were not alone on the roof. I hope to God there wasn't anyone there, but I feel like I was wrong.

3rd POV

After Raoul and Brieanna left the roof, a shadowy figure came out behind one of the statues. The figure walked slowly up and picked up the fallen rose. Holding the rose was a broken-hearted phantom. He saw and heard everything. He had hope Brieanna was looking for him when he called out her name. However, what tore his heart out was when he saw that fop kissed her! THE FOP KISSED HER! Erik was sure of it. He had lost her to that boy.

Erik looked at the rose as he sadly sang, "I gave you my music, made your song take wing, and now how you've repaid me? Denied me and betrayed me. He was born to love you, when he heard you sing…Brieanna…"

He started to cry as he held the rose close to his face. In his mind, he can still hear them singing and Brie's laughter. They were taunting him, mocking him; who could ever love a monster like him? He truly had lost his angel of music. No, that won't happen. He will get Brie back and that fop will never take her away from him! Brieanna Daae, you will be mine, he thought darkly. He glared at the rose before he closed his fist around the rose and slowly crunched the petals. Erik ran and climbed up a statue and looked up at the dark gloomy sky.

"You will curse the day you did not do. All that the Phantom asked of… YOU!"

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